Replacement Laptop Adapter for Laptop Adapter/Charger Toshiba Satellite 19V,3.42A 65w 5.5*2.5mm
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Replacement Laptop Adapter for Laptop Adapter/Charger Toshiba Satellite 19V,3.42A 65w 5.5*2.5mm

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Specifications :

  1. Brand :EliveBuyIND® 
  2. Colour: Black
  3. DC Output Voltage: 19V
  4. DC Output Max Amperes: 3.42A
  5. DC Output Max Watts: 65W
  6. Tip Size: 5.5 X 2.5mm
  7. AC Input Voltage: AC100-240V~1.5A
  8. Includes: 1 X Power Cable , 1 X Adapter



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SATELLITE C850-T03B, SATELLITE C855-17R, SATELLITE L875-123, SATELLITE C855-14U, Satellite C850-BT2N11, Tecra Z40-A-15D, Portege R30-A-13X, Tecra Z40-A-17R, Tecra Z50-A-11C, Satellite L870-D2W, SATELLITE PRO L850-11R, SATELLITE C850-T05B, Satellite C55-A-14X, Portege R30-A-19L, Satellite P55-a5200, PORTEGE R30-A-17C, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DR, Tecra R850-14P, Portege R30-A1310, Satellite C55-A-19N, SATELLITE C850-10Z, Satellite C50-B-131, Tecra Z40-A-180, Satellite U940-100, Satellite P50t-A-11D, SATELLITE PRO L870-124, SATELLITE C850-1D2, SATELLITE L850-19E, Satellite L50-AT01W1, Tecra Z50-A-11Q, SATELLITE C850-175, Satellite C50-B-18G, SATELLITE C855-1TF, SATELLITE L50-A-173, Tecra Z40-C-103, SATELLITE PRO L850-11T, Satellite C50-B-02T, Satellite C55-A-1CQ, Satellite T215D-S1140WH, SATELLITE L850-139, SATELLITE C855-17T, SATELLITE L850-1CC, SATELLITE C850-131, PORTEGE R30-A-134, SATELLITE P875-300, Satellite P855-307, SATELLITE L850D-10V, Tecra Z40-A-16P, SATELLITE C855-1TC, Satellite L50-A-111, SATELLITE C855-1GP, Tecra Z40-C-106, Portege R30-A1302, Satellite C55-A-10T, SATELLITE L870-111, SATELLITE C850/04G, SATELLITE L850-14K, SATELLITE C855-1W3, SATELLITE C855-15U, SATELLITE PRO L870-122, SATELLITE L855-S5368, SATELLITE C870-ST3NX2, SATELLITE C850-168, Satellite C50-B-15N, Satellite L955D Series, SATELLITE L850-ST3NX2, Satellite T215D-S1150RD, Tecra Z40-A-176, Tecra Z40-A-17K, Satellite C50-B00N, Satellite C55d a5146, Satellite C55-A-15P, Tecra Z50-A-12N, Satellite S875 Series, Satellite Pro C850-1GR, SATELLITE L850-19C, SATELLITE C855-1E7, Portege R30-A-19E, Portege R30-A-149, Satellite P50-A-01M, SATELLITE C855-177, SATELLITE PRO L850-1C4, SATELLITE C870-134, Tecra Z50-A-13D, SATELLITE L850-1D4, Satellite P750-13N, SATELLITE C855-1TV, Satellite L50-A-1EF, Satellite C55-A-12U, Tecra Z40-A-17J, SATELLITE S855-01L, Satellite R800, Tecra R840-10Q, Satellite P855-32G, Satellite L50-A-103, Satellite P750-136, SATELLITE L850-199, Satellite L775-11F, Satellite L955-S5370N, Satellite L855-151, SATELLITE PRO C800, Satellite S955-S5376, Satellite C55D-A-13Q, Satellite L50-B-182, Satellite C55-A-146, Satellite C55d-b5310, Satellite C605, SATELLITE C870-17F, Satellite S50-A-069, SATELLITE C870-10N, Satellite C55-A-13G, Satellite L50-A-122, SATELLITE C850/073, Satellite S855-S5257, Satellite C55-A-156, SATELLITE L875-10V, Satellite C870-C7W, Tecra R850-12F, Satellite C70-A-10V, Satellite C55DT-A5233, Tecra R840-00G, SATELLITE C855-1W7, SATELLITE C855-1EE, Satellite Pro L600D, Satellite C55-B5212KL, Satellite T235D-S9310D, Tecra R840-017, Satellite L50-A-1CU, SATELLITE C855-1TD, SATELLITE L870D-BT2N22, SATELLITE C850-10U, SATELLITE C855-1H8, SATELLITE C855-18L, SATELLITE L950D-00M, Satellite C55-A-101, Portege R30-A-15M, SATELLITE S70-AST2NX2, SATELLITE C850-13X, Satellite C55DT-A5250, SATELLITE PRO L870-13U, Satellite C55-A-1EH, SATELLITE P855-30H, SATELLITE C855-1EF, SATELLITE P855-109, Satellite L50-A-1EH, Tecra R850-154, Satellite C55-A-140, SATELLITE P850-30V, Satellite L50-B-1PQ, SATELLITE L870-ST3NX3, SATELLITE L870-ST3NX2, Tecra Z40-A-17G, Tecra R850-PT525A-005019, SATELLITE C855-1J2, Satellite L50-A-104, Satellite C855-12J, Satellite L50-A040, Satellite L50t-A-135, Satellite P855-348, Satellite P750-12T, SATELLITE C870-10R, Satellite C55-A-184, Satellite S870, SATELLITE L870-ST3NX1, Satellite L50-A-1DN, Tecra R850-PT525A-008019, SATELLITE P870-11J, SATELLITE C850-12V, Portege R30-A-13E, SATELLITE L830-144, Satellite P750-12R, Portege R30-A-10H, Satellite C55T-B5110, Tecra R850-14V, SATELLITE L855-10U, Satellite S855-S5384, SATELLITE PRO C850-15V, SATELLITE T110-121, Satellite L50-B-1P1, Satellite C55-A-12W, Satellite S875-S7240, Satellite L850D-12P, Tecra Z40-A-15N, SATELLITE P850-304, SATELLITE S855-043, SATELLITE C855-1J1, SATELLITE C850-1C1, Satellite C55-A5281, Satellite C55-A5220, Satellite C870-D8W, Satellite C855-S5214, Satellite P750-10T, Tecra R840-012, Satellite C855-1KP, SATELLITE L830-114, Satellite L50t-A-146, Satellite P750-00Y, SATELLITE C850-1C9, SATELLITE C855-1W9, Satellite L855-15L, Satellite L50-B-1N8, SATELLITE L850D-102, Satellite L855-150, SATELLITE S70-ABT2N22, Satellite P750/05F, Tecra Z40-C-11X, Satellite L50-A-19M, Satellite C50-B-185, SATELLITE C855-1RV, Satellite L855-17Q, Satellite P855-32V, Satellite C55-A-11G, Satellite L855-179, SATELLITE C870D-00M, Tecra R850-PT520A-01S003, SATELLITE P870-10G, SATELLITE C870-156, Satellite S55-A5279, TECRA R850-08W, Satellite L50D-B-146, Satellite C850-BT2N12, Tecra R840-00U, Tecra Z40-A-150, Satellite L850-1PD, Satellite L50-A-1DG, Satellite C855 Series, SATELLITE S855-045, SATELLITE C855-1W4, Satellite C55-A-17P, SATELLITE C850-058, TECRA R840-002, Portege R30-A-14C, SATELLITE L855-11T, satellite S55-a5295, Satellite T215D Series, Satellite L50-B-154, SATELLITE PRO L850-1EF, Satellite L50-B-196, Satellite C70-A-162, Tecra R850-14K, Portege R30-A-156, Satellite C855-1QC, Satellite P855-32F, Satellite T235 Series, Satellite L830-10G, SATELLITE L870-169, Satellite C850-1K3, Satellite L50-B-117, Satellite S875-S7248, Portege R30-A-1CM, SATELLITE PRO C850-1FJ, SATELLITE PRO C850-14D, Satellite C50-B-11D, SATELLITE P850-131, Satellite L50-AT18W1, Satellite C50-B-00C, SATELLITE C870-12P, Satellite C55-B5100, SATELLITE P875-305, Satellite L870-18X, Satellite C850D-106, PORTEGE Z830-104, Tecra Z50-A-181, SATELLITE C870-198, Tecra Z40-C-107, Portege R30-A-111, Satellite L50-B-2E2, Satellite C55-A-10U, Tecra Z40-A-18Z, Satellite L50-AT11S1, SATELLITE PRO C850-1ER, Satellite L50-A-K1S, Satellite C55-A-137, Tecra Z40-A-147, Satellite M50-A-11L, SATELLITE C855-1WM, Satellite L50-B-1F6, Satellite L50-B-18D, Tecra R850-015, SATELLITE P855-102, SATELLITE C850-15T, TECRA R840-02X, SATELLITE C855-18J, Satellite C55-A-136, SATELLITE C850/0F3, SATELLITE C875-130, Satellite L50-A-1D9, SATELLITE PRO C850-172, Tecra R850-PT525A-004019, Tecra Z50-A-19N, SATELLITE C855-18R, Satellite L850D Series, Satellite L855-14K, Satellite P750-10F, Satellite C55-A-1JP, SATELLITE C855-1HL, SATELLITE L855-11F, Satellite C55-A5285, SATELLITE C855-1RU, SATELLITE PRO L850-13F, SATELLITE PRO C850-14C, Satellite C55DT-A5162, Satellite U840 Series, Satellite S875-S7242, SATELLITE C850D-10T, Tecra C50-B, Satellite C55-A-10M, Satellite S875D-S7350, SATELLITE L830-10V, SATELLITE S50-A-K1M, Satellite C870-1EW, SATELLITE C850-08G, Satellite L870D-B4W, SATELLITE P870/027, SATELLITE C870-121, Satellite L850-DLW, SATELLITE C850-08J, Satellite Pro A50-C-100, Satellite C55-A-111, Satellite C55-A-173, SATELLITE PRO C850-173, Tecra R850-11M, SATELLITE P870-11H, Satellite L845 Series, SATELLITE C855-1M1, Satellite L870-C9W, Satellite P750-100, SATELLITE C870-155, Satellite C855D-S5320, Tecra Z40-A-1DJ, Satellite M50-A-105, SATELLITE L850/0C9, Satellite C55-B5265, Satellite L50D-B-129, SATELLITE C850D-011, SATELLITE C870-10L, SATELLITE C870-13D, Satellite L50-B-119, SATELLITE C855-1HK, Satellite L50-A-1CW, Satellite C850-190, Satellite L50-B-1NE, Satellite C55D-A5362, SATELLITE C850-1C2, Satellite L50-A-19P, Satellite L870-12L, SATELLITE C855-1RM, SATELLITE C855-1WT, SATELLITE PRO L850-11W, SATELLITE L955-S5152, TECRA R850-074, Satellite L855-13M, Portege R30-A-14X, SATELLITE PRO L850-11V, SATELLITE C855-1VT, Satellite C55-B5302, Satellite C55-A-144, Satellite L855-S5121, SATELLITE PRO L850-1MH, Tecra Z50-C-114, Satellite C55-A-145, Satellite C850-12R, Satellite C855-S5206, Satellite L50-B-12R, Satellite C55-A-10D, Tecra Z40-A-164, Tecra R840 PT429A-006004, Tecra Z40-A-182, Tecra Z50-A-106, Satellite C850-1CN, Satellite P750-04X, Satellite T235D Series, Satellite U845t, SATELLITE PRO C850-10R, Satellite C855-1L5, Satellite L850D-D3B, SATELLITE C855-1VN, Tecra Z50-A-130, SATELLITE C870D-11K, Satellite P750-119, SATELLITE P850-12X, SATELLITE PRO C850-15Q, Satellite C850-BT3N11, SATELLITE L855-12G, Tecra R840 PT429A-00L004, SATELLITE C855-1J0, SATELLITE C55D-B5308, SATELLITE C855-1RN, Tecra Z50-A-15W, Satellite L50-B-1KG, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DP, SATELLITE L830-118, Satellite C70-B-31X, Tecra Z50-A-120, Tecra Z40-A-183, SATELLITE L870-BT2N22, SATELLITE C855-1WR, SATELLITE C870-123, Satellite C855-158, SATELLITE P55-a5312, Satellite P750-10Q, Satellite L50-A-146, Satellite T210D, Satellite C855-1GU, SATELLITE T110-12U, SATELLITE S875-004, Tecra Z40-C-105, Tecra R850-017, SATELLITE PRO C850-1C3, Satellite S955D-S5374, Portege Z830-11J, Satellite L855-189, Satellite C870D Series, Satellite C870-15M, Satellite C55-A-12Z, Tecra R850-10D, Satellite C855-1Q2, Tecra Z50-A-10N, Satellite L850D-B1R, SATELLITE PRO C850-113, Tecra A40-C-17C, Satellite C875-15F, Satellite L50D-BBT2N22, Satellite C55-A5245, SATELLITE L850D-00J, Satellite C55-A-16Z, Portege R30-A3101L, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DZ, SATELLITE L875D-103, Satellite C55-A-15R, Satellite P875-S7200, SATELLITE L830-138, Satellite S955 Series, Tecra Z40-A-181, SATELLITE C855D-STN02, SATELLITE C855-1MD, SATELLITE L830-10Z, Satellite M805, Tecra R850-PT520A-007003, Tecra Z40-A-15C, SATELLITE C870-142, SATELLITE C855-1RP, SATELLITE L850-022, Satellite S55-B5155, SATELLITE C850-05C, Portege R30-A3102L, Portege R30-A-1CP, Satellite C50-B032NB, Satellite C50-B-12Z, Tecra Z50-A-13L, Satellite L50-A-15U, SATELLITE C870-18V, SATELLITE L850D-11N, SATELLITE PRO L850-1MJ, SATELLITE PRO C850-10T, SATELLITE L850/0CC, Tecra Z40-A-18Q, Satellite L50-A-11Q, Satellite L50-AOOM, Satellite C50-B-13M, Satellite L50-AK15W, Tecra Z50-A-18M, SATELLITE C870D-00H, SATELLITE C850/09V, Tecra Z40-A-17U, Portege Z830-BT8300, SATELLITE C870-143, SATELLITE C855-1RL, Satellite U845 Series, SATELLITE C855-1RX, SATELLITE C855-192, SATELLITE PRO L850-1EQ, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DW, Tecra R850-14R, Tecra A50-C-16K, Tecra R850-01F, PORTEGE R30-A-19Q, Tecra Z40-C-127, Satellite C55-A-143, Satellite C850-1LK, Satellite L50D-B-15T, SATELLITE L850D-00M, Satellite C55-A-10P, SATELLITE L850D-11P, SATELLITE L850-01X, Satellite S50T-A-10P, Satellite C855-1Q9, Satellite L50-A-11F, Satellite C850-11Q, Satellite L870D-B5W, Satellite C870-18X, SATELLITE L830-10P, SATELLITE C855-1WQ, Tecra R850-00G, Satellite C855-113, Satellite L870-12N, Satellite C55-A-130, Satellite C50-B-158, Satellite L50-A-165, Satellite C855-1X3, SATELLITE C850-08F, SATELLITE L870D-BT3N22, Satellite L50-B-14P, Satellite C50-B-122, Satellite L50-B-1HW, Satellite L855-14J, Satellite C55-A-197, Satellite C55D-A-12N, SATELLITE PRO C850-116, SATELLITE C850D-008, Satellite L50t-A-131, Satellite C50-B-12W, Tecra R850-PT520A-01T003, SATELLITE T130-16W, Satellite C870D-119, Satellite C55-A-109, Satellite P845t Series, Satellite L50-B-11L, Satellite C70-C-17X, SATELLITE L850/0C8, SATELLITE PRO L850-1G8, SATELLITE PRO C850-12Z, Satellite U845W series, Satellite C855-1qg, Satellite C55-B5298, Satellite Pro L870-179, Satellite C70D-A-108, Tecra Z50-A-16C, Tecra Z50-A-13T, Satellite C850D-BT2N11, SATELLITE C850/04Q, Satellite L50-B-17C, Satellite U845W-S414P, Tecra Z40-A-163, SATELLITE L855-11C, SATELLITE L855-01Y, Satellite P870-ST3GX1, Satellite C850D-ST2N02, SATELLITE C870-17D, Satellite P855-32U, TECRA R850-06P, SATELLITE C875D-S7226, Satellite L50T-A-11T, Satellite C55-A-149, SATELLITE C850-00W, SATELLITE L830-145, Satellite L50-B-2D4, Satellite C850D-10H, Satellite L50-B-180, Satellite P855-32J, Satellite C850-B761, Satellite C855-1U4, SATELLITE PRO L870-127, SATELLITE P850/040, Satellite L50-B-1Q6, Portege R30-A-11Q, Tecra Z40-A-191, Tecra A50-C-1G0, Portege R30-A-11P, SATELLITE T110-12T, Satellite P855-32K, SATELLITE C850-14C, SATELLITE S875-03R, SATELLITE PRO C850-11N, Satellite C55-B853, Portege R30-A-12V, Satellite C55D-A5346, Satellite P855-33C, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DN, Satellite P850-ST2N02, Satellite P855-33X, SATELLITE C850-15Q, Satellite C55-A-121, Satellite C55-A-15C, Tecra R850-01Q, Satellite L850D-12Q, Satellite C70D-A-10C, Satellite C55-A-181, Satellite P855-33T, Tecra Z50-A-139, Tecra Z40-A-11W, Satellite C55-A-128, SATELLITE S55-A5165, Satellite Pro A50-C-256, Satellite C55-A-12D, SATELLITE L50-A00M, Tecra Z50-A-132, SATELLITE PRO L800, Tecra Z50-A-12L, SATELLITE C850-1FN, SATELLITE L850D-117, Satellite C870-DJW, Satellite P855-S5200, Satellite C55-A-126, SATELLITE PRO L850-1ER, Satellite C55-A-195, Satellite L50-A-1E3, SATELLITE PRO C850-111, SATELLITE C875D-S7222, SATELLITE L855-14U, Satellite C55-B894, Satellite C870-1HG, Tecra R850-11R, Satellite C55-A-127, Satellite T230-10J, Satellite S855-S5378, Tecra R850-11U, Satellite L855-123, Tecra Z50-A-10D, Tecra A40-C-14V, Satellite Pro L50-A, SATELLITE L850/00R, SATELLITE P750/0MQ, Satellite C855-19N, Tecra Z40-A-19K, SATELLITE C850-10R, Satellite C850-A817, Satellite P855-345, Satellite Pro L850-1UK, Satellite C850-1DD, Satellite C50-B-10P, SATELLITE C850/074, Satellite C850-178, Satellite S955D Series, Satellite C55d-a5304, Satellite C850-A986, Tecra Z50-A-12U, Satellite L50-A-1E7, Portege R30-A-138, Satellite C850-B820, Satellite L50-B-24V, SATELLITE C850D/010, Satellite C55-A-13H, Satellite L855-14T, Portege R30-A-146, Satellite C870-12E, Satellite C55-A-12C, SATELLITE S875-013, Tecra Z40-A-19R, Satellite P870-ST3NX1, Satellite L50-B-1CD, Portege R30-A-11J, SATELLITE P850/030, Tecra Z50-A-13M, Satellite L50-B-124, Satellite L50-B-1GL, Satellite L850-ST4NX2, Portege Z830-10Q, Satellite C50-B-12L, SATELLITE C850D/01X, Tecra A40-C-13Z, SATELLITE L830-139, Satellite L870-147, Satellite C55-A-11W, Satellite L855-S5385, portege z930-12c, Tecra R850-05E, Satellite P870-BT3N22, Tecra R850-030, Satellite L50D-B-11T, Satellite C850D-131, Tecra R850-14L, Satellite L50D-B-169, Satellite C55D-A-14G, Satellite L850-1LE, Tecra Z40-A-11L, Satellite L50-B-14E, Satellite L855-S5160, SATELLITE C50-B-IIL, Satellite C50-B-13E, Satellite P850-BT2G22, Satellite Z830-10J, Satellite C55-B868, PORTEGE R30-AK40B, SATELLITE C850/05E, Satellite P870-ST2N01, SATELLITE P850-13C, PORTEGE Z830-10R, SATELLITE T110-10J, SATELLITE PRO L850-1KM, Portege Z930-10M, Portege R30-A-145, Satellite C55-A-129, Tecra Z40-A-185, SATELLITE L850-T01B, Satellite C870-E2W, Satellite C55-A-17K, Satellite C50-B-14H, Satellite L850-1JG, SATELLITE L955-S5142NR, Tecra Z50-A-12V, SATELLITE C850D-01J, Satellite C850-126, Tecra Z50-A-11R, Satellite C855-11C, Satellite S875D Series, Satellite C55-B896, Satellite L50-B-11C, Satellite C850-A819, Satellite C55-A-14C, Satellite P850-BT2N22, Satellite C855-12D, Tecra Z50-A-12Q, SATELLITE L875D-S7332, Satellite T230-12Q, SATELLITE L850/03D, Satellite C55-B867, SATELLITE L850/0D1, Satellite C850-125, Satellite C55-A-11H, Satellite C55T-A5222, Satellite C55-A-199, Satellite L50-A-125, SATELLITE C50-BBT2N12, SATELLITE L950D-100, Satellite P750-010, Satellite C70-A-107, Satellite L850D-ST4NX1, Satellite L50D-B-124, Tecra Z50-A-12P, SATELLITE C850-116, Satellite P855-11Q, Satellite L50-AT11W1, Satellite C55-A-10C, Satellite C55-A-13X, Satellite L855-S5162, Tecra R850-155, PORTEGE R30-A-1C5, Satellite L50-A-1D2, SATELLITE C855-S5350, Tecra Z40-A-15V, Tecra Z50-A-17R, SATELLITE P850/05F, SATELLITE C850/00M, Portege R30-A-14G, SATELLITE C850-10T, Satellite L855-S5136, Tecra Z50-C-113, Satellite C55-A-10L, Satellite C55D-A5340, Satellite C850-16R, Tecra Z40-A-1EM, Satellite L50D-B-13K, Satellite P850-31M, Satellite C850-1P6, Satellite S855D Series, Satellite L850-1J9, Satellite L850-1R7, Satellite C55D-A-14W, Satellite L870-194, SATELLITE P850 3D, Satellite C50-B-13D, Tecra Z40-A-15E, Satellite L50-A-161, Satellite C55-A-186, Satellite L50-A-1D6, Satellite C55-A-16C, Satellite C55-A-13M, Satellite L50-B-1NM, Satellite C55-B802, Tecra R850-103, Tecra Z50-A-128, Tecra Z50-A-12X, Satellite C850D-11G, Satellite S55-B5280, Satellite L50T-B-015, Satellite C870D-11T, Satellite L855-S5138NR, SATELLITE C850D/00X, Satellite P750/02T, SATELLITE L830-T02R, SATELLITE L850/00P, Satellite U940-10M, Satellite P750-10E, Satellite C870-181, Satellite C55-A-1G0, portege z930-14l, Tecra Z50-A-15N, Satellite C55-A-132, Satellite P855-30F, SATELLITE T130-17W, SATELLITE P850/04P, Satellite P850-ST3GX1, Satellite U840-10N, Satellite C50-B-124, SATELLITE C850-00X, Satellite L50D-B018, Satellite L50-B-17M, Satellite L50T-B-127, SATELLITE L850/046, Satellite Pro A50-C-24C, Satellite C55d-a5380, Satellite C850-19Q, Satellite L840D Series, SATELLITE L840-00U, Satellite L50-B-11D, Satellite C55D-A-11G, Satellite C55-A-12E, Satellite C50-B-133, Satellite P850-31T, Satellite L850-16D, SATELLITE L840/007, SATELLITE C850/05D, Satellite C55-A-166, Satellite C850-1NN, Satellite L50-A-145, Satellite C55t-c5300, Satellite L850D-12T, SATELLITE C850/08K, SATELLITE L840/04E, SATELLITE PRO C855, Tecra Z50-A-11T, SATELLITE L830-T01R, Satellite C55-A-1CW, Satellite C850-1LW, Satellite C55-A-1FP, Satellite C55D-A-11L, SATELLITE C870-BT2N11, Satellite L870-150, Satellite L850-1N3, Satellite C55-A5105, SATELLITE L855D-00P, Satellite Pro C850-12D, Satellite C855-12N, Satellite L50-B-137, Satellite P855-30G, Satellite C55-A-131, Satellite L50-B-1M1, Satellite C50-B-149, Satellite C855-1R6, Tecra Z40T-B, SATELLITE L850/092, SATELLITE L850/01R, Satellite C55-B923, Satellite C50-B-13K, Portege R30-A-176, Satellite L50-A-1EL, Satellite L50T-B00R, Satellite U840W-107, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX7, Satellite P850-ST3N02, Satellite L870-141, Tecra Z50-A-12R, Satellite C850-1GG, Satellite C850-16P, SATELLITE C850D-T11B, Satellite C855D-S5340, Portege Z935-ST2N03, SATELLITE L50-A-170, SATELLITE L855-T01M, Satellite C875-S7341, TECRA R940-1CW, Satellite L50-A-1FQ, Satellite C55-A-168, Satellite C55D-A-11C, Satellite C55-A-16R, Satellite L850-1HT, Satellite C55-A-1DC, SATELLITE L840/03R, Satellite C55-B929, Satellite L850-1JT, SATELLITE L850D/003, Tecra R850-034, Satellite C55D-A-125, Portege R30-A-15P, Satellite C55-A-1GT, SATELLITE L830-T02W, Satellite L50-B-27P, Satellite C55-A-176, SATELLITE L850-00F, Satellite Pro C600, Satellite L50D-B-131, Satellite C55-A-134, Satellite C855-1R8, Portege R30-A-6, Satellite C850-1F2, Satellite C855-1QP, Satellite P845-BKS, Satellite L955D-S5364, SATELLITE L840/027, Satellite L870-16L, Satellite L50-A-11X, Satellite C55-A-167, Satellite L50-B-2EZ, Satellite C55-B901, Satellite L870-13W, Satellite P870-BT2N22, Satellite C50-B-18K, Satellite P845-DAS, Satellite C50T-A, Satellite C55-B922, Satellite L50-A-1DE, Satellite L870-193, Satellite C55-A-1G3, Satellite C855-1N3, SATELLITE L840-BT2N22, Tecra Z50-A-129, Tecra Z50-A-13N, Tecra Z50-A-180, Satellite C870-191, Tecra A50-C-179, Satellite C55D-A-140, Satellite L50D-B-152, Satellite L50-B-15N, Satellite C55-A-1D1, Satellite L875D-10E, Satellite C55-A-1L0, SATELLITE L850/00Q, Tecra Z50-A-19E, Satellite L850-ST3NX3, Satellite L50-A-1FG, Satellite C850-1KZ, Satellite P870-BT2G22, Libretto W105-L251, Satellite C55-A-1NG, Satellite L870-C8W, Satellite P750-15L, Satellite L850-1V0, Portege R30-A-129, Satellite L50-B-2G8, Satellite C50-B-17K, Satellite C850-1E7, Satellite L50-B-1NG, Satellite L850D Serie, Satellite L855-S5163, Tecra Z50-A-11V, TECRA R940-1CV, SATELLITE C850-ST4NX5, Satellite Z830-10U, Satellite C50-B-13G, SATELLITE L840-026, Satellite L870-15W, Satellite C55-A-1E3, Satellite L50-B-1X5, Satellite L870-10Z, SATELLITE C855-S5349, Satellite L50-A-1E9, SATELLITE S55-A5294, Tecra Z40-A-1CM, Satellite T210D Series, Satellite L50-B-133, Satellite P855-30Q, Satellite P750-109, Satellite L850-ST4NX1, Satellite L850-138, Satellite C55D-A-13G, Satellite L50D-B-14D, Satellite L50-B-115, SATELLITE L850/03S, Satellite L830-14G, Satellite C55-B5115KM, Satellite P50-A-12F, Satellite P850-ST3N01, Satellite C850-1CE, Satellite P855-300, Tecra Z40-A-10X, Satellite S850-BT2G22, Satellite L50-B-15/, Satellite Pro C850-19G, Satellite L830-15l, Satellite M50-A-110, SATELLITE L850-00G, Satellite C55-A-15L, Satellite P855-328, Satellite C70-BBT2N11, Satellite C50T-A-007, Portege R30-A-19M, Satellite C850-1MD, SATELLITE L830-T01W, Satellite C55-A-11X, Satellite L50-B-169, Portege Z935-ST2N02, SATELLITE C55-B5270, SATELLITE C50-BST2N02, Satellite C50-B-13V, Portege R30-A-121, Satellite L50-AT03W, Satellite C70-A-103, Satellite C50-B-15U, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX9, Satellite L700D, Satellite C50-B-14C, Satellite L50-B-16P, SATELLITE C855-S5308, Tecra Z50-A-15C, Satellite C55-A-12M, Satellite P50-A-11L, Satellite C850D-BT3N11, Tecra Z40-C-11E, Satellite C855-S5108, Portege R30-A-17K, Satellite L50-AT16W1, Satellite P850-31N, Satellite U845W-S415, Satellite C55-A-1JV, Satellite C55-A5104, Satellite C875-153, SATELLITE S55-A5376, SATELLITE L870-BT3N22, Satellite C55-A-1CX, Satellite L850-1KZ, Satellite L50-A-14J, Satellite C850-1JV, Portege R30-A-191, SATELLITE C875-S7205, Satellite L50-A-1FD, Satellite Pro L870-16P, SATELLITE C850-ST4NX6, Satellite C855-1N9, Satellite C850-1KM, Satellite Z830-10T, Satellite L850-15F, Satellite L50-B-15T, Satellite C855-10N, Satellite L870-16V, Satellite L50-A-105, Tecra Z50-A-11Z, Satellite L850-10W, Satellite L50-B-15F, SATELLITE L850D/002, Satellite L855-S5156, Satellite C70-A-10U, Tecra Z40-A-110, Satellite C70D-B-300, Tecra Z50-A-154, Satellite P855-S5312, Tecra Z40-A-10T, SATELLITE L840/03S, Tecra Z50-A-147, Tecra A40-C-18R, Satellite L50-A-115, Satellite C855-1PP, Satellite C850-13G, Satellite C50-B-188, Satellite C855-14E, Satellite C70-BST2NX1, SATELLITE C855-S5347, Satellite C55-A-10N, Satellite L850-1K1, Satellite C70-A-119, Satellite S55-A5275, Satellite C55-A-174, Satellite L50-B-2FT, Satellite C55D-A-13P, Satellite C55-A-135, Satellite L50-B-23H, Tecra Z50-A-11K, Satellite C870D-11M, Tecra A50-C-1NH, Satellite P855-BLS, Satellite L50-B-1UU, Satellite C850D-101, Satellite C855-112, SATELLITE L870D SERIES, Satellite C855-12P, Satellite C850D-118, Satellite C855-12X, Satellite C850-1DH, Satellite C50-B-190, Satellite L870-199, Tecra A50-C-1ZU, Satellite P855-32E, Portege R30-A Serie, Satellite P855-DWS, Satellite C850-B991, Satellite P850-BT3N22, Satellite L850-1M6, Satellite L50-A-10W, Satellite C55-A-16D, Satellite C850-13P, Satellite L770D-10L, Satellite C850-1LJ, Satellite C55D-A-146, Satellite L850-1RZ, Satellite C55D-A-103, Satellite C855-1U2, Satellite C55D-A-137, Satellite C55-A-116, Satellite L50-B-1C1, Satellite C50-B-13H, Satellite L850-1K6, Satellite C55-A-17H, Portege Z935-ST2N01, Satellite L850-B750, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX11, Satellite L50D-B-10L, Satellite L50-B-1NN, Satellite C855-1TQ, Satellite L850D-130, Satellite P750-15F, Satellite P850-30R, Tecra Z50-C-12D, Portege Z930-BT9300, Satellite P750-10R, Satellite C55-B895, Satellite P750-112, SATELLITE L955D-S5140NR, Satellite L870-17C, Tecra Z50-A-12T, Tecra A50-C-2R9, Satellite C55-A-19X, Satellite L600-59R, Satellite L50D-B-11N, Satellite P855-SP5302SL, SATELLITE C875-S7303, Satellite C870-E2K, Satellite S55t-A5389, Portege R30-A-1D5, Satellite P855-30E, Satellite L50-B-1QR, Tecra Z40-A-1D5, Satellite C855D-16J, Satellite L870-17W, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX1, Satellite L50-B-11J, Satellite C855-1J7, Satellite L850-1JM, Satellite L855-S5187, Satellite C55-A-152, Satellite C55-A-13V, Portege R30-A-15E, Satellite C855-1UE, Satellite C850-14X, Satellite C55-A-1LF, Satellite L50-B-2H8, Satellite C55-A-1E2, Satellite C70-A-108, Satellite C55-A-178, Satellite L50-B-1XZ, Satellite L50D-B-18W, Satellite C855-15F, Satellite L50-A-106, PORTEGE R30-AK03B, Satellite C55-A-15X, Satellite C55-B5161, Satellite L50-B-127, Satellite L870-177, Satellite L50-B-2G7, Satellite C50-B-148, Satellite C50-B-160, Satellite C55-C5232, Tecra Z50-A-12E, Satellite L870-16G, Satellite L50-B-146, Satellite C855-12M, Satellite C55-A-165, Satellite C855-1HT, SATELLITE C855-S5306, Satellite L870-170, Satellite L50-B-192, Satellite C875-13E, Satellite Pro L870-14G, Satellite C855-14X, Satellite L50-B-11M, Satellite L50D-B-14X, Satellite P755-114, Tecra C50-D-020, PORTEGE R30-A-19G, Satellite C55-A-19R, Portege Z935-P300, Satellite U845-S409, Satellite C850D-108, Satellite C55-A-1F6, Satellite C850-1C5, Satellite C850D-113, Satellite C55-A-12Q, Satellite C855-12K, Satellite C55-A-12K, Satellite C850-127, Satellite L50-B-27J, Satellite L50-B-2JF, Portege R30-A-14D, Portege R30-A-11K, Tecra Z40-A-1DN, Satellite L50D-B-12T, Tecra Z40-A-15G, SATELLITE P850-132, Satellite L850-13R, Satellite L855-SP5260KM, PORTEGE Z830-002, Satellite C850-11L, Satellite C50-B-12M, Tecra A50-C-2GG, Satellite C55D-A5120, Satellite L50-B-125, Satellite C55D-A-10, Satellite L850-1P9, Satellite Pro C850-1KU, Satellite C70-A-120, Satellite P750-11N, Portege R30-A-114, Portege R30-A-1CW, Satellite P850-30Q, Satellite C850-124, Satellite C855-141, Satellite L850-1H4, Satellite L850-1LK, Satellite C855-1UJ, Tecra Z40-A-146, Satellite C850D-12C, Tecra A50-C-1XC, Satellite S850-BT3N22, Satellite C850D-12L, Satellite C70-A-00F, Satellite C55-A-1CG, Satellite P855-32Z, SATELLITE S55-A5359, Tecra Z40-A-120, Satellite C850-1G5, Satellite C55-A-1CU, Satellite L50-A-13P, Satellite C850-1F1, Satellite C55D-A-10M, Satellite C855-1L9, Satellite L855-SP5268WM, Portege R30-A-1E9, SATELLITE L630-15M, Tecra Z40-A-1DU, Satellite Pro L850-1UJ, Satellite P850-32C, Satellite L50-B-239, Tecra Z40-C-12L, Tecra Z50-A-13F, Satellite P855-32C, Satellite C50-B-147, Satellite C855-1Q5, Tecra Z50-A-13G, Tecra Z50-A-13X, SATELLITE L850D-BT2N22, Satellite C850D-11P, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX2, Satellite L50-A-1CD, SATELLITE C855D-S5302, Satellite C875-S7132, Satellite C855-19V, Satellite L50-B-14M, Satellite L950D-DBS, SATELLITE C875-S7228, Portege R30-A-16U, Tecra A50-C-205, Satellite P855-33Q, Satellite C50-B-13W, Satellite P855-SP5201SL, Satellite C55-A-14H, Satellite L50-B-278, Satellite L50-B-171, Satellite L850-113, SATELLITE L950D-00L, Tecra A50-C-20F, Satellite L855-SP5260WM, Satellite L50-B-1N2, Satellite C855-12W, Satellite L870-16C, Satellite P855-CJS, Tecra Z50-A-140, Satellite P750-10C, Portege R30-A-1DJ, Satellite p750-11g, Satellite C50-B-01C, Tecra A50-C-2F5, Satellite C855-14C, Satellite C870-ST4NX1, Tecra Z50-A-12W, Portege R30-A-1CD, Satellite C855-12E, Satellite P875 Series, Satellite C50-B-13X, Satellite C855-12Q, Satellite C870D-11F, Satellite C855-19X, Satellite P855-DSS, Satellite P855-S5102, Satellite L50-B-177, Tecra Z50-A-13V, Satellite C855-10P, Satellite C55-A-1NU, Satellite L850-1LW, Satellite L50-B-1NF, Tecra Z40-A-11E, Satellite L855D-10K, Satellite C55-A-1HC, Satellite C55-A-17D, Satellite P855-305, SATELLITE L955-SP5301WL, Tecra Z40-A-140, Satellite L850-1V1, Satellite C855D-S5205, Satellite L50-B-11P, Tecra Z50-A-13J, Satellite L870-120, Satellite C850-19P, Satellite L50D-B01E, Satellite L850-12K, Portege R30-A-1J1, Satellite C855-109, Satellite L855-S5383, Satellite L850-118, Satellite L50-B-1MC, Tecra A50-C-2D2, Satellite L850-1MT, Satellite L50-B-1NT, Tecra R840-S8430, Satellite L850-1JR, Satellite C850-12D, Satellite U845T-S4155, Satellite T130-13Q, Tecra Z50-A-164, Satellite P855-DRS, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX10, Satellite C855D-16H, Satellite C55DT-A5348, Satellite P855-33N, Satellite L855-124, Satellite C55Dt-A, Satellite C50-B-152, Satellite L855-SP5364RM, Tecra A50-C-20H, Satellite L50-B-1EM, Satellite U845-S406, Satellite L50-B-160, Satellite C50-B-16T, Satellite P850-ST4NX2, SATELLITE C875-S7304, Satellite P850-ST4GX1, Satellite L850-13E, Satellite L50-B-12V, Satellite C70-B-006, portege z930-14c, Satellite C870D-117, Satellite L50-AC02W1, Satellite C855D-SP5368SM, Satellite L770-155, Satellite C850-196, Satellite S55-B5269, Satellite C70-A-102, Satellite C850D-102, Satellite C55-A-1D7, Satellite C50-B-171, Satellite C55-A-12H, Satellite C855-10W, Satellite L630-17R, Portege Z835-P370, Tecra Z40-A-12Z, Satellite P855-323, Satellite C855D-S5230, Satellite C850-1LH, Satellite C855-1PM, Satellite C870-190, Satellite L50-B-1N9, Satellite C855-193, Satellite C850-1KD, Satellite C50-BCNTN01, Satellite L850-1V8, Satellite C870 Series, Satellite C855-14Q, Satellite C870-19R, Portege Z830-10P, SATELLITE C50-B031D, Satellite L50-A-114, Satellite S870-BT2G22, Satellite L830-14J, Satellite L50-A-119, Satellite L50-B-1DC, Satellite P855-10Q, Satellite C50-B-13U, Satellite C850-1KR, Satellite L855-S5171, Satellite L870-17D, Tecra Z50-A-16F, Satellite C55D-A-15E, Satellite S855-S5379, Tecra Z50-A-10P, Satellite C55-A-158, PORTEGE Z830-006, Satellite C850-13Z, Satellite L50-B-13M, Satellite C855-15E, Satellite C55-C5268, Satellite L855-11K, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GR, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX3, Satellite U845W-S410P, Satellite L50-B-1HM, Satellite L50-A-16H, Satellite C70-A-10J, Satellite C870-ST4NX3, Satellite Pro L850-1C2, Satellite L850-1VR, Satellite L870-E1W, Satellite C855-1DZ, Satellite C855D Series, Satellite P855 Series, Satellite C870D-BT2N11, Satellite C855D-S5351, Satellite C55-A-13W, Satellite C850-B763, Satellite U840-110, Satellite C55-B1057, Satellite L870-10W, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX6, Satellite C855-1ED, Portege R30-A-19H, Satellite C50-B-126, Satellite C50-B027, Satellite L50D-B-151, Satellite L50-B-11E, Satellite C50-B-173, Satellite C55-A-17G, Tecra Z50-A-15V, Satellite C850-1CR, SATELLITE C850-ST4NX4, Satellite C855-11R, Satellite C55-A-17L, Satellite L50-B-1UR, Tecra A40-C-18D, Satellite C850-1HD, Satellite L870-18K, Satellite C55-B5296, Satellite L50-B-1UV, Satellite C850-1KX, Tecra R840-S8420, Satellite L770D-10H, Satellite C850-1CL, Satellite L870-16E, Satellite L50-B-1M7, Satellite L850-1LZ, Satellite L50-B-17J, Satellite L870-160, Satellite L855-SP5260LM, Satellite C870-192, SATELLITE L875-S7208, Satellite C850D-115, Tecra Z40-A-10K, Satellite C850-12K, Satellite C850D-11W, TECRA R840-199, Satellite L50-A-1CE, Satellite L630-10R, Satellite C55-A5249, SATELLITE L955D-10F, Satellite L870D-10W, Satellite L50D-B-127, Satellite L50-A-131, Satellite L870-17M, Satellite C855-1MW, Satellite C850-1DN, Satellite C855-12L, Satellite C855-1FG, SATELLITE C50D-B-10W, Satellite L50-B-122, Portege R30-A-17J, Satellite P855-SP5261SM, Satellite C855-139, SATELLITE U800, Satellite C55-A-14F, Tecra A50-C-17C, Satellite P855-34M, Satellite C850D-12P, Satellite C855-1LD, Satellite C55-A5100, Tecra Z40-A-19H, Satellite L850-1JQ, Satellite C55D-A-104, Portege R30-A-19J, Tecra Z50-A-17K, Satellite C870-ST4NX4, Satellite L50-B-212, Satellite C70-A-10H, Satellite C55-A-172, Satellite C50-B-159, SATELLITE L855-S5210, Satellite C855-S5239, Satellite C50-B-18E, Satellite L50-A-10J, Portege R30-A-14V, Tecra Z40-A-173, Satellite C55-B5382, Satellite C55t-b5109, Satellite C855-1QD, Satellite C850D-103, Satellite C855-1LW, Satellite C855-133, Satellite L850-ST4NX3, Satellite C50-B-14E, Satellite C55-A-1E1, Satellite Pro A50-C-151, Satellite C855-1J8, Satellite L850-1HP, SATELLITE C850/02D, Satellite L870-18C, Satellite M50-A-119, Satellite C850-1MH, Satellite C850-1MT, Satellite C850D-121, Satellite P750-15C, Tecra Z50-A-16D, Tecra Z40-A-12N, PORTEGE Z830-00P, Satellite C850-1M9, Satellite C55D-A-15K, Satellite P855-34C, Satellite C855-1T7, Satellite S855-S5381, Satellite C50-B-151, Satellite M50-A-11P, Satellite L850D-121, Satellite L50-B-11K, Satellite L855-SP5374LM, Satellite L770-15Q, Satellite C55-B5355, Satellite L600-02R, SATELLITE L875-S7308, Satellite C850-195, Satellite P755-10W, Satellite C855D-S5209, Satellite C850-18W, Satellite C55-A5204, TECRA R840-S8412, Satellite L50T-A-122, Satellite C70-A-15G, Satellite C855-146, Tecra A40-C-169, Satellite L855-159, Satellite L850-1WC, Satellite C855-149, Satellite L850-127, Satellite C850-1K7, Portege R30-A-1C9, Satellite C855-19Z, Satellite C855-14J, Satellite C850-1DV, Satellite C870-ST4NX5, Satellite L50-B-15U, Satellite C850D-10X, Satellite Pro A50-C-11C, Satellite L770D-109, Satellite L50-B-11W, SATELLITE C55-B5353, Satellite C55-A-183, Tecra Z50-A-11X, Satellite P855-SP5261M, Tecra Z40-A-19E, Satellite L850-1RH, Satellite C855-1EK, Satellite C850-1NJ, Portege Z930 Series, Satellite C850-1M7, Satellite C855-1T2, Portege Z835-P330, Satellite C55-a5311, Satellite Pro C850-147, Satellite L850-1UR, Portege R30-A-159, Satellite L50-B-173, Tecra A50-C-1GE, Satellite C855-1EL, Satellite Pro C850-1JQ, Satellite C855-148, Satellite C855-1JD, Tecra A40-C-190, Satellite C855-1QH, Satellite L870-178, Tecra Z40-A-121, Satellite C50-B-14U, Tecra Z40-A-1CH, Satellite L50-B-1LN, Satellite Pro C850-1H0, Satellite C855-14D, SATELLITE C850D-107, Satellite C70D-A-107, Satellite C55-A-15Z, Satellite P850-32R, Satellite S55t-A5334, Satellite P850-33J, Satellite C850-1MJ, Satellite L850-158, Satellite C55d-b5102, Tecra Z50-C-11C, Satellite L855D-SP5370KM, Satellite C855-1C2, Satellite C55D-A-147, Satellite C870-1GW, Satellite C850-13H, Satellite C850-1JZ, Satellite P755-10X, Satellite C850-1KW, Satellite T130-11H, Satellite C850-17E, Satellite C855-1R5, Satellite L50-B-18C, Satellite L50-B-1DH, Satellite C855-1CQ, Satellite C870D-11L, Tecra C50-D-023, Satellite C855-18C, Satellite C850-15L, Satellite C55DT-A5106, Satellite S855D-S5256, Satellite C855-135, SATELLITE L955D-S5142NR, Satellite L50-B-1CC, Satellite Pro C850-1HL, Satellite P855-10Z, Tecra C50-D-029, Satellite C50-B-15G, Satellite C850-1LD, SATELLITE C855-S5346, Tecra A50-C-16E, Satellite L870-17E, Satellite C855-1TL, Satellite C850-1GE, SATELLITE L875-S7243, SATELLITE L875D-S7230, Satellite C855-1VL, Satellite L830-15G, Satellite C55-B5319, Satellite C855-10J, Tecra Z50-A-12Z, Satellite C55D-A-149, Satellite L855 Series, Satellite L850-1HR, SATELLITE L855-S5244, Satellite L50-B-235, Satellite C850-1F7, Satellite L850-15X, Satellite L770D-10G, Satellite Pro A50-C-169, Satellite C850D-125, SATELLITE S55-A5176, Satellite C855-1C3, Satellite L850-1HK, Satellite C55-A-17W, Satellite C850D-105, Satellite L50-B-1NZ, Satellite L50-B-18K, Satellite L850-1JZ, Satellite P850 Series, Satellite C55-C5390, Satellite C850-138, Satellite C870-12R, Satellite C855-1UU, Satellite L870-18J, Portege R30-A-1DC, Tecra Z50-A-19L, Satellite C855-S5236, Satellite L50-A-16Q, Satellite U845-S402, Tecra Z40-C-128, Satellite L50-A-11P, Satellite L830-106, Satellite L50-B-11F, Satellite C50-B06W, Tecra Z50-C-115, Satellite L50-A-1FW, Satellite Pro L830-14F, Tecra A50-C-19L, Tecra A50-C-16F, Satellite L50-B-18H, SATELLITE C850-19D, Satellite L855D-SP5261M, Satellite L50-A-15X, Portege R30-A-1FL, Satellite L870-19D, Satellite C850-1GF, Satellite C55DT-A5305, Tecra Z40-A-13Q, Satellite L50-B-14D, Portege R30-A-147, Satellite L50-B-139, Satellite L855-17V, Satellite C850D-12U, Satellite L850D-139, Satellite C855-1QJ, Tecra A40-C-14U, Satellite L870-165, Satellite C855-1R1, Satellite L850-1Q2, Satellite Pro C850-1HM, Tecra Z50-A-157, Satellite C850-1FW, Satellite C55D-A-14L, Satellite L850-126, Satellite C50T-A-10F, Satellite L850-16N, Tecra Z40-A-170, Satellite Pro A50-C-10E, Satellite C855-1T4, Satellite C50-B-16C, Satellite P755-10F, Satellite C55-B5356, Satellite pro C850-10L, Satellite P855-DVS, Satellite C855-1QQ, Portege R30-A-174, Satellite C870-177, Satellite C850-187, Satellite L870-182, Tecra R840-S8410, Satellite Pro L870-14E, Satellite S55-B5266, Satellite C55d-b5319, Satellite L855-S5189, Satellite C850-19L, Tecra Z40-A-132, Satellite L850-1TE, Satellite C855-1LQ, SATELLITE C70-C-1EN, Satellite L850-1F0, Satellite C855-14Z, Satellite L855-10Z, Satellite C50-B-14X, Satellite L850-1R6, Satellite C855-1V8, Portege Z935-ST3N02, Satellite C855-S5234, Satellite L50-B-12Q, Portege R30-A-19V, Satellite C855-1DD, Satellite L850-117, Satellite C855-150, Satellite P855-10H, Satellite C855-1UW, Satellite L850-1KG, Satellite Pro C850-1F5, Satellite P855-34K, Satellite C855-1R2, Satellite C855-155, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX5, Tecra Z40-A-11R, Satellite L50-A-11R, Satellite C55-A-1KZ, Satellite C70D-A-10H, Satellite P855-337, Satellite C50-B-13F, Satellite C850-1K9, Satellite C855D-S5237, Satellite L50D-B-13E, SATELLITE C55-B5246, Tecra Z50-C-139, Satellite L50-A-10U, SATELLITE C55D-A-13R, Satellite L50-B-14V, Satellite C855-1L6, Satellite L870-18D, Satellite C850-1PM, Satellite C870-1JV, Satellite L850-129, Satellite L850D-127, Satellite C855-1L1, Satellite L870D-10N, Satellite L50-B-164, Satellite C855-1C0, Satellite C55-B5170, Satellite C855-1DJ, Satellite L870-18V, Portege R30-A-17E, Satellite L870-ST4NX3, Tecra C50-D1512, Satellite C870-D5W, Satellite C855-S5241, SATELLITE L840D-BT2N22, Satellite C850-18X, Satellite L50-B-18E, Satellite L50-B-1PW, Tecra Z40-A-19D, Satellite L850-1K3, Satellite C855-1CR, Satellite L850D-138, Satellite C855-152, Satellite C855-1UK, Satellite L850-1L7, Satellite L850-1RL, Tecra Z40-A-11U, Satellite C850-197, Satellite L855-15J, Portege R30-A-173, Satellite C855-1CL, Satellite P755-10G, Satellite C855-1HU, Satellite C850-1CD, Satellite C855-1JN, Satellite Pro A50-C-131, Satellite C850-1GP, Satellite L50-B-10Z, Satellite C855-1N2, Satellite L870-08D, Tecra Z50-A-167, SATELLITE U845W-S4180, Satellite C870-17G, Tecra Z40-A-15F, Satellite Pro C850-154, Satellite C870D-109, Satellite C855-1R4, Satellite C855-1U1, Satellite C50-B-17G, Satellite C870-1FZ, Satellite C855-1CK, Satellite C855-1UN, Satellite L850-12V, Satellite C855-1CT, Portege Z835-ST6N02, Satellite C850-13V, Tecra Z40-A-14G, Satellite L50-B-16C, Tecra Z40-A-112, portege z835 z930, SATELLITE L855-S5243, Satellite C855-145, Satellite C870-18M, Satellite L850-154, Satellite L50-B-1GC, Satellite C855-15J, Satellite L850-1VQ, Satellite S55-A5236, Tecra Z50-C-11F, Satellite P850-30P, Satellite C850D-10W, Tecra Z40-A-11C, Satellite L870-143, Satellite L50-B-1RC, Satellite Pro C850-1MX, Tecra A50-C-16J, Satellite Pro A50-C-10G, Satellite L850-1MG, Satellite C855-1N0, Satellite C855-13V, Satellite P850-33E, Satellite C50-B-17H, Satellite C850-1CC, Satellite C855-1UR, Portege R30-A-16G, Satellite C855-1UD, Satellite L50D-B-12Z, Satellite C50-B-13R, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX8, Satellite L50-B-159, Satellite C855-19W, Satellite C870-15L, Satellite P845T-10J, Satellite C855-1WZ, Satellite L50-B-1EF, Satellite C855-1C6, Portege R30-A-17T, SATELLITE C50-B1500, Satellite C70-A-K2W, Portege R30-A-1CK, Satellite C855-1JP, Satellite L840 Series, Satellite C855-1KN, Satellite C855-1L2, Satellite Pro C850-1MW, Tecra Z40-A-145, Satellite L850-1LN, Satellite L600-31L, Satellite C855-1R0, Satellite P755-S5276, Satellite L50-B-1X6, Satellite C855-1E2, Portege R30-A-155, Satellite C870-15K, Tecra Z40-A-18T, Satellite L850-1J4, Satellite S55-A5257, Satellite C70-ASMBNX1, Satellite L850-13P, Satellite L850-1WU, Satellite L855D-SP5272RM, Satellite C875-15H, Satellite C50T-A-10T, Satellite L850-1V2, Tecra R840-S8415, Satellite C55D-A-11K, Satellite C870-12T, Satellite L50-B-14C, Satellite L850D-101, Satellite C855-1T9, Satellite C855-1W8, Satellite C855-1QZ, Satellite Pro L870-15F, Satellite L850-1KT, Satellite L870-10V, Satellite L50-B-126, Satellite C55DT-A5306, Satellite C850D Series, Satellite C855-1CF, Satellite C855-1C9, Satellite L50T-A-14G, Satellite C870D-111, Satellite C55D-A-14M, Portege R30-A-1C4, Satellite U840-111, Satellite C55-A-1P2, Satellite Pro C850-1LC, Satellite L855-12V, Portege R30-A-17P, Satellite C50-B-14T, Tecra Z40-A-11G, Satellite C55D-C5106, Satellite C50-B-15W, Satellite C55-A-15F, Satellite Pro C850-12C, Satellite L850D-C4R, Satellite C855-1RH, Satellite C850-1MG, Satellite C55-B5240X, TECRA R840-17R, TECRA R840-ST8402, Tecra Z40-A-16Q, Satellite L850-1LF, Satellite C850-1HL, Satellite C55D-A-150, Satellite C850-148, Satellite C850D-10J, Tecra Z40-A-1CF, Satellite L850-151, Satellite C850-1G6, Satellite L850-1FK, Satellite L50T-A-11U, Portege R30-A-1C0, Satellite C855-197, Portege R30-A-152, Satellite C855-147, Satellite L50-B-1FF, TECRA R840-15J, Tecra Z40-A-14Z, Satellite C855-1MR, Satellite C850-1MZ, Tecra A50-C-16H, Satellite L50-B-174, Satellite C850-140, Satellite L50-B-1E2, Satellite C55D-A-145, Satellite L855-175, TECRA R840-14H, Satellite C870-17U, Satellite L850-1UP, Satellite C870-1DD, Satellite P755-119, Satellite C875-14W, Tecra Z40-A-16D, Satellite L850D-136, Portege R30-A-1D9, Satellite C855-1MU, portege z930-119, Satellite L870-166, Satellite L870-114, Tecra Z50-A-16P, Satellite C855-1TM, Satellite L630-16W, Satellite C875-150, Satellite C850-1H6, Satellite C870-1GU, Tecra Z50-A-15F, Satellite L875D Series, Satellite C850-1GQ, Tecra Z50-C-151, Satellite C55D-A-15U, Satellite C50-B-1C5, Satellite L850D-11G, Satellite C50-B-13Z, Satellite Pro C850-1HG, Satellite C855-14W, Satellite C850-1GC, Satellite C875-10T, Satellite C855-1N1, Satellite C855-1CM, Satellite T110-107, Satellite L770D-10J, Satellite P845T-10G, Tecra Z50-A-18C, Satellite L870D-ST4NX1, Satellite C855-1KH, Satellite L870-15X, Tecra Z40-A-14Q, Satellite Pro A50-C-111, Satellite L855-126, Satellite L855-10R, Satellite C855-1KZ, Tecra A50-C-16L, Satellite L870D-00C, Satellite Pro C850-1LZ, Satellite L850-15J, Satellite Pro C850-1DE, Satellite L50-B-1JV, Satellite C850-A825, Satellite P50-A-12Z, Satellite C855-1QE, Portege R30-A-1FM, Satellite C870-147, Tecra Z40-A-1DP, Satellite L630-12V, Satellite C855-1CW, Satellite C55D-A-118, SATELLITE S55-A5197, Satellite L850-1JH, Tecra Z50-C-10R, Satellite L855-12R, Tecra Z50-C-140, TECRA R840-S8411, Satellite C70-A-150, Satellite L50-B-1EV, Satellite C870-1D2, Portege R30-A-1D1, Satellite C855-1JC, SATELLITE C875D-S7223, Tecra Z40-A-14N, Satellite L600-33W, Portege R30-A-1DM, Satellite L830-13J, Satellite L50-B-1DT, Satellite C850-18Z, Satellite C850-1JQ, Tecra C50-B-14Z, Tecra Z40-C-121, Tecra Z50-C-138, Satellite L50-B-16U, Satellite C55-A-1F5, Satellite C55-B5117KM, Satellite C855-1QK, SATELLITE S70-AST2NX1, Tecra A50-C-16G, Satellite C70-ABT2N12, Portege R30-A-1DL, Satellite L855-166, Satellite L50-B-123, Satellite L600-35R, Satellite C855-1QV, Satellite C55d-a5108, Satellite C850-1K4, Satellite Pro A50-C-14Z, Satellite L855D-SP5363WM, Satellite L850-16T, Satellite L50-B-21G, Satellite L50-B-1D7, Satellite Pro A50-C-1NG, Satellite C850-1F0, Satellite C850-B179, Satellite C850-B177, TECRA R840-13M, Satellite L50-B-16Z, portege z930-12k, Satellite C55-C-1NE, Tecra R840-10Z, Satellite C850-E3S, Satellite C55D-A-10V, Satellite P755-103, Satellite C850D-10F, Satellite C55-A-1GJ, Satellite C870-11K, Tecra Z50-A-15Q, Satellite L855D-SP5367RM, Tecra Z50-A-17P, Satellite L630-15K, Satellite L830-13L, Portege R30-A-16T, Satellite C55-A5180, Tecra Z50-A-142, Satellite Pro A50-C-1G9, Satellite L50-B-1FJ, Satellite L850-13Q, Satellite C850-199, Satellite C870-1H0, Satellite C855-17e, Tecra A50-C-1H7, Portege R30-A-1ET, Satellite L50-B-1MM, Satellite L855D-10J, Satellite C850D-10K, Satellite S50t-A-118, Satellite Pro L870-15H, Satellite L50-B-16Q, Tecra Z40-A-148, Satellite C855-194, satellite C55-A-1Ek, Satellite L855D-SP5371WM, Tecra Z40-A-11T, Portege R30-A-1GP, Satellite L50-B-134, Satellite P755-10J, Satellite Pro C850-1GU, Satellite C870-1GV, Tecra Z40-C-12P, Satellite C870D-11V, Satellite L855D-SP5266KM, Satellite C70-A-16R, Satellite L50-B-116, Satellite C850D-114, portege z930-sp3242l, Satellite P855-30M, Portege R30-A-175, Satellite L50T-A-12W, Satellite C55D-B5385, SATELLITE L855-S5372, Satellite L850-1JE, Satellite L850-1J3, Satellite Pro C850-16X, Satellite C855-1TN, Satellite L855-12N, Satellite C850-B830, Satellite L50-B-188, Satellite P845T-10Z, Satellite C855D-S5232, Satellite L855D-SP5375KM, Tecra Z40-A-12P, Satellite C870-CMK, Satellite C55-B5272, TECRA R850-05F, SATELLITE C855-S5349N, Satellite C850-1ML, Satellite C870-19L, Satellite C55-A-1N2, Satellite L850-15M, Satellite C850-1M4, Satellite C55D-A-15P, Satellite Pro A50-C-13R, Satellite C55-A-1N9, Satellite L850-1UT, Satellite Pro C850-14K, Satellite P845T-107, Satellite L850-1MK, Satellite Pro A50-C-121, SATELLITE L875-S7377, Satellite L830-15N, Satellite C850-1G2, Tecra Z50-C-12Z, Satellite L850-1R8, Satellite C50-B-155, Satellite L870-08M, Tecra Z50-C-130, Satellite C55-A-1N8, Satellite L870-18M, Portege R30-A-18P, Tecra A40-C-188, Satellite L50-B-1K5, Satellite C850-1JW, Satellite S55-B5258, Satellite C70-A-M3W, SATELLITE L850-166, Satellite L955-10M, Satellite L850-18Z, Satellite C875-13J, Satellite C875-114, Satellite L850-1RJ, Satellite P50-A-144, Satellite C870-1GH, Satellite Pro A50-C-18Q, Satellite L850-1RK, Satellite C70-A-157, Satellite L50-B-1MQ, SATELLITE L850D-BT3N22, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GL, Satellite L855D-SP5267WM, Satellite C870-1JE, Satellite L50D-B-136, Satellite L50D-B-13C, TECRA R840-S8422, Portege R30-A-1CE, Satellite C70-A-10L, Satellite L850-1V7, Satellite C70-A-13X, Satellite L50-B-175, Portege R30-A-1GJ, Portege R30-A-1D3, Satellite L50-B-1JL, Satellite L50-B-181, Satellite Pro A50-C-1G8, Satellite C55-A-12X, Satellite C55D-A-14J, Satellite L855-11G, Satellite C50-B-14N, Satellite C855-1U8, Satellite C855-1U0, Tecra Z40-A-13L, Satellite Pro A50-C-10H, Tecra Z50-A-1CF, Satellite L50-B-1XL, Satellite L855D-SP5267KM, Tecra Z40-A-13T, SATELLITE C855D-S5339, Satellite C870-12F, Satellite C850-A816, Satellite Pro A50-C-1U1, Satellite C50-B-15D, Satellite C850-198, Satellite C70-A-L1W, Satellite C55-A-1P6, Satellite L850-18N, TECRA R840-17Q, Satellite C850-A958, Portege R30-A-112, Portege R30-A-1CL, Satellite Pro A50-C-125, SATELLITE C850/B526, Satellite L50D-B-121, Satellite C850-1LE, Portege Z830 Series, Satellite C70-C-1FT, Tecra Z40-A-13K, Tecra A50-C-1H9, Satellite Pro L850-1G5, Satellite C50-B-1CJ, Satellite C55D-A-14E, Satellite L870-18Q, Satellite L850-C1B, Satellite C55D-A-10Q, SATELLITE L840D-BT3N22, Satellite C55D-A-12K, Satellite L50-B-1MR, Satellite L850-1RX, Satellite L50-B-172, Satellite L50-A-15R, Portege Z830-S8301, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MQ, Satellite C875-13L, Satellite C875-131, Tecra Z50-C-11W, Satellite P755-10D, Satellite L50-B-132, Tecra A50-C-1GG, Satellite C55d-a5381, Tecra Z50-A-188, Tecra Z50-A-16U, Satellite L50-B-1GV, Satellite C50-B-15V, Satellite C855D-SP5265, Satellite Pro A50-C-16C, Satellite P855-10L, SATELLITE C850/I0013, Satellite Z830-00K, portege z930-153, Satellite L850-16Z, Tecra R840-11E, Satellite M50-A-108, Satellite L850D-128, Libretto W100 Series, Satellite C50-B-10R, Satellite C50-B-19E, Satellite L870-11W, Satellite L50-B-13G, Satellite C55-A-1PC, Satellite L50-B-176, Satellite C55-B5287, Satellite C55DT-A5231, Tecra Z50-C-10Q, Satellite P850-32L, Satellite C855-1CU, Satellite Pro A50-C-142, Satellite P755-128, Portege R30-A-1DR, Tecra A50-C-1HC, Tecra Z40-C-108, Satellite C875-136, Tecra A40-C-15X, Satellite S855-S5268, Satellite C855-1VD, Satellite L850-1FJ, Satellite C70-A-156, Satellite C870-15J, Satellite Pro A50-C-18T, Tecra R840-12F, Satellite L50-B-1CJ, Satellite L50-A-1D1, Satellite Pro A50-C-14G, Satellite L855-12T, Satellite C855-1CH, Satellite T110-11U, Satellite L870-17K, Satellite C850-1FC, Satellite L50-B-1MW, Satellite C855-1V3, Satellite C850-B734, SATELLITE C870-BT3N11, Satellite L50-A-163, Satellite L870-18E, Portege R30-A-15T, Satellite L855D-104, Tecra Z40-A-13C, Satellite L850-1LJ, Satellite C855-1ZU, Tecra C50-B-159, Satellite C875-12T, SATELLITE C875D-S7225, Satellite L50-B-1JU, Satellite C850-B756, Satellite P755-SP5202L, SATELLITE C850D-109, Satellite L850-14V, Satellite C870-1H2, Satellite C70-A-13U, Satellite L50-B-27N, Satellite L50-A-15V, Portege Z930-146, Satellite Z830-00D, portege z930-12g, Satellite L50-A-11M, Tecra Z50-C-12X, Satellite L50-B-1WP, Tecra Z50-A-148, Satellite L855-11W, Satellite C875-152, Satellite L50-A-117, SATELLITE C70-C-1GH, Satellite L50-B-1PR, Satellite C50-B-119, Tecra A40-C-1C2, Tecra A40-C-19C, Tecra R840-00L, Tecra A50-C-16U, Satellite C875-14U, Satellite P850-31Z, Satellite C50-B-17Q, SATELLITE C850-B120, Satellite C855-1TZ, Satellite Pro A50-C-1HF, Satellite C870-18P, Portege R30-A-1EZ, Satellite C870-12L, Satellite L50-B-1LV, Satellite L855-171, Satellite C850D-10U, Satellite L50-B-1QW, Satellite C855D-15Z, Satellite L50D-B-10R, Satellite M50-A-10F, Satellite L50-B-12G, Satellite L850-1R5, Satellite P845T-108, SATELLITE C855-190, Portege R30-A-1HE, Satellite C855D-SP5371KM, Portege Z835-P360, Satellite L50-B-11X, Satellite L850-10J, Satellite Pro A50-C-21J, Satellite L50-B-1K3, SATELLITE C70-C-1CT, Satellite C50-B-18M, Satellite L50-A-1FM, Satellite Pro A50-C-11F, Tecra A40-C-142, Tecra Z50-A-14Q, Satellite Pro A50-C-13V, Tecra Z40-A-188, Tecra Z50-C-13D, Satellite Pro C850-1K0, Satellite L50-B-1K4, Tecra Z40-A-12V, TECRA R840-198, Satellite S55-B5292, Tecra Z40-A-14K, Satellite Pro C850-19W, Satellite C850-177, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MW, Tecra Z40-A-11Z, SATELLITE C55-C-12T, Satellite L600-23W, Satellite L50-B-1N0, Satellite C55-C-175, Satellite L850-15K, Satellite C870-19X, Satellite L850-B725, Satellite P750-141, Portege R30-A-1DP, Satellite C55D-A5201, Satellite L50-B-1P7, Satellite L830-10U, Satellite L50-B-1PP, SATELLITE C855D-S5354, Satellite Pro C850-1LP, Satellite L50-B-12K, Portege R30-A-154, Portege R30-A-1C7, SATELLITE C855D-S5359, Satellite L50-B-1HD, Satellite P750-157, Satellite C855D-SP5372CM, Satellite M50-A-11J, Satellite L855-14E, Satellite S855-S5252, Satellite C870D-108, Satellite S55T-B5260, Portege R30-A-16K, Satellite L50-B-1TX, Satellite L50-B-1MU, Satellite C870D-10X, Satellite L850-16Q, Tecra Z40-A-137, Satellite L50-B-11G, Satellite L50-B-1FK, SATELLITE C850-119, Tecra Z40-C-12K, Satellite L955-S5370, Tecra Z40-A-138, Satellite C850-B097, Satellite C55-A-1N5, Satellite L50t-A-130, Satellite C70-A-15K, Portege R30-A-189, Satellite C855-1TG, Satellite C55D-A-14V, Satellite C870-19F, Satellite C50-B-19H, Satellite P755-12Q, Satellite C55D-A-142, Satellite L50-B-157, Satellite C875-100, Satellite C855-1TU, Satellite C870D-11Z, Satellite L50-B-1K1, Tecra Z40T-B-10E, Satellite C855-1U5, Tecra Z50-A-160, Satellite C855-1WH, Satellite L870-18W, Satellite L870-17G, SATELLITE L855D-S5242, TECRA R840-128, Satellite C55-C5380, Satellite L50-B-1GD, Tecra A50-C-1FW, Tecra Z50-C-11J, Portege R30-A-1J3, Satellite L850-14J, Satellite L50-A-109, Satellite L50-B-1QT, Satellite C55-A-1L1, Satellite L50-A-1FJ, Satellite L50-A-14F, Tecra Z40-A-13R, Satellite L50-B-1D8, Satellite Pro C850-1HH, Satellite L855-16W, Satellite C50-B-19U, Satellite Pro L830-172, Satellite L830-13K, SATELLITE C850-10L, Satellite C50-B-15M, Satellite L50-B-1D5, Satellite C855-1UT, Tecra Z40-C-12E, Satellite L50-B-13E, Satellite L830-132, Satellite L50-B-19V, Satellite L855D Series, Satellite C870-1FD, TECRA R840-10E, Satellite C70-A-15D, Satellite L855-162, Tecra Z50-A-14U, Satellite Pro C850-16T, Portege R30-A-12J, Satellite C875-135, Satellite L50-B-1GQ, Satellite L50-B-1DX, Tecra A50-C-1UG, Satellite C875-154, Tecra Z40-A-16U, Tecra Z40-C-11R, Satellite L855-132, Satellite M50-A-11H, Satellite P755-SP5101L, Satellite L50-B-1V6, Satellite L50-B-1J8, Satellite L50-B-23T, Satellite L50-B-1DR, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MN, Satellite C850-B754, Satellite L850-18T, Tecra Z40-C-11P, SATELLITE C55D-A5240NR, Satellite Pro A50-C-1LR, Satellite C70-ABT2N11, Satellite C855-1XH, Satellite L870-17H, Tecra Z40-A-11V, Satellite C50-B-15K, Satellite L50-B-2FD, Satellite M50-A-10H, Satellite L850-1HN, Satellite L50-B-1NH, Tecra Z40-A-127, Satellite C870-133, Satellite C50-B-13N, Satellite Pro C850-1HK, Satellite C870D-11E, Satellite C875-14Z, SATELLITE L875D-S7210, Satellite C55-A-1L7, Satellite L855-12Z, Satellite C870-14W, Satellite L50-B-1KF, Satellite L855D-10L, SATELLITE C70-C-10L, Satellite Pro C850-13K, Satellite L50-B-1J6, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MT, SATELLITE C870-ST3NX1, Satellite C870-1FE, Satellite C70D-A-10J, Satellite L50-B-1QV, Satellite C50-B-15J, Satellite L850-12W, Satellite L855-17Z, Satellite L50T-A-125, Satellite Pro C850-19N, Satellite C55-A-1L6, Satellite L50-B-1Q0, Satellite Pro A50-C-1T6, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GW, Satellite C70-C-1CR, Satellite L50D-B-147, Satellite Pro L870-17L, Satellite L50-B-1DP, Satellite C870-169, Satellite L855-14N, Satellite P50t-A-125, Satellite L50-B-163, Satellite C850-B760, Satellite L50T-B-136, Satellite Pro A50-C-1Z8, Satellite L850-1RM, Satellite C55DT-A5244, Tecra Z50-C-150, SATELLITE C855-14R, Satellite Pro A50-C-11M, Satellite Pro C850-1LV, Tecra Z40-A-167, Satellite L50-B-1JW, Satellite C875D-S7105, SATELLITE C850-19Z, Satellite L50-B-1JX, Satellite C55-A-1EL, Tecra A50-C-290, Tecra Z40-A-11F, Satellite Pro A50-C-129, Satellite C850D-138, Satellite Pro L870-15G, Satellite C870-13H, SATELLITE PRO C850-15T, Tecra Z40-A-16V, Tecra Z50-A-17W, Satellite P750-12W, Satellite C50-B-157, Satellite L50-B-1VW, Satellite C855-15H, Satellite L50-B-263, Satellite C55-A-1L4, Satellite C50-B-15H, Tecra Z40T-B-10G, Portege R30-A-18G, satellite C870-19H, Satellite L855-14L, Satellite C55-B1077, Satellite C875-14H, Satellite L50-A-123, Satellite Pro L870-19E, Tecra A50-C-1H2, Satellite L50-A-1F8, Satellite Pro C850-1H3, Satellite L840-A609, Satellite C850-B732, Tecra Z40T-B-10F, Satellite L50-B-166, Satellite M50-A-11C, Tecra Z40-A-195, Satellite U845W-S410, Tecra Z40-A-19C, Tecra Z50-A-171, Satellite C50-B918, Satellite L50-A-160, Satellite P755-SP5161M, Satellite L50-B-1FL, Satellite Pro L870-139, Tecra Z50-A-19Q, Satellite P855-10J, Satellite P755-12N, Satellite L50-B-1DQ, Satellite L50-B-1EE, Satellite C55-A-1HF, Satellite L50-B-1JJ, Satellite L50-B-241, Satellite C55D-A-122, Satellite C55-A-1H1, Satellite L50-A-14V, Satellite L830-115, Satellite P855-12M, Tecra Z40-C-11Q, Satellite C850-1HE, Satellite L50-B-2G2, Satellite C855D-S5344, Satellite L830-141, Satellite L850-1V3, Satellite L50-B-1XK, Tecra Z50-A-14N, Satellite L50-B-1VP, Satellite L850-131, Portege R30-A-1F7, SATELLITE S50-A-113, Satellite S855-S5386, Satellite C55-B5167KM, Satellite L830-16W, Satellite Pro A50-C-117, SATELLITE C850/1KN, Satellite C50-B-150, Satellite C870-CTK, Satellite Pro C850-13Q, Satellite L50-A-15G, Tecra Z40-C-11N, Satellite C850-1LP, Satellite L50-B-1DM, Portege R30-A-11N, Satellite S55-B5289, Tecra Z40-A-1CT, Tecra Z40-A-1C5, Satellite L50-A-13K, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MM, Satellite C870-199, Satellite L50T-A-12U, Satellite L50D-B-133, Satellite C55D-A-14X, Satellite Pro A50-C-14D, Satellite C850-1C8, Satellite L50-B-18J, Satellite Pro C850-1GZ, Satellite Pro A50-C-116, Satellite Pro A50-C-20X, Satellite L855-12X, Satellite Pro C850-130, Satellite C850-A967, Satellite Pro A50-C-14C, Tecra Z40-A-17P, Satellite Pro A50-C-1N1, Satellite L50-A-1F2, Satellite C870-17E, Tecra Z40-A-13H, Satellite L830-13M, Satellite P755-10K, Satellite L50T-A-11X, Satellite L50-B-1K6, Satellite L50-B-14L, Satellite L600-32B, Satellite L850-1T2, Tecra A50-C-1W2, Satellite L830-15J, SATELLITE C50-B1503, SATELLITE L875-10G, Satellite C870-1F6, Satellite L50-B-1E3, Satellite C855-1MF, Tecra C50-B-14D, Satellite Pro C850-146, Satellite L50D-B-10X, Satellite C870-19K, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MU, Satellite L50T-B-13E, Satellite L50-B-1K0, Satellite C870D-11P, Satellite Pro A50-C-15T, Satellite S850 Series, Satellite L50T-A-120, Satellite C870-1HP, Satellite L50-B-245, Satellite C870-1HH, Satellite L50-B-138, Satellite Pro A50-C-11T, Satellite L50-B-1CZ, Satellite L50-B-1WJ, Satellite L955-10F, Satellite C50-B-18Z, Satellite T230 Series, Tecra Z50-A-197, Tecra Z40-A-187, Satellite L50-B-15P, SATELLITE C850-13C, Satellite C70-A-12U, Satellite L50-B-1E4, Satellite Pro L870-18G, TECRA R840-008, Satellite L50D-B-10W, Satellite L870-13K, Satellite L870-19M, Satellite C55-B5350, Satellite C70-A-14C, Tecra Z50-A-14Z, Tecra A50-C-1V0, Satellite C70-A-16L, Satellite Pro A50-C-11H, Portege Z935 Series, Satellite L50-B-1V2, Tecra A50-C-1G2, Satellite L50-B-1EK, Satellite P850-32M, Satellite P50-A-125, Satellite C55D-A-10P, Satellite L50D-B-10Q, SATELLITE S55-A5235, Satellite L850-B751, Satellite Pro C850-1HE, Satellite C70-A-17T, Tecra Z40-A-113, Tecra R850-10K, Satellite C850-A784, Portege R30-A-19R, Satellite S875-S7356, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L4, Satellite Pro C850-16U, Satellite C870-1GX, Satellite Pro A50-C-1ZD, Satellite C850-B178, portege z835-sp3202m, Satellite L850-147, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GC, Satellite C855-1QF, Satellite Pro C850-1FR, Satellite L50-B-1KH, Satellite Pro C850-136, Satellite L50-B-1G9, Satellite L870-16M, Satellite L50-B-2FC, Satellite L850-18W, Satellite L50-B-2E4, Satellite L850-1W9, Satellite Pro C850-1G8, Satellite L50-A-1CZ, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GD, Tecra A50-C-1QG, Satellite L855D-10Z, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GH, Satellite C870-1HT, Satellite L50-B-1VR, Tecra Z40-A-123, Satellite L50-B-1VV, Satellite P50-A-11G, Tecra Z40T-B-106, Satellite L830-107, Tecra Z50-A-1C5, Satellite C50-B-1CC, SATELLITE L850-161, Satellite C50T-A052, Satellite L870-13L, TECRA R840-01J, Satellite C55-A-19D, Satellite L50-B-1HH, Tecra A50-C-1KJ, Satellite Pro A50-C-1TQ, Satellite C55D-A-15T, SATELLITE C855-17N, Satellite Pro L870-14F, Satellite L50-B-1PV, Satellite L50-B-1FH, SATELLITE S50-A-00G, Satellite L855-15X, Satellite L855-16R, Satellite Pro C850-128, Satellite C70-A-15F, Satellite C70-A-142, Satellite Pro C850-1MV, Satellite L50D-B-12G, Satellite L50-B-148, Satellite Pro A50-C-1VL, TECRA R840-003, Tecra Z40-A-17W, Tecra Z40-A-153, Satellite C855-17L, Satellite L50-B-1NJ, Satellite L50-B-1R1, Satellite C850-1LZ, Tecra C50-B-122, Satellite M50-A-10E, Satellite L50-B-1HQ, Satellite L50-B-1ET, Satellite C50-B-18J, Satellite S855-S5265, Satellite C855-S5118, Portege R30-A-19D, Satellite L50-B-11H, Satellite L600-85B, Satellite C50-B-129, Satellite C870-17H, Satellite C55D-A5107, Satellite L855-13N, Tecra Z40-A-19G, TECRA R840-009, Satellite C870-16J, portege z930-138, Satellite P755-11C, Satellite Pro A50-C-10D, Satellite L50-B-1FU, Satellite Pro C850-1D4, Tecra Z50-A-169, Satellite Pro L870-173, Satellite P750-10D, Portege Z930-S9302, Satellite L50t-A-14H, portege z930-12m, SATELLITE C850-P5010, Satellite Pro L830-15W, Satellite C55-A-1KH, Satellite L50T-B-137, Satellite C55-A-1EF, Satellite P845T-10Q, Satellite L855-14M, Satellite C870-17L, Satellite L50-B-2FN, Satellite L870-ST4NX1, Portege R30-A-1FH, Tecra Z40-A-12R, Tecra R850-11H, Satellite C855-1TK, Satellite Pro C850-1J2, Satellite L850-1FF, Satellite L50D-B-12W, Satellite L50-B-1P2, Tecra R840-00V, Satellite C70-A-13D, Satellite Pro A50-C-1N0, Satellite C55D-A5163, Satellite C870-1DJ, Satellite C55-A-1N4, Satellite L50-B-1Z7, Portege R30-A-13V, Satellite C855-1TJ, Satellite Pro A50-C-13W, Satellite C55-A-1GU, SATELLITE C850/B088, portege z930-14n, Satellite L50T-B-11K, Portege Z935-P390, Satellite C50-B-11L, Satellite C850-B992, Satellite L50-B-1LZ, Satellite Pro A50-C-12W, Satellite L50D-B-14T, Satellite L855-13L, Satellite L50-B-1TV, Satellite Pro C850-1K2, Satellite Pro A50-C-16D, Tecra Z40-C-10R, Satellite L870-134, Satellite P845T-112, Satellite L855-17M, Satellite L50-B-14W, Satellite L955-S5330, Satellite Pro A50-C-10J, Satellite C870-1CH, Tecra Z50-A-161, Satellite C855-1XJ, Satellite L50-B-1T2, Tecra Z50-C-14P, Satellite L850-12H, Satellite Pro C850-13L, Satellite L830-13G, Satellite C850-A691, Satellite L50-A-1D4, SATELLITE C870D-105, Satellite L50-B-191, Portege R30-A1301, Satellite S50-A-10T, Satellite C850-1HK, Satellite C855-1, Tecra A50-C-1H1, Satellite Pro C850-19X, SATELLITE C870-11H, Satellite L50D-A-100, Tecra Z40-A-14R, Satellite C70-B-353, Portege R30-A-16W, Satellite L50-B-1HR, Satellite C850-C031, Tecra Z40-A-12D, Satellite C850-B762, Satellite C870D-10C, Portege R30-A-14K, SATELLITE S55-A5352, Satellite L50-A-1CX, Satellite L50-B-1H1, Satellite Pro A50-C-15V, Tecra Z50-A-11H, Satellite L50-B-1D6, Satellite L50-A-14T, Satellite Pro C850-152, Satellite Pro A50-C-181, Satellite C55D-A-12E, Satellite L870-ST4NX2, Tecra A50-C-1QK, Satellite L50-B-1CK, Satellite L50D-B-10Z, Tecra R840-15M, Satellite C850-A813, Satellite C870-1FX, Satellite C850-A787, Satellite L50-B-2D5, Satellite M50-A-100, Satellite Pro A50-C-12X, Satellite C50-B-18F, Satellite L855-S5112, Satellite L50D-B-13Q, Satellite C850-B758, Satellite C55-A-1M7, Satellite C855-1KQ, SATELLITE L840-ST2N01, Satellite L850-13N, Satellite L830-10X, Satellite C55T-A5218, Satellite C850-B741, Satellite C870-1FF, Satellite P855-340, SATELLITE C55-B5297, Satellite C55-A-1J8, Satellite C870-13M, Satellite P855-341, Satellite C70-B-20W, Satellite L50-B-1J1, Satellite L850-1XW, Satellite L50-B-2DM, Satellite Pro L870-185, Satellite L50-B-1K7, Satellite L50-B-2CK, Satellite C850-A792, Satellite T235-S1350, Satellite C55-A-1ND, Satellite L50-B-19L, Satellite L50-B-25N, Tecra R840-00K, Tecra A40-C-14L, Satellite C55-A-1HE, Satellite Pro A50-C-13L, Satellite L50t-A-13E, Satellite L50-B-1H3, Tecra Z50-A-15M, Satellite Pro A50-C-124, Satellite C850-1DZ, portege z935-st4n04, Satellite L850-15L, Satellite L50-B-1MP, Satellite C870-1JM, Satellite Pro A50-C-12H, Satellite L50T-B-11G, Satellite C55-C-1LD, Satellite C855-1VV, Satellite C870-1GE, Satellite C70D-B-306, SATELLITE L840-BT3N22, Satellite C50T-A-10Z, Satellite C850-B215, Tecra Z40-A-122, Satellite C55-C-13G, Portege R30-A-15D, Satellite Pro C850-1K1, Satellite C870-1JR, Tecra A50-C-1T7, Portege R30-A-196, Satellite C870-18R, Satellite C70-A-17R, Satellite Pro A50-C-1RV, Satellite C55Dt-A5174, Satellite C850-1LV, SATELLITE L830-13C, Satellite L50D-B-12Q, SATELLITE S55-A5356, Tecra A50-C-1U2, Satellite C850-A799, Satellite C855-1MX, Satellite S55-B5148, Satellite P750-115, Satellite C870-1GZ, SATELLITE PRO L830-113, Portege R30-A-139, Satellite L50-B-1FM, Tecra A50-C-1K0, Satellite C50-B-19C, Satellite L50-B-24D, Satellite C70-A-10C, Satellite L50-B-1E1, Satellite L50-B-1FQ, Satellite Pro A50-C-1ND, Satellite C50-B-18H, Satellite L50-A-15F, Satellite C50-B-193, Satellite C870-098, Satellite Pro A50-C-1ML, Satellite L50-B-145, Satellite L850D-13F, Satellite Pro A50-C-19D, SATELLITE C70-C-182, Tecra A50-C-1HD, TECRA R840-10T, Satellite L50-B-250, Satellite L50-B-17V, Tecra Z40-A-14M, Satellite P755-10M, Satellite C850D-11C, Satellite L50D-B-11W, Satellite L50-B-2DW, SATELLITE S55-A5154, Satellite Pro A50-C-1JH, Satellite C855-1Z6, Satellite L50-B-1PN, portege z930-14d, Tecra Z40-A-14E, Satellite P755-11X, Satellite Pro A50-C-1TP, Satellite C70-B-326, Satellite L50D-B-11V, Satellite L50D-B-117, Satellite L830-16G, Tecra Z40-A-12E, Satellite C70-A-17N, Satellite Pro A50-C-18X, Satellite s50-a-k7m, Satellite C55-A-14G, Satellite C875D-137, Satellite L50-B-1JZ, Tecra A40-C-147, portege z930-108, Satellite C55D-A-10G, Tecra Z50-A-186, Satellite C55-A-1J2, Satellite C55-A-1LG, Satellite L50-B-12E, Satellite C55-A-1HR, Satellite L50-B-24K, Portege Z835 Series, Satellite L850-1NR, Satellite L850-1FG, Satellite L50-A-1FF, Satellite C55-A-13L, Tecra C50-B-118, Satellite L50-B-19M, Tecra A50-C-1DP, Satellite P50t-A-113, Satellite Pro A50-C-18V, Satellite L50-B-1M3, Satellite Pro A50-C-17X, Satellite L850-1Z2, Satellite C55D-A-160, Satellite Pro C850-1FF, Satellite C855-168, Satellite C70-A-14M, Satellite C870-15E, Satellite L50-B-1VX, Satellite C55-A-1J1, Satellite L50-B-1DL, Satellite L50D-B-154, Satellite C870-111, Tecra A50-C-1KC, Satellite C850D-B596, Satellite L50-B-1HK, Satellite C70-B-31P, Satellite L50-B-1JC, Satellite C855-1KL, Satellite C875-12K, Satellite Pro C850-1M3, SATELLITE C70-C-1CK, Tecra A50-C-1KE, Satellite L870-192, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MR, Satellite C855-1UM, Tecra Z40-C-11T, Satellite C850-B766, Portege R30-A-13C, Tecra Z50-C-14Z, Satellite C55-A-16X, Satellite C55-A-159, Satellite L50-B-247, Satellite L50-A-1DC, Satellite C870-13L, Satellite L830-142, Satellite L830-161, Satellite L50-B-17G, Tecra A50-C-1G1, Satellite C55-A-1KQ, Satellite C855-1LG, Satellite C50-B920, portege z835-sp3241l, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GN, Satellite C50T-A-10E, Tecra A50-C-17E, Satellite C55-C-1LC, Satellite C55-A-1K4, Satellite C55D-A-10R, Tecra Z50-A-17T, Satellite Pro C850-1L2, Satellite L855-S5136NR, SATELLITE PRO C850-15N, Satellite L50-A-11Z, Satellite C855-1CG, Satellite L50-B-27L, Satellite Pro A50-C-1JJ, Satellite C850D-B614, Satellite C55D-A5344, SATELLITE T130-170, Satellite C55-C-11M, Satellite C850-1MV, Satellite C55-B5352, Tecra Z50-A-190, Satellite C850-B995, Satellite C870D-10U, Satellite C55D-A-14K, Satellite L850D-11Z, Tecra A50-C-1MV, Satellite L50-B-1M8, Satellite L50-A-1DH, Satellite C855-1WF, Satellite P855-10K, Satellite L50-B-178, Satellite L50-B-21C, Satellite L50D-B-16T, Satellite C870-18C, Satellite C55-C-1F7, Tecra A50-C-1P7, Satellite S50-A-10R, Satellite L50-B-1QZ, Satellite L830-13D, Satellite C870-19V, Satellite C850-B582, Satellite L830-160, Satellite C55D-A-14Z, Satellite Pro A50-C-206, SATELLITE PRO C850-1EQ, Satellite Pro A50-C-21M, Satellite C55-C5246, Satellite C55-A-1NR, Satellite C875-14X, Satellite L50T-A-12Z, Satellite C55D-A-148, Satellite Pro A50-C-16T, SATELLITE C70-C-179, Satellite P50t-A-11P, Satellite L870-DCS, Satellite L50-B-1M4, Satellite L50-B-1TD, Satellite U840-10T, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GP, Satellite L50-B-1W1, Satellite L50D-B-171, Satellite P50t-A-10U, Satellite C55-C-1F0, Satellite C55D-A5382, Satellite C50-B-12V, Satellite L50-B-1EZ, Satellite L830-127, Satellite C850-1CJ, Satellite L830-15W, Satellite L50-A-1DJ, Satellite C850-1GD, Satellite C55-A-138, Satellite M50-A-11G, Satellite Pro A50-C-13P, Satellite L50-B-25L, Satellite L50-B-1JR, Satellite C50-B-189, TECRA R840-04H, Satellite C855-1DK, Satellite L830-11M, Tecra Z40-A-11N, SATELLITE S55-A5274, Satellite L50-B-28P, Satellite Pro C850-19F, Satellite Pro L635, Satellite L50-B-1XF, Satellite L50-B-1GW, Satellite C850-B998, Satellite L850-1HQ, Satellite C55-A-19K, Satellite C55-B1044, Satellite P755-11N, Satellite L50D-BST2NX2, Satellite L50-B-16N, Satellite C70-A-11U, TECRA R840-18Z, Satellite L850-1NE, Satellite L50-B-23P, Satellite L50D-B-15N, SATELLITE PRO L870-171, Satellite L50-B-1MV, Satellite C855-16N, portege z835-sp3203m, Satellite L50D-B-16Q, Satellite P755-10, Satellite L50T-B-11L, Tecra Z50-A-18D, Tecra A50-C-1RL, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L2, Satellite L50-B-1XU, Satellite C55-C-1L9, Satellite Pro L850-1U8, Satellite C55D-A-13T, Tecra Z50-A-15T, Satellite C55-C-1EV, Satellite L855D-S5117, TECRA R840-18T, Satellite C855-1UF, Satellite L50-B-2G9, Satellite C855-132, Satellite C50T-A-115, Satellite C850-B765, Satellite C855-1UV, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L3, Satellite L850-1N9, Satellite Pro A50-C-14H, SATELLITE PRO C850-1FN, Satellite C850-179, Satellite C55-A-1K0, Satellite L850-1T5, Satellite L50T-B-11J, Satellite C855-178, Satellite L850-1VV, Satellite Pro A50-C-191, Satellite C70-A-15U, Satellite C70-AST2NX2, Satellite L50-B-1X4, Satellite Pro C850-1C6, Satellite L50-B-1M6, Satellite L50T-A-137, Satellite C850-C030, Satellite C55t-A5314, Satellite C55-C-19L, Satellite P50t-A01C, Tecra Z40-C-134, Satellite Pro A50-C-12C, Satellite L50-B-1M5, Satellite C855-1JF, Satellite L50D-B-12P, Satellite L855-13G, Satellite C850-B735, Satellite C850-B997, Satellite Pro L850-1NR, Satellite C55-A-1N0, Satellite Pro L850-15D, Satellite L50-B-1GT, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L1, Tecra A50-C-1K6, Satellite C70-B-31G, Satellite C55-A-1NV, Satellite C70-B-360, SATELLITE PRO L850-1G9, Satellite C55-C-1G6, Satellite U845W-S400, Satellite C55-C-1M9, Satellite P845T-10X, Satellite C855-21n, Portege Z835-P372, Satellite C55-A-1JH, Satellite C55D-A-14H, Satellite T215D-S1160WH, Satellite L50T-B-12R, Satellite C50-B-1CE, Satellite L50-B-1HU, SATELLITE C850/0G5, Satellite T235-S1350WH, Satellite C55-A-1K9, Satellite Pro A50-C-19R, Satellite C855-1KX, Satellite L50-A-183, Tecra R850-151, Satellite C850-C001, Satellite Pro A50-C-146, Satellite Pro A50-C-13H, SATELLITE PRO L850-1L4, Satellite L50-B-1RT, Satellite L50-B-1H0, Satellite L50-A-16G, Satellite P755-11R, Satellite L50T-B-12Q, Satellite Pro A50-C-1PR, Satellite L50-A-18T, Tecra Z50-A-17Q, Satellite C875-S7138, SATELLITE C875D-S7330, Portege R30-A-1CZ, Satellite L50-B-16X, Portege Z835-ST6N03, Satellite C850-B342, Satellite Pro C850-1DL, Satellite C55-B5116KM, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GM, Satellite L50-B-1GP, Satellite Pro A50-C-15C, SATELLITE C870-14V, Satellite Pro A50-C-13N, Satellite P840t Series, Satellite C70-B-13K, Satellite C55-A-1PU, Satellite C850-1GL, Satellite C70-A-17P, Satellite L50-B-2F4, Satellite L50T-A-11K, Satellite C55-A-151, Satellite C850-C029, Satellite L50D-B-132, Satellite C850-B994, Satellite C70-A-15C, Satellite Pro L870-161, Satellite L50-B-1P3, Satellite L50-B-1XE, Satellite L850-1KD, Satellite C55d-a5208, SATELLITE C70-C-17D, Satellite U840W-10K, Satellite L840-A608, Satellite P755-10N, Satellite C875-S7139, Tecra A50-C-1TU, Satellite L840-A607, Satellite C55-C5381, Satellite C855-S5134, Tecra Z50-A-19X, Satellite C850-B736, TECRA R840-020, Satellite C50-B-009, Satellite L50-B-1H8, Satellite L50-B-1PK, Satellite C870-1EZ, Satellite Pro A50-C-10F, Satellite Pro C850-1CV, Portege Z930-S9301, Satellite C850D-11F, Satellite Pro A50-C-1V9, Satellite L50-B-1DZ, Satellite C55-C-1G1, Satellite C50T-A-11D, Satellite L50D-B-11Q, Satellite P855-30N, Satellite C55-C-12Z, Satellite C855-S5122, Satellite L50-B-1WC, Satellite L50-B-1J3, Satellite C870-148, SATELLITE L830-123, Satellite Pro A50-C-147, Tecra R850-13J, Satellite L50T-A-121, Satellite L50-B-2EQ, Satellite L50D-B-13J, Satellite S50-A-10P, Satellite Pro A50-C-205, Satellite C55-A-1GK, TECRA R840-14R, portege z930-110, Satellite L775-119, Satellite L830-119, Satellite L50-B-2EV, Satellite L50-A-169, Satellite C70-A-128, Satellite C850-B764, Satellite L855-B724, Satellite C55-C-191, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L9, SATELLITE S55-A5364, Satellite L50-B-24C, Satellite L50-B-2DP, Satellite Pro A50-C-1FC, Satellite L50T-B-12U, Satellite C55-C-13H, Satellite L50-B-1VZ, Satellite C55DT-A5241, Satellite T235-S1370, Satellite L50D-BST2NX1, Satellite C55-B5166KM, Satellite L855-14H, Satellite Pro A50-C-17N, Satellite L50D-B-166, Satellite L50D-B-14M, Satellite C55-A-1P7, Satellite L50-B-1DW, Satellite C55-B5142, SATELLITE C875D-S7331, Satellite L630-14E, Satellite U845T series, Satellite C55-A-1K6, Satellite Pro C850-1D3, Satellite C55-A-102, Satellite L50-B-158, Satellite C55-C-14Q, Satellite Pro A50-C-1JK, Tecra R840-10J, Satellite C55-B5220K, SATELLITE C850-10W, PORTEGE Z830-10N, Satellite L50-B-1FD, Satellite C55-A-1LH, Satellite Pro A50-C-1JC, Satellite C70-B-33K, Satellite L50-B-2EC, Satellite C850-B993, Satellite Pro L850-1NX, Satellite C855-13Z, Satellite C70-A-127, Satellite L50-A-1D0, Tecra R840-11F, Satellite Pro L870-15D, SATELLITE P870-11M, Satellite Pro L850-1L3, SATELLITE S855-050, Satellite C55-C-125, Satellite Pro A50-C-1TN, SATELLITE PRO L870-172, Satellite C850-B341, Satellite C70-A-17K, Satellite C55-A-1L9, Portege R30-A-1DK, Satellite C55-A-14V, Satellite L50-B-23G, Satellite C850-B996, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L5, Satellite L850-1HU, Tecra Z50-C-10M, Satellite L630-EZ1311, Satellite L50-B-25Q, Satellite Pro C850-158, Satellite C855-1R3, SATELLITE L850-11U, Satellite C870D-120, Satellite Pro C850-1F4, Satellite C55D-A-12H, Satellite C855-19G, Satellite C855-1JG, Satellite L50T-B-160, Satellite L50-B-2CR, Satellite C55-A-1L8, Satellite C855-1WX, Satellite L850-1EW, Satellite C850-155, Satellite C850-C005, Satellite C55-A-1KC, Satellite C855-12T, Satellite C855-1N4, Satellite C855-19K, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L6, Satellite C855-159, Tecra A50-C-1UF, Satellite L50D-B-13D, Satellite P845T-DGS, SATELLITE C55-C-1CT, Satellite L50D-B-15F, Portege R30-A-11M, Satellite C850-C018, SATELLITE C55-B5290, Satellite C55-B5196, Satellite C55-A-1NH, SATELLITE L870-122, Satellite C55Dt-A5307, Satellite L50D-B-14W, Tecra Z40T-C-10G, Satellite L50-B-1VE, Satellite Pro A50-C-204, Satellite L50-B-1Z4, Satellite C55-C-184, Satellite C55-A-1MW, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DV, Satellite C850-B344, Tecra R850-140, Satellite C50T-A-10K, Tecra R850-10R, Satellite C55-B5202B, Satellite L50-B-1WN, Satellite C875-S7103, SATELLITE C50-B-02Y, Satellite C55-C-13Q, Satellite Pro C850-19J, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DQ, TECRA R840-11T, Satellite C55DT-A5160, Satellite C855-1GF, SATELLITE C50-B2001, Satellite L855D-S5114, Satellite L50D-B-17R, Tecra Z50-C1550, Satellite C55D-A-161, Satellite L855-S5113, Satellite C55-A-16G, Satellite C875D-10E, Satellite C850D-B613, SATELLITE L850-1MH, Satellite C855-1XU, Satellite L50-B-1LG, TECRA R840-021, Satellite C55-A-1KU, Satellite L50-B-1K2, Satellite L50-B-1ND, Satellite C55-A-16F, Satellite C55-A-1K5, Satellite C55-C-173, Satellite L50-B-23M, Portege R30-A-1ER, Satellite C55-A-1N1, Satellite Pro A50-C-118, Satellite C855-1W1, Satellite C50-B-16N, Satellite L50-A-141, portege z930-105, Satellite P855-336, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DT, Satellite C850-17W, Satellite L850-C10W, Satellite C50-B-02Q, Satellite C875-102, Satellite L50T-A-11H, Satellite Pro C850-1LN, Satellite L50-B-2GE, Satellite C70-A-170, Satellite C55D-A5175, Satellite L50-B-1DG, Satellite L50D-B-14R, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GU, Satellite C875-13N, SATELLITE C850-F211, Satellite C55-C-145, Satellite L850-1XE, Tecra Z40-A-111, Satellite Pro A50-C-1XZ, Satellite Pro C850-157, satellite z930-13n, Satellite L50D-B-15K, Satellite L870-156, SATELLITE L870-171, Satellite Pro C850-1DC, Satellite C850-1CH, Satellite C50-B-156, Satellite S55-B5201SL, Tecra R950-1ED, Satellite C70-A-17H, Satellite C70-A-165, Tecra R850-119, Satellite L50-B-19T, Satellite C70-B-20V, Satellite C55-C-11J, SATELLITE L850-11T, Satellite L50D-B-140, portege z930-s9311, Satellite C70-A-16H, Satellite C850D-B260, Satellite C850-1FZ, Satellite C55-C-149, Satellite C850D-10Z, Satellite L50T-B-147, Tecra R850-14C, Satellite L50T-B-13G, Satellite C55-A-10F, Satellite Pro A50-C-207, Satellite P50-A-01E, SATELLITE L850-1C4, SATELLITE L850-11R, Satellite C70-B-14F, Satellite C70-A-13V, Satellite L50-A-1D3, Satellite P50t-A-10R, Satellite C50-B-141, Satellite C855D-SP5265FM, Satellite C70-B-33J, Satellite C850-1NL, Satellite C855-1EQ, Satellite L50-B-21E, Satellite P750-135, Satellite L50-B-21F, Satellite L50-B-13D, Satellite C850-B999, Satellite Z830/001, Satellite Pro A50-C-13M, SATELLITE C70-C-12K, SATELLITE L850-112, Satellite L50-B-1XC, Satellite C70-ABT3N12, Satellite C855-19E, Satellite C850-1LQ, Satellite C55-C-14G, Satellite C55-B5270D, Satellite P50t-A-121, Satellite L850-1NF, Satellite L50D-B-109, Satellite Pro C850-1F3, Satellite L50-B-1VQ, Satellite C70-A-111, Satellite L50T-A-12K, Satellite C850D-B261, Satellite L50-B-1UP, SATELLITE PRO L870-12W, SATELLITE L850-110, SATELLITE C50-BBT2N11, Satellite C855-SP5266KM, Satellite L50-B-258, Satellite C70-A-17J, Satellite U845T-S4150, Satellite S50-A-114, Satellite L50-B-24G, Satellite L830-116, Satellite C850D-B262, Tecra Z40T-C-10F, Satellite C55-A-1HX, Satellite L850-1Z1, Satellite C55-A-1HM, Satellite C55-C-12X, Satellite C55t-A5287, Satellite Pro C850-1DX, Satellite C55D-A-14N, Satellite L955-108, Satellite Pro A50-C-12P, Satellite U845W-S414, Satellite C70-A-16Z, Satellite C50-B-17L, Satellite L855-138, Satellite L50-B-1LF, SATELLITE P850-133, Satellite C50-B-017, Satellite L50-B-2CM, Satellite L50-B-1V5, Satellite C55-B5362, Satellite L50-B-1X9, Satellite C855-1P3, SATELLITE C850-1FJ, Satellite L50-B-1DU, SATELLITE C850-14D, Tecra Z50-C-13C, Satellite C55-A-1D2, Satellite L850-1UW, Satellite L850D-131, Satellite C870-ST4NX2, portege z930-10q, Satellite L850-1L1, Satellite Pro C850-1NV, Satellite C55-C-11F, Satellite Pro L850-1J5, Satellite L50-B-1X7, Satellite C55-A-1MM, Satellite C855-17U, SATELLITE C850-173, Satellite C850D-119, Satellite C55-C-18K, Satellite P755-11H, Satellite C55D-A5333, Satellite C850-141, Satellite S50T-A-10W, Satellite Pro L850-1L2, Satellite S50T-A-10V, Satellite C855-18X, Satellite L850-1K8, Satellite L50D-B-12X, Satellite Pro A50-C-19P, Satellite C55-C-11R, Satellite L50T-B-10P, Satellite Pro L870-18R, SATELLITE PRO L850-11X, Satellite L50-B-1H5, Satellite C870-17W, Satellite L830-130, Satellite C55-C-10J, Satellite C55-C-14D, Satellite C850-1M1, Satellite C55T-C5224, Satellite C870-17Q, Satellite C855-1FP, Satellite Pro C850-1G4, Satellite C50-B-18W, Satellite L50D-B-192, Satellite C55-A-1JW, Tecra Z50-A-14V, Satellite C70-A-17F, Satellite C855-19J, Satellite L50D-B-16R, Satellite C55D-A-11V, Satellite C70-A-16P, Satellite L50-B-1F0, Satellite L830-133, Satellite C55-C-17T, Satellite P845T-10L, Satellite L50-B-2JE, Satellite C55-C-1TD, Satellite Pro L870-18L, Satellite M50-A-11Q, portege z930-13h, Satellite C850-1M5, Satellite C870-1F3, SATELLITE L50T-A-11P, Satellite C55D-A-11T, Satellite C850-1PJ, Satellite C855-136, SATELLITE C70-C-18E, Satellite P845T-101, Tecra R840-10C, Satellite L50-B-2FM, Satellite C855-137, Tecra R850-11D, Satellite L850D-105, Satellite L50-B-1R7, Satellite C855-1E0, Satellite L850-119, SATELLITE L850-13F, Satellite C855-181, Satellite C50-B-11C, Satellite Pro A50-C-1VM, Satellite L50-B-1NU, Satellite C50-B-19Q, Satellite C55DT-A5148, Satellite C70-ABT3N11, Satellite C55-A-1LC, Satellite C850-1PN, Satellite C855-1EP, Satellite C55-A-1PL, Satellite P845T-104, Satellite L830-154, Satellite L50-B-2CP, Satellite L50D-B-12K, Satellite L50-B-1DK, Satellite C855-17H, Satellite L50-A-1DL, Satellite L830-158, Satellite C55-A-1PN, Satellite C855-16L, SATELLITE C850-113, Satellite L50-B-1X8, SATELLITE C850-1EQ, Satellite C855-18T, Tecra Z50-A-14T, portege z930-111, Tecra A40-C-151, Tecra A40-C-155, Portege R30-A-1HJ, SATELLITE C850-15V, Satellite Pro A50-C-1NC, Satellite C55-C-17G, SATELLITE C850-15N, Satellite C55D-A-14U, Satellite C55-A-1PV, Satellite C855-18F, Satellite L840-A631, Tecra A40-C-187, Satellite L50D-B-13W, Satellite Pro A50-C-1HG, SATELLITE C850-111, Satellite L50-B-2ET, Satellite L50D-B-14H, Satellite L50-B-1H7, Satellite C55-C-16R, Satellite L50D-B-17Z, Satellite C55D-A5150, Satellite C70-A-07V, Satellite L50-B-1XQ, SATELLITE C850-172, TECRA R840-105, Satellite C70-A-12K, Satellite C850D-12E, Satellite U840T-103, Satellite C850-1P3, Satellite L50-B-1H4, Satellite C55-C-1JE, Satellite L50-B-2FK, Satellite L50-B-2HC, Satellite C855-1GG, SATELLITE L850-11V, Satellite L50T-A-149, Satellite C55-B5300B, Satellite Pro L50-A-12Q, Satellite C70-A-16V, Satellite C850-17G, Satellite L50-B-1U3, Satellite Pro C850-1CU, Satellite L50-B-1NX, Satellite C55-C-14F, Satellite C855-18E, SATELLITE L850-11W, Satellite L630-12F, Satellite C55DT-A-107, SATELLITE C55-C-18N, Satellite C855-1GX, Satellite L50D-B-128, Satellite S50t-A-117, Satellite L50D-B-1C1, Satellite L850-B216, Satellite C850-1E5, Satellite L50-B-1R6, Satellite C70-B-35Q, Satellite L50-A041, Satellite Pro A50-C-14E, Satellite L840-A625, Satellite C850-1NU, Satellite C55-C-142, Satellite L50-B-1FE, Satellite C855-17K, Satellite C55-A-110, Satellite C55-C-10K, Satellite C55-C-16W, Satellite Pro L850-178, Satellite L50-B-2G1, SATELLITE C850-11N, Satellite C50-B-1CH, Satellite C850-1NM, Satellite P845T-10W, Satellite C850-134, Satellite C855-18W, Satellite C855-1MJ, Satellite L50D-B-130, Satellite C855-1L4, Satellite C870-1C2, Satellite C855-1VM, Satellite L50D-B-1C5, Tecra R840-Oracle, SATELLITE C850-1ER, Satellite L50T-B-11V, Satellite Z830/00T, SATELLITE C850-1C3, Satellite P50-A-12L, Satellite C55-A-14T, Satellite C70-A-14L, Satellite C870D-107, Satellite C55-C-12U, SATELLITE L850-11X, Satellite L50-B-1W0, Satellite C70-A-144, Satellite C55-C-1RX, SATELLITE L870-13U, Portege R30-A-1HQ, SATELLITE C70-C-1E0, SATELLITE C870-11R, Satellite C850-1KT, Satellite M50-A-116, Satellite C850-156, Satellite L50D-B-13X, Satellite C855-1GJ, Satellite L50-A-138, Tecra Z50-C-12N, Satellite L50T-B-12W, SATELLITE C70-C-18N, Satellite L50-B-2CN, portege z835-sp3242l, Satellite C855-131, Satellite L855-155, Satellite C855-1EN, Satellite C855-1VJ, Satellite C50-B-17V, SATELLITE L850-1DQ, Satellite L50-B-1G0, Satellite C855-1ET, SATELLITE L870-124, Satellite L850-1Q4, Satellite C855-130, SATELLITE C850-12Z, Satellite Pro A50-C-1LJ, Satellite Pro L870-14T, Satellite L50-B-1HG, Satellite C55D-A-144, Satellite C55-C-19M, Satellite L850-1XF, Satellite L850D-10J, Satellite C855-18Q, Satellite C855-1N7, SATELLITE L870-130, SATELLITE L850-1EQ, TECRA R800, SATELLITE C850-018, SATELLITE L870-149, Satellite L50-A-15H, Satellite Pro C850-1JG, SATELLITE L850-1DV, Satellite L850-A933, Satellite C855-17G, Satellite C850-1L7, Satellite L50-B-25G, Satellite C55-C-1WD, SATELLITE L850-1L4, SATELLITE L850-1DT, SATELLITE P850/02C, Satellite L50-B-2DH, Satellite Pro L870-16Z, Satellite L50-B-1HC, SATELLITE C55-C-14M, Satellite C70-A-171, Satellite U940-11F, Satellite C875-13H, Satellite L50-B-24P, Tecra A40-C-19D, Satellite C55-C-151, SATELLITE S55-A5255, Satellite C850-1L0, Satellite C55-C-1FN, Satellite Pro L50-A-133, Satellite L50D-B-1CK, SATELLITE L850-1DR, Satellite C55-C-15X, SATELLITE L850-1DW, Satellite C55-C-131, Satellite Pro A50-C-20C, Satellite L50-B-2E3, Satellite L50-B-24T, SATELLITE S850-004, Satellite Pro L850-1U7, Satellite C855-18K, Satellite L50D-B-10K, Satellite L850-11D, Satellite C55-C-18W, Satellite C55-C-12W, portege z930-s9312, Satellite L50T-B-11R, Satellite L50T-B-15Z, SATELLITE L850-1EF, Satellite L50-B-1VU, Satellite L50-B-23F, SATELLITE S850-003, Satellite L50-B-1T7, Satellite C50-B1152, SATELLITE L850-1DP, Satellite C55-C-13R, SATELLITE L850-1G9, Satellite C850-1PH, Libretto W105 Series, Satellite L850-1DZ, Satellite C55-C-1LE, Satellite C55-C-1M8, Satellite P50t-A-114, SATELLITE C850-059, Satellite L50-B-1C9, Satellite L855-S5119, Satellite C55-C-19Q, Satellite Pro L870-17X, Satellite S50T-A-10Z, Satellite L50-B-1R2, SATELLITE C55-B5295, SATELLITE L850-1MJ, Satellite C875D-S7120, Satellite L850-1NU, Satellite C850-1L9, SATELLITE L850-1ER, Satellite C70-A-16N, Satellite C55-A-1JU, Satellite C855-1KK, SATELLITE L850-1DN, Satellite C70-B-305, Satellite C50-B-19L, Satellite C70-AST3NX2, Satellite L850-1P6, Satellite P50T-A-11M, Satellite C55-C-1WG, Satellite L50-B-1V9, Satellite P870D Series, Satellite C70-A-164, SATELLITE L850-1G8, Satellite C50-B-16R, Satellite C70-ASMBNX2, Satellite C55-C-11N, Satellite C855-17J, Satellite P855-32N, Satellite C55-A-1D6, Satellite L50-A-1EC, Satellite C850-1MF, Satellite L50-B-1P0, Satellite C875-S7344, SATELLITE C850-I0015, Satellite L50-A-16R, Satellite C875-S7132NR, Satellite C55-A-1LE, Satellite C850D-13H, Satellite C70-B-33L, Satellite C855-14G, Satellite C870-13N, TECRA R840-110, Satellite C855-138, Satellite C55-A-1NK, Satellite C855-1ND, Satellite C55-A-14D, Satellite C70-A-160, Satellite Pro L850-120, Satellite L50-B-1VN, Satellite L50-A-158, Satellite C855-1EZ, Satellite C55-C-1JM, Satellite C855-13R, Satellite L50-B-14Q, Satellite C850-1MK, Satellite C55-B5218KM, Satellite P855-32M, Satellite L50-B-27M, Satellite C850D-13E, Satellite L50D-B-1CJ, Satellite L50-B-2C8, Satellite C855-1JR, Satellite C875-14R, Satellite C70-B-33F, Satellite C70-B-31M, Satellite C55-C-12E, Satellite L50T-B-11X, Satellite C55-B856, Satellite C855-1JW, SATELLITE C70-C-10N, Satellite C855-1DL, SATELLITE L870-172, Satellite L50-B-2CL, Satellite C855-1MT, SATELLITE C870-006, Satellite C855-1GZ, Tecra Z40-A-16Z, Satellite Pro A50-C-1HV, Satellite L50-B-1M9, Satellite L630-00Y, Satellite L850D-12U, Satellite C50-B-1CD, Satellite C855-1KE, SATELLITE C870-008, Satellite S55-A5292, Satellite C75D-A7102, Satellite L50-B-1TL, SATELLITE L850-1KM, Satellite S50t-A-104, Satellite C55-B866, Satellite C855-1XV, Satellite C850-16N, SATELLITE L950-014, Satellite L50-B-1R9, Satellite S50t-A-10G, Satellite L50-B-1F9, Satellite L50-B-1JH, Satellite L50D-B-16K, Satellite C55-A-1LL, Satellite C55-C-130, Satellite C70-B-303, Satellite L50-B-1TQ, Satellite C855-1V9, SATELLITE C70-C-1D8, Satellite C850-1MC, Satellite C855-140, Satellite C855-1Z8, Satellite C855-167, Satellite C855-1KF, Satellite C855-1VK, Satellite C605D, Satellite C55-C-14C, Satellite L50-B-1KJ, Satellite C855-1FM, Tecra Z50-C-11P, Satellite L50-B-1GZ, Satellite C855-124, Satellite C55-A-19C, Tecra Z50-C-11E, Satellite L850D-12X, Satellite L50-A-12Z, Satellite C875-107, Satellite S50t-A-11F, Satellite C850-1H1, Satellite Pro C850-1M7, Satellite P845-105, Satellite C855-13D, Satellite C850-13J, Satellite P50t-A-115, Satellite C55-C-18U, SATELLITE C55-B5214KL, Satellite C855-1UL, Satellite C55-A-16L, Satellite L855-S5186, Satellite L50D-B-168, Satellite L50-B-1U2, Satellite L50-B-27R, Satellite Pro C850D-109, Satellite C855-169, Satellite C855-1DC, Satellite C855-1K5, Satellite C855-1JU, Satellite C855-1EX, Satellite L50-B-1HL, Satellite C855-134, Satellite C855-17F, Satellite C855-1HH, SATELLITE L870-127, Satellite C55-A-19E, Satellite C55-A-1KF, Satellite C855-1H7, Satellite C55D-A-15J, Satellite C850-149, Satellite L850D-12V, Satellite C855-1GW, Satellite C855-13N, Satellite C855-13E, Satellite C855-1ER, Satellite C855-1DG, Satellite C55-A-12R, SATELLITE L870-12W, Satellite C855-1F3, Satellite C855-13L, Satellite M50-A-118, Satellite L50-B-1HE, Satellite C850D-139, Satellite C850-142, Satellite C850-1D1, Satellite C855-1U9, Satellite C870-1C3, Tecra R840-14Q, Satellite P850D Series, Satellite C855-1D4, Satellite C855-1W0, Satellite C855-1E4, Satellite Pro L50-A-12L, SATELLITE C70-C-1DG, Satellite C55-A-1HL, Satellite C855-1KD, Satellite C855-1VZ, Satellite C855-1F5, Satellite C855-1EH, Satellite P50T-A-124, Satellite L50-B-2CC, Satellite Pro C850-1H8, Satellite C855-1XZ, Satellite L850D-13H, Satellite C855-1KJ, Satellite C855-19M, Satellite C855-1FD, Satellite L50-B-1R3, Satellite C870-001-9, Satellite C50-BF07Q, Satellite C855-17V, Satellite L50D-B-170, Satellite C55-C-18J, Satellite C855-1H0, Tecra A40-C-17J, Satellite C855-13C, Satellite L50-A-1F7, Satellite C855-1FL, Satellite C855-144, Satellite S55-B5203SL, Satellite C855-13G, Satellite C850-18Q, SATELLITE PRO C850-1K4, Satellite C855-1G3, portege z930-103, Satellite C855-1FH, Satellite C855-19C, Satellite C855-1HF, Satellite C855-1D3, Satellite C855-1UX, Satellite C855-1EV, Satellite C850-11K, Satellite C850-1DJ, Satellite C850D-134, Satellite C855-1F2, Satellite P50t-A-119, Portege R30-A1320, Satellite L50-B-285, Tecra A40-C-15M, Satellite C855-199, Satellite C855-1VH, Satellite C855-1FE, Satellite C855-1ZN, Satellite L50-B-1LL, Satellite C855-1EW, Satellite C855-1Z2, SATELLITE C55-C-18G, Satellite C855-1K7, Satellite C855-1F8, Satellite C855-1DN, Satellite C855-16H, Tecra A40-C-18Q, Satellite C855-1M0, Satellite L50-B-1XT, Satellite C875-15N, Satellite C55-C-1JL, Satellite L50-B-18L, Satellite C855-1F1, Satellite C855-1HD, Satellite C855-1DF, Satellite C855-16D, Satellite L855-119, Satellite C70-A-101, Satellite C850-14M, Satellite C855-1MK, Satellite C855-16E, Satellite C855-1HJ, Satellite L50-B-2EM, Satellite C855-1G1, Satellite C855-1CJ, Satellite C855-1H6, Satellite C855-1G2, Satellite L50D-B-1CE, Satellite L50-B-1U4, Satellite C855-1D9, SATELLITE C70-C-196, Satellite C55-B5277, Satellite C855-1EU, Satellite C855-13P, Satellite C855-1G0, Satellite C855-16C, Satellite C855-1MQ, Satellite C855-1HG, Satellite C55-C-13U, Satellite C855-1FV, Satellite L50D-B-17P, Satellite Pro C850-1ND, Satellite C55-C-1CU, Satellite L50-B-1UT, Satellite C855-1VE, Satellite C55-A-1HN, Satellite C855-1DE, Satellite C855-191, Satellite C875-14T, Satellite L50-B-2FE, Satellite C855-1FC, Satellite C855-1KV, Satellite C850-1CQ, Satellite C855-1ZG, Satellite L955D-104, Satellite L50-B-136, Satellite C855-1ZQ, Satellite C855-1F9, Satellite C855-1F7, Satellite C855-1H5, Satellite L50-B-2D8, Satellite C875-138, Tecra A40-C-17E, Satellite C855-1X6, Satellite C855-165, Tecra A50-C-1K5, Satellite C855-1DW, Satellite C855-1K9, Satellite C855-1ZX, Satellite C70-AST2NX4, Satellite C850-1L3, Satellite L50-B-1L6, Satellite L50-A-10H, Satellite C855-13M, Satellite C855-1FX, Satellite C855-115, SATELLITE C55-C-18M, Satellite C855-1DH, Satellite C855-16F, Satellite C850-1NQ, Satellite L850D-100, Satellite C855-18M, Satellite C850-115, Satellite C855-1C5, Satellite C855-1DQ, Satellite C855-1ZE, Satellite M50-A-10G, Satellite Pro A50-C-23P, Satellite C855-1CZ, Satellite C70-B-34G, Satellite C855-154, Satellite C55-C-172, Satellite C875-14F, Satellite C850D-12T, Satellite C855-1D2, Satellite L50-B-2D9, Satellite C855-1F4, Satellite C855-1E1, Satellite C850-11G, Satellite C855-1D8, Satellite C855-1F0, Tecra A50-C-1K1, Satellite C855-1CV, Satellite L50-B-2HV, Satellite L855-17T, Satellite C870-168, Satellite L50-B-1VD, Satellite C875-14Q, Satellite L50D-B-17X, SATELLITE C70-C-10T, Satellite C855-1FZ, Satellite C855-1ZC, Satellite C855-1WV, Satellite C850-13M, Satellite C850-1JP, Satellite C855-1UC, Satellite C850-1CM, Satellite C55-C-1RT, Satellite C855-188, Satellite L830-131, Satellite L870D-10C, SATELLITE C50-BST2N01, Satellite C855-1F6, Satellite C855-1G4, Satellite C855-189, Satellite C855-1C7, Satellite C855-1TR, Satellite C850-17K, Satellite L50-B-1G4, Satellite C55-C-1GR, Satellite C55-B1402, Satellite C70-A-16J, Satellite C855-1D7, Satellite C55-A-1JL, Satellite C855-1GT, Satellite L830-16M, Tecra C50-B-12L, Tecra R850-13D, Tecra C50-E1516, Satellite C850-1JM, Satellite L50T-A-124, Satellite C850-1E4, Satellite C855-195, Satellite L50D-B-15E, Satellite C850-181, Satellite C855-1D6, Satellite C850-1E8, Satellite L855-S5155, Tecra Z50-A-16L, Satellite C850-1GK, Satellite L855-156, Satellite C855-1FW, Satellite C850-1E2, Satellite C855-1X9, Satellite L855-10X, Satellite C855-1ZJ, Satellite L855-115, Satellite L855-12C, Satellite Pro C850-1J6, Satellite P750-103, Satellite L600(05K), Satellite C50-B863, Satellite L850-13M, Satellite C850D-13F, Satellite C855-183, Satellite S50T-A-122, Satellite L50D-B-167, Satellite L855-13D, Satellite P50T-A-12D, Satellite C875-13U, Satellite C855-1XL, Satellite C55-C-1C2, Satellite Pro L850-1KN, Satellite L855-17E, Satellite C855-121, Satellite Pro A50-C-028, Satellite L50T-B-15X, Satellite C850-1JN, Satellite L855-13C, Satellite C850-1GV, Satellite C55-A-164, Satellite C875-10F, Satellite Pro L870-14H, Satellite C870-12Q, Satellite C850-1F8, Satellite C55-A-16N, Satellite L855-14Z, Satellite C850-1KQ, Satellite L850D-12W, Satellite L855-S5157, Satellite L50-B-1UK, Satellite C55-C1571, Satellite L850D-11T, Satellite Pro C850-1DF, Satellite C55-C-1LV, Satellite C850-1J8, Satellite L50-B-1GN, Satellite C850-14V, Satellite C850D-132, Satellite C875-13R, Satellite C875-14J, Satellite C850-1KH, Satellite L50-B-1L4, Satellite L50-B-2EU, Satellite L855-11M, Satellite C70-B-31W, Satellite L50-A-1C5, Satellite L855-130, Satellite C850-182, Satellite C875-104, Satellite C850-1EL, portege z930-sp3151l, Tecra A50-C-1TE, Portege Z930-12L, Satellite C55-C-1DW, Satellite C875-13Q, portege z930-13g, Satellite L850-B211, Satellite C850D-124, Satellite C55-A-1K7, Satellite C850-1NK, Satellite C850-1M2, Satellite C50-B-1C4, Satellite C850-1P8, Satellite L850-1P2, Satellite L50-B-2C9, Satellite C55-C-11X, Satellite C850-1K8, Satellite Pro C850-1GT, Satellite C850-1MQ, Satellite C50-B-1C6, Satellite L50-B-1L3, Satellite Pro C850-1EX, Satellite C850-1GH, Satellite C55-A-1L5, Satellite C850-1H7, Satellite L50-B-194, Satellite M50-A-106, Satellite C875-15J, Satellite L50-A-1CG, Satellite Pro C850-1CZ, Tecra Z50-C-12W, Satellite L50-B-1L1, Satellite C850-1K6, Satellite C55-B5198, Satellite C55-C-1JH, Satellite C875-103, Satellite C870D-10K, Satellite L855-16P, Satellite L50-A-KKK, Satellite C875-12G, Satellite C55-A-1G2, Satellite L50-B-1ER, Satellite L850D-12N, Satellite L630/00W, Satellite C55-A-14U, Satellite Pro L870-16X, Satellite C70-B-103, Satellite L50-B-1VM, SATELLITE C70-C-18Z, Satellite L855-SP5260CM, SATELLITE C55-B5313KM, Satellite C55-A-16E, Satellite L50-B-1EG, Satellite C55-A-1J9, Satellite C70-A-151, Satellite C875-15K, SATELLITE C55-C-19U, Satellite L50D-B-163, SATELLITE C70-C-16F, Satellite L855-1L1, Satellite C50-B-1C2, Satellite L50D-B019, Satellite Pro L870-13H, Satellite C850D-10M, Satellite L50-B-2CQ, Satellite L50-A-1FK, Satellite L855-14X, Satellite L50T-A-134, SATELLITE C55-B5392, Satellite Pro L870-121, Satellite C870-DVK, Satellite L855-178, Satellite C875-106, Satellite C850-176, Satellite Pro L870-183, Tecra R840-S8432, Satellite C875-15E, Satellite C55-C-17F, Satellite L50-B-1R5, Satellite Pro C850-139, Satellite P855-34J, Tecra A50-C-1XD, Satellite C55-C-1T3, Satellite L855-12K, Satellite C875-10W, Satellite C55-A-1FU, Satellite Pro C850-14E, Satellite C70-B-328, Satellite C55-A-14W, Satellite Pro C850-1NF, SATELLITE C70-C-181, Satellite L850D-106, Satellite L50-B-1XR, Satellite L855-32U, Satellite L50-B-28J, Satellite C850D-12X, Satellite L50-B-218, Satellite M50-A-11N, Satellite L50-B-2GJ, Satellite L850D/01L, Satellite L50D-B-01T, Satellite C55-B5242, Satellite L850D-10W, Tecra R840-12Z, Satellite L50-B-1QF, Satellite L850-A916, Satellite L855-17C, Tecra R840-103, Satellite C70-B-33E, Satellite L50D-B-18X, Satellite L855D-10T, Satellite L855-32V, Satellite C875-13P, Satellite C55-C-11P, Satellite Pro C850-14F, Satellite C875-105, Satellite Pro C850-133, Satellite L855-170, Satellite L50-B-1T1, Satellite L855-15K, Satellite L50T-A013, Satellite L855-17U, Satellite L50-B-1N6, Satellite Pro C850-194, Satellite L855D-10F, Satellite L850-1EZ, Satellite Pro C850-1NE, Satellite P855-335, Satellite L50D-B-16P, Satellite L855-183, Satellite L855-12P, Satellite L850D-11X, Satellite C55-A-13K, Satellite L855-17D, Satellite C55-C-1K3, Satellite Pro C850-1P0, Satellite L855-15Q, Satellite Pro C850-1C7, SATELLITE L50D-B-008, Satellite C55-C1548, Satellite L50-B-24U, Satellite C50-B-16D, Satellite C55-A-194, TECRA R840-1C5, SATELLITE S50T-A116, Satellite L855-15Z, Satellite L855-12U, Satellite L855-15D, Satellite L850D-11D, Satellite L855-161, Satellite C55-C-1L0, Satellite L50-B-1QD, Satellite Pro C850-17V, Satellite L855D-10V, Satellite Pro L850-10U, Satellite C55-A-142, Satellite L850D-10P, TECRA R840-111, Satellite C850D-10G, Satellite C875-14K, Satellite C55-C-11Q, Satellite L50-B-2D6, Satellite C850D-10N, Satellite L50-B-2GD, Satellite C870-13E, Satellite C55-A-13N, Satellite C850D-10L, Satellite Pro C850-14Z, Satellite L850D-11K, Satellite C55-A-1N6, Satellite C70-B-212, Satellite L855D-10Q, Tecra A40-C-140, Satellite C70-B-13W, Satellite C55-C-1T1, Satellite Pro C850-12F, Satellite L50-B-1CE, Satellite C55-C-19Z, Satellite S50-A-110, Satellite L855D-10R, Satellite C55-C-1KJ, Satellite L50D-B-11L, Satellite C70-B-128, Satellite L50-B-1KD, Satellite C55-C-1PW, Satellite L850-1P1, SATELLITE C70-C-14X, Satellite Pro L870-17R, Satellite L50D-B-1TD, Satellite L50-B-23Z, Satellite C55-A-125, Satellite C850D-126, Satellite L50-A-1EJ, Tecra R850-152, Satellite C50-B-1CF, Satellite C70-B-34U, Satellite L50-B-2F0, Satellite C55-C-13F, Satellite C55-C-1TC, Satellite L50T-B-13H, Satellite L855D-10W, Satellite C55-C-1J0, Satellite C55-C1573, Satellite L50D-B-14Z, Satellite Z930-10X, Satellite P855-30L, Satellite C55Dt-B5208, Satellite L50-B-1GK, Satellite C70-B-32D, Satellite L50-B-27K, Satellite L50-B-1L7, Satellite L50-B-1X3, Satellite L50-B-1G6, Satellite C55-C-1LU, Satellite C55-C-1M1, Satellite L50-B-1W7, Satellite L50-B-23R, Satellite L50-B-1G2, Portege Z835-ST8305, Satellite L50-A-10V, Satellite C50-B1347, Tecra Z50-C-11T, Satellite L50-A-1DK, Satellite C50-B-17U, Satellite L50-B-1C2, SATELLITE C70-C-18G, TECRA R840-126, Satellite C55-C-1Q5, Satellite L50-B-1G3, Satellite Pro A50-C-209, Satellite L50-B-1U6, Satellite C55-C-1LL, Satellite L50-B-286, Satellite C55-C-1KH, Satellite U845W-S430, SATELLITE C55-C-18T, Satellite L855-S5198, Satellite L50D-B-18V, Satellite C870-1E8, Satellite C55-C-13X, Satellite P845T-10C, Satellite L50-B-24W, Satellite C55D-A5372, SATELLITE C55-B5260KM, Satellite L50D-B-1C4, Tecra A40-C-17D, Satellite C55-C-1LK, Satellite C70-A-12F, Satellite L50-B-2FH, Satellite Pro L850-1L5, Satellite L50D-B-15G, Satellite L50-B-2GG, Satellite Pro L850-1P7, SATELLITE C55-B5312KM, Satellite L50D-B-191, Satellite C50-B1348, Satellite L50-B-1UC, Tecra A40-C-1FX, Satellite C70-C-1FE, Satellite L50-B-1NW, Satellite C50-B1349, Satellite L50-A-18P, Satellite C855-SP5270KM, Satellite C50-B-19D, SATELLITE C70-C-10M, SATELLITE C55-C-17V, Satellite Pro L850-170, Satellite C850D-104, Satellite P855-34L, Satellite Pro A50-C-135, Satellite C50-B-19X, Satellite C55-C-1NK, Satellite C55-C-1E2, Satellite C55-A-11J, SATELLITE C850-0EK, SATELLITE C70-C-1D4, Satellite C55-C1572, Satellite C55-A-188, Tecra A40-C-19W, Satellite L50-B-1VC, SATELLITE C70-C-14C, Satellite C870-15Z, Satellite C55-A-120, Tecra Z50-C-12F, Tecra C50-B-16L, Satellite Pro C645, Tecra A50-C-1N4, Satellite P50t-A-10M, Satellite L50-B-12P, Satellite C55-C-1C5, SATELLITE C70-C-17P, SATELLITE S50-A-10W, portege z930-001-4, TECRA R840-15L, portege z930-002, Satellite L630-K01, Satellite C55-A-11D, SATELLITE C55-C-186, Satellite C55D-A-15H, Tecra C50-B-19W, SATELLITE C70-C-191, Satellite L50D-B-160, Satellite L50-B-274, Satellite C55-C-135, Satellite L50-B-243, Portege Z935-ST3N01, Satellite L50D-B-161, Satellite C55-C-171, Satellite P855-10G, Satellite C855-SP5269KM, Satellite L50D-B02H, SATELLITE C70-C-1CP, Satellite L50-A-14N, Satellite C55-A-10X, Satellite C870-1GD, Satellite C55-C-189, SATELLITE C850-08E, Satellite C55-B897, Satellite L50-A-14K, Tecra Z40-A-12X, Satellite C55-C-12Q, Tecra R840-13U, Satellite C55-C-1KR, Satellite L50D-B-157, Satellite C855-SP5267KM, Satellite L50-B-2JD, Satellite C55-C-1J3, Satellite P855-347, Satellite C55-C1569, Satego M300, Satellite L50-B-1U5, portege z930-03r, Satellite L50-B-2FF, Tecra C50-B0736, Satellite C50-B1346, Satellite C55-A-1N3, Satellite L850-10G, TECRA R840-1DC, Equium M300, Satellite Pro C850-1KP, Satellite P50-A-05H, Satellite C55-C-1WH, Satellite L50-B-25T, Satellite C70D-B-310, Satellite L50-B-2EX, SATELLITE C70-C-16E, SATELLITE C850-057, Satellite C870-18F, Satellite C50-B0482, Satellite L50-A-14L, Satellite C870-118, SATELLITE C55-B5261KM, Satellite L50T-B-13T, Satellite C870-15R, Satellite L50-B-2G4, Satellite L50-B-2F1, SATELLITE C70-C-1G4, Satellite C55-B1427, Tecra A40-C-19F, Satellite C55-B1186, Satellite C870-196, Tecra A40-C-19E, Satellite C55-A-11P, Satellite C55-C-1G9, Satellite C50-B012, Satellite P50T-A-12E, Satellite L50-B-1W4, Satellite C50-B-19Z, Satellite C55-A-19G, Satellite C50-B1062, Satellite C70-B-30Q, Satellite P50T-A-10N, Satellite L855-SP5202WL, Satellite L855-SP5263KM, Satellite C70-C-11N, Satellite L50-B-1WF, Satellite C55-C-1WF, Tecra Z50-C-11H, Satellite C55-C1546, Satellite C55-A-1MG, Satellite L50-B-272, Satellite C55-C-1KZ, Satellite C70-B-34H, Satellite L50-A-143, Satellite C55-C-1G8, Satellite P855-30X, Satellite L50D-B-017, Tecra Z50-C-11V, Satellite L50-B-1DJ, Tecra Z40-A-119, Tecra A50-C-1U3, Satellite C55-C-1KP, Satellite L50-B-1XM, Satellite C870-1DP, Satellite C55-C-137, Satellite L50-B-2CU, Satellite P855-31V, Satellite C55-B5240K, Satellite L50-B-234, Satellite C55-C-136, Satellite Pro A50-C-24W, Tecra R850-11W, Satellite C50-B-1C9, Satellite C55-A-1NN, SATELLITE C850/0G6, Satellite C55-C1550, Portege R30-A200SMB, Satellite C70D-B-301, Satellite C55-A-1PM, Satellite C70-B-309, SATELLITE C70-C-1GM, Satellite M50-A-11E, Satellite L50-B-281, Satellite S55-A5326, Satellite C55-C-1L1, Satellite Pro L870-15E, Satellite C870-14F, Portege R30-A-1CN, Satellite L50T-A-12D, Satellite U800-T02S, Satellite C50-B892, Satellite C55-C1528, Satellite C50-B1112, Tecra A50-C-1L7, Satellite C50T-A-102, Portege Z935-ST3N03, Tecra A50-C-1Q5, Satellite L50-A-1E6, Satellite L50T-A-147, TECRA R840-1CM, Satellite L50T-B1780, Satellite C55-A-13Z, Satellite L50-B-1H6, Satellite C70-A-12G, Satellite L855-SP5262KM, Satellite C55-C-134, SATELLITE C70-C-17L, Satellite L50-B-24X, Satellite L50D-B01H, Satellite L50-A-1FH, Satellite L50-A-16W, Satellite L50D-B-12J, SATELLITE C70-C-16D, Satellite C55-A-1GZ, Satellite C55-C-1G7, Tecra A50-C-1RP, SATELLITE C70-C-165, Satellite L50-B-215, portege z930-001-5, Satellite C55-A-1DV, Tecra Z50-C-15M, Satellite C55-C-1PN, SATELLITE C70-C-1C8, Satellite P855-SP5201L, Satellite L50-B-2DU, Satellite C55-A-1L2, Satellite S55-B5202SL, Tecra A50-C-1TT, Satellite L50-B-1QU, Satellite C55-C1463, Satellite C55-C-170, Satellite Pro C605, Satellite L50-B-219, SATELLITE C70-C-1ER, Tecra R940-1CN, SATELLITE C850/09L, Satellite C55-C1585, Satellite L50D-B-1C8, Satellite L50-B-256, Tecra A50-C-19M, Satellite C850-1HG, Satellite M50-A-113, Satellite L50-B-25U, SATELLITE C70-C-197, Satellite L850-1WZ, Satellite P755-116, Satellite L850-16V, SATELLITE C70-C-1H8, Satellite C50-B206E, Satellite C55-C-1RW, Satellite C55-C1433, Satellite L50-B-1VT, Satellite C55-C-19C, SATELLITE C70-C-12F, Satellite C55-A-1NE, Satellite C55-C-138, Satellite P855-34P, Satellite L50-B-2GC, Satellite L50-B-2FV, Tecra A50-C-1GF, Satellite L50D-B-12M, Tecra A40-C-18E, Satellite P850-BT3G22, Satellite L50-B-2DT, Satellite C55-C1542, Satellite C55-A-14E, Satellite Pro C850-1J4, Satellite C55-A-196, SATELLITE C55-C-10P, Tecra A50-C-1P3, Satellite C55-C1545, SATELLITE C70-C-1CC, Satellite C850-117, SATELLITE C55-B5293, Satellite C55-C-1KX, SATELLITE C70-C-164, Satellite C55-C1575, Tecra Z40-A-12H, Tecra Z40-A-10N, Satellite C55-C1465, SATELLITE C70-C-1H9, Satellite C50-B-14J, SATELLITE C850-05G, SATELLITE C55-B5323K, Satellite L830-112, Satellite L50-B-1NQ, Satellite M50-A-115, Satellite C855-1T3, Satellite C55-C-1J5, Satellite L50-A-121, Satellite L850-1F1, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX15, Satellite C55-A-1KN, Satellite L50D-B-17T, Satellite L50-B-24F, Tecra A50-C-1QH, Satellite C55-B1066, Satellite C55-C-1L3, Satellite C55-A-13F, Satellite C55-C-183, Satellite C55-C-1U2, Tecra Z50-C-15P, Satellite C55-C-127, Satellite Pro A50-C-126, Tecra A50-C-1Q0, Satellite L50-B-2DJ, Satellite P845-114, Satellite L50-B-1U9, Tecra Z50-C-12T, Satellite L50-B-22J, Satellite C55-C-1NH, Satellite C55-C-1L5, Satego U400D, Satellite Pro L850-1QP, Satellite L50D-B-16F, Satellite L50-A-18U, SATELLITE C70-C-1D0, Satellite C55D-A-15F, Satellite L50-B-12H, portege z930-12z, Satellite C870-14T, Satellite C870D-11X, SATELLITE C55-B5291, Satellite L50-B-2FU, Satellite C55D-A-10N, Satellite L50D-B-198, Satellite L50-B-2G5, Satellite C70-B-30T, Satellite Pro A50-C-136, Satellite C50-B919, Satellite C870-11V, Satellite C870-188, Satellite C870-12V, Satellite L50-A-11N, Satellite C55-C-1TF, Satellite C55-C1576, Satellite C55-A-1HQ, Satellite C55-C-1M0, Satellite Pro A50-C-208, SATELLITE C70-C-1D9, Satellite C55-C-1F1, Satellite L850-17K, portege z930-02j, Satellite C55-C-1E5, Satellite L850-1PC, SATELLITE C70-C-190, Satellite L50-B-1VK, Satellite C55-C-1E3, Satellite L50-B-25J, Satellite C55-C1579, Satellite C55-C-1E9, Satellite L50-B-22M, Satellite L50-B-1T4, Satellite C70-B-21D, Satellite L855-SP5261CM, Satellite C50T-A-195, Satellite L50-A-1DF, Satellite L50-A-1F4, Satellite C55-B1374, Tecra R840-12K, Satellite C50-B-161, Satellite Pro C640D, Satellite L50-B-2GH, SATELLITE C70-C-15H, Satellite L870-14V, Satellite L870-16p, Satellite L50D-B-12R, Satellite C55-C-1N8, Satellite C55-C-1GV, SATELLITE C70-C-11M, Satellite C55-B1410, Satellite Pro L850-B322, Satellite C70-B-35L, Satellite L870-18T, Satellite L50-A-13W, Satellite P845T-102, Satellite C55-B1056, Satellite C870-1H9, Satellite L50-B-2GF, Tecra R850-146, Satellite L50-A-152, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX13, SATELLITE C55-C-187, Satellite C55-C-1M3, Satellite L850-1FR, Satellite C55-A-18H, Satellite C70-A-14H, SATELLITE S50-A-118, Satellite C55-C-19X, Satellite P845-106, Satellite L50-B-25X, Satellite C55-B1373, Satellite C55-A-1JX, Satellite L50-A-154, Satellite L850-021, Satellite C55-C-1T0, Satellite C55-C-1TE, Satellite Pro L870-16D, Satellite C55-C-141, Tecra R840-116, Satellite L50-B-19Q, TECRA R840-16Q, Satellite L50D-B-15Z, Satellite C55-C-1KT, Satellite C55-B1060, Satellite L50-B-265, Satellite Pro A50-C-2EM, TECRA R840-18W, Satellite L50-B-24J, SATELLITE C850-00Q, Satellite C855-1MZ, Satellite L50D-B-13P, Satellite L50-A-14M, Satellite Pro C600D, Satellite L830-122, Satellite L50-B-22P, Satellite L50-A-164, Satellite L50-B-273, Satellite Pro C645D, Satellite C870-18W, Portege R30-A-17H, Satellite P845T-10R, Satellite C55-C-143, Satellite C55-A-1JJ, SATELLITE C55-B5390, Tecra A50-C-1LN, Satellite Pro A50-C-27F, Satellite C55-A-1GX, Satellite L50-B-1Z0, Satellite C55-C-1K2, Satellite Pro L850-1NQ, Satellite C55-C-1ER, Satellite C55-B5219KM, Tecra A50-C-1XQ, Satellite C55-A-1PQ, Satellite L50-B-2JT, SATELLITE C70-C-1D5, Satellite C55-A-1JK, Satellite C55-C-19N, portege z930-02h, Satellite Pro A50-C-29H, Tecra A50-C-1N2, Satellite L50T-B-12D, Satellite L50-B-2DL, Tecra R840-11W, Satellite C55-C-1HW, Satellite L50-B-27W, SATELLITE C850-00S, Satellite C55-A-12F, Satellite L50-B-282, Satellite C855-1D1, Satellite L50-B-16V, Satellite C70-C-1FJ, Satellite C55-C-1J6, Satellite S50T-A-107, Satellite L50-B-2DR, Satellite L855-14P, Satellite C55-C-144, Satellite Pro L850-1P3, Satellite C55-A-1MN, Satellite P855-SP5362M, Satellite C55-C-133, Satellite L50-B-1RU, Satellite C55-A-1PP, Tecra R940-1CL, Satellite L870-155, Satellite L50D-B-016, SATELLITE C70-C-10V, Satellite C55-B815, SATELLITE C70-C-1G7, portege z835-sp3240l, Satellite C55-C-1F6, Tecra A50-C-1W8, Satellite P750-11W, Satellite C55D-A-14C, Satellite C870-19E, Satellite L50-B-2EL, Satellite C55-A-163, Satellite C855-196, Satellite L850-18U, Satellite P870-BT3G22, Satellite C70-A-174, Satellite L830-B745, Satellite C55-C-13E, Satellite L50DT-A-11U, Satellite Pro C850D-115, SATELLITE C55-B5314KM, Satellite L850-1HL, Satellite C55-A-1CZ, Satellite C55-A-1DQ, Satellite L840-B332, Satellite Pro A50-C-119, Satellite L50-B-2CH, SatelliteS55-a5167, portege z930-151, Satellite L50D-B-126, Satellite C855-1LP, Satellite S50T-A-11W, Satellite Pro C850-1D5, SATELLITE C70-C-1E2, Satellite C850-1DW, Satellite C55-C-1KQ, Satellite C55-C-1P3, Satellite L50-B-2EJ, Satellite C55-C-1U1, Satellite C870-18N, Satellite L850-12Z, Satellite L50-B-25K, Satellite L50-B-24M, Satellite L50-B-1U8, Satellite C855-15K, Satellite C55-C-1P6, Satellite L50-B-1T0, Satellite L50D-B-158, Satellite L50-A-13J, Satellite C870-001, Satellite C55-A-17F, Satellite C850-1LL, SATELLITE C70-C-10X, Satellite C870-1K1, Satellite C870-193, Satellite L50-A-13X, Satellite C70-A-16Q, Portege R30-C Serie, Satellite C55-C-1HL, Satellite C55-A-1L3, Satellite L50-B-22V, Satellite C70-A-00G, Satellite L850-14H, Satellite C850-B832, Satellite C70-C-1J0, Satellite C850-1CP, Satellite L850-1MC, Satellite C50t-A-10J, portege z930-16g, Satellite Pro L850-1PG, Satellite C55-B1049, SATELLITE C70-C-151, Satellite C870-1HW, Satellite C50-B-16Z, Satellite C55-B1323, Tecra A50-C-1WP, Satellite L50D-B-193, Satellite C870-15U, Satellite L50-B-1HX, Satellite C55-C-11H, Satellite L850-1ME, SATELLITE C70-C-1D6, Satellite L50-B-1TK, Satellite C55-C-1LP, Satellite C55-B1058, Satellite L50D-B013, Satellite C55-C-12R, Satellite L50D-B-15U, Satellite C855-1CC, Satellite L850-1N1, Tecra Z50-C-12M, Satellite P845T-10N, Satellite C870-13V, Tecra Z50-C-14N, Satellite C70-A-126, Satellite C55-A-1KR, Satellite C870-19C, Satellite C870-18D, Satellite L50-B-236, Satellite C55-C-1NZ, portege z835-sp3201m, Satellite C55-C-1V6, Satellite C70D-B-31E, Satellite L50-B-264, Satellite L50-B-25V, Satellite C55-A-1LD, Satellite L50-B-1T6, Satellite C55-C-1HZ, Satellite L50-B-1JQ, Satellite L50-B-211, Satellite C55-C-1KM, Satellite L855-SP5264RM, Satellite C55-B1086, Satellite L855-184, Satellite L850-17W, Tecra R840-14D, satellite z930-007, Satellite C870-1G0, Tecra A50-C-1W5, Satellite L850-1HM, Satellite C850-B989, Satellite C855-1TT, Satellite L50-B-1W6, Satellite C55-C-1M7, Satellite C55-C-1LT, Satellite C50-B-00M, Satellite L50-B-1W2, Satellite C870-18Z, Satellite L50-B-237, Satellite C855-1EM, Satellite C50-B846, Satellite C55-C-199, Satellite C55-A-141, Satellite L50-B1357, Satellite L50-B-27G, Satellite S55Dt-A5130, Satellite P755-12F, Satellite C55-A-1HH, Satellite L50-B-1J2, Satellite C70-A-11E, Satellite L850-1TW, Satellite C870D-11H, Satellite C55-A-1HJ, Satellite C55-A-1GP, Satellite L50-B-1RE, Satellite C55-B1080, Satellite L50-B-2EW, TECRA R840-1D5, Satellite C55-C-1V7, Satellite Pro A50-C-18P, Satellite C55-A-1KL, Satellite L50-B-23W, Satellite Pro L700D, SATELLITE C70-C-1CN, Tecra Z50-C-12J, Satellite L50-B-1UG, Satellite L50-B-25F, Satellite P850-1001X, Satellite L50-B-22H, Satellite C855-1KG, Satellite C855-1Z1, Satellite L50-B-214, portege z935-st4n01, Satellite C855-19U, Satellite P855-30D, Satellite P850-32X, Satellite C870-16C, Satellite L850-1W8, Satellite L855-122, Satellite M50-A-117, SATELLITE C70-C-1CJ, Satellite C850-B990, Satellite C55-A-1NF, Satellite C55-C-1D4, Satellite C55-C-1KC, Satellite L870D-10D, Satellite C870-17P, Satellite C855-1C1, Satellite C55-C-13L, Satellite L855-SP5373KM, Satellite C855-1C4, Satellite C855-1TX, Satellite Pro L740D, Satellite S55-B5166SM, Satellite C70-B-215, TECRA R840-10L, Satellite C55-B1179, Satellite C55-A-177, Satellite C55-C-13K, Satellite L850-00D, Satellite C70-A-10D, Satellite C55D-A-162, Satellite L855-SP5282LM, TECRA R840-16M, Satellite L855-SP5279KM, Satellite C855-1CX, Satellite C855-1HE, Satellite C55-A-1C1, Satellite C870-15F, Satellite Pro L50-A-13T, Satellite L850-16H, Satellite C55-A-19M, Tecra R840-16V, Satellite C850-1HB, portege z930-13n, Satellite C55-C-1HC, Satellite L50-B-25R, Satellite C870-12N, Satellite Pro A50-C-22C, Satellite C850-1M8, Satellite L50-B-231, Satellite P750-15G, Satellite C870-15T, SATELLITE C55-C-17M, SATELLITE C50-BST2NX14, Satellite C70-A-153, Satellite L50-B-2FP, Satellite L855-SP5281CM, Satellite L850-14C, Satellite L50-B-2CV, Satellite P750-133, Satellite C870-1GL, Satellite L850-1RC, Satellite L50-B-18M, Satellite C70-C-19V, Satellite L830-135, Satellite L850D-126, Satellite L50-B-1GU, Satellite L850-132, Tecra R850-11X, Satellite C55-A-1JZ, Satellite L50-B-1M2, Satellite C850-16Q, Satellite C55-A-17V, Satellite P850-30H, Satellite C55-B860, Satellite L855-SP5265KM, Satellite L50D-B-172, Satellite L850-114, SATELLITE C70-C-1HM, Satellite C55-C-1MM, Satellite C55-A-1FR, Satellite Pro L850-B339, TECRA R840-14T, Satellite Pro M300D, Satellite S50T-A-11V, Satellite L50-B-1JT, Satellite C55-A-1PR, Satellite L855-SP5269KM, TECRA R840-197, Satellite C55-C-1K5, Satellite S50t-A-11U, Satellite L50-B-25C, Satellite C55-C-1E6, Satellite C70-C-1HX, Satellite C855D-SP5370KM, Satellite C55-C-1RD, Satellite L850-1LL, Satellite L50-B-2E7, Satellite C850-1CF, Satellite L50-A-19C, Satellite L870-140, Satellite L855-14D, Satellite L955-10J, Satellite L50-B-28K, SATELLITE C70-C-10R, Satellite C55-A-1KT, SATELLITE C70-C-18D, SATELLITE C70-C-17J, Satellite P855-SP5163SM, Satellite C55-A-1HG, Satellite C55-B1428, Satellite L850-1UE, Satellite C870D-10M, Satellite C875-15L, Satellite C855-1RK, Satellite P850-1010X, Satellite L50D-B01C, Satellite C55-C-1L7, Satellite C850-1H8, Satellite P850-32Z, SATELLITE C70-C-1CW, SATELLITE C70-C-10J, Satellite L50-B-2J3, Satellite C870-1GF, Satellite L870-198, Satellite L50-B-283, Satellite L50-B-1R8, Satellite P50T-A-126, Satellite C855-1D0, Satellite L50-B-2E6, SATELLITE C70-C-1HH, Satellite L830-15H, Satellite C850-1GJ, Satellite C850-1MU, SATELLITE C70-C-1G2, Satellite C55-C-1RL, Satellite C870-1GN, Satellite C855-1DM, TECRA R840-19Q, TECRA R840-17X, Satellite L50D-B-14K, Satellite C870-001-1, Satellite L855-SP5268CM, Satellite L850-1R4, Satellite P850-ST4NX1, SATELLITE C850-P0011, Satellite P855-33R, Satellite C55-A-1J7, Satellite C870-138, Satellite L850-02R, Satellite C870-1HN, Satellite L50-B-2FR, Satellite L50D-B05N, Satellite L850-1TX, Satellite C55-C-1K6, Satellite P855-34D, Satellite L850-1J2, TECRA R840-16W, Satellite P855-325, Satellite C70D-B-31D, Satellite C55-A-1KG, Satellite C855D-SP5372KM, Satellite P855-34E, Satellite C55-B1025, Satellite C70-A-145, Satellite C55-C-19K, Satellite C55-B1834, Satellite L830-10D, Satellite L830-16L, Tecra R940-1CZ, Satellite L850-17F, Satellite C870-15X, Satellite P850-32D, Satellite C70-B-32C, Satellite L50-A-16E, Tecra R900, SATELLITE C70-C-1CM, Tecra R940-1CH, Satellite C55-C-1KL, Satellite C55-B1000, SATELLITE C855-1WN, Satellite C55-B1083, Satellite L850-1ND, Satellite L50D-B-17K, Satellite L50-B-19W, Satellite L850-15W, portege z930-02l, Satellite L50-B-2J4, Satellite L850-1V6, Tecra Z40-A-14U, Satellite Pro C605D, SATELLITE C70-C-19C, Satellite C55-C-1GM, Satellite C855-1M3, Satellite L50-B-1RR, SATELLITE C70-C-199, Satellite C55-C-1GN, Satellite C855-198, TECRA R840-19N, Satellite L50D-B-16V, Satellite C855-1XE, Satellite L850-142, Satellite L850-14L, Satellite L855-16H, Satellite C855-1VX, Satellite C55-A-169, Satellite L50D-B02C, Satellite P850-30L, SATELLITE C70-C-1C7, Satellite L855-10Q, Satellite C55-C-1N1, Satellite C55-C-13J, Satellite L855-16U, Satellite L50-B-23U, SATELLITE C55-B5322K, Satellite L850-1G6, Satellite L855D-SP5376RM, Satellite L50-B-25M, Satellite L50D-B06M, Satellite C870-1CK, TECRA R840-1C8, Satellite P755-10C, SATELLITE C70-C-17T, TECRA R840-19R, Satellite C55-C1587, Satellite C50-B068, Tecra R850-147, Satellite L855-176, Satellite C55-C-17R, Satellite C55-C-1RQ, Satellite P850-33M, Satellite C55-C-1KN, SATELLITE C850-X0011, Satellite L850-1RE, SATELLITE C70-C-198, SATELLITE C70-C-18P, Satellite L850-1RN, Satellite P50T-A-11C, Satellite S870-BT3N22, Satellite C55-C-1RM, Satellite L50-B-2HF, SATELLITE C70-C-1HN, Satellite L850-1JW, Satellite C870-1JL, Satellite L50-A-1EG, Satellite L50-B-23X, Satellite L50-B-2J1, Satellite C870-1HR, Satellite C55-B1069, Satellite L850-17E, Satellite C870-129, Satellite C70-B-218, Satellite C55-C-1K1, Satellite C70-B-216, Satellite L50-B-25E, Satellite L870-19N, Satellite P855-339, Satellite C55-C-1MW, Satellite L830-11X, Satellite Pro C850-1DQ, Satellite C50T-A-1DL, TECRA R840-1CC, Satellite C850-1KG, Satellite C870-183, TECRA R840-1CX, Satellite C855D-SP5366SM, Satellite L850-1G7, Satellite L50-B-2CT, Satellite C870-1JQ, Satellite C55-C-1J4, Satellite C850-1EN, Satellite C55-C-1GF, Satellite L870-132, Satellite P855-349, Satellite L50-B-1LE, Satellite C55-C-1U3, TECRA R840-1CL, Satellite L850-1V5, Tecra R840-M109, Satellite L850D-132, Satellite C870-1J6, Satellite C55DT-C5230X, SATELLITE C55D-A5204, Satellite P850-135, Satellite P855-34N, Satellite L850-1LD, Satellite L850-1R2, Satellite C855-1TW, Satellite L850-12T, Satellite C55-C-12D, Satellite C55-A-13J, Tecra A40-C-141, Satellite L855-16X, Satellite L870-19C, Tecra R840-M15F, Satellite C55-B1051, Satellite C70-A-17C, Tecra C50-e-0c4, Satellite C875-13F, Satellite L850-1T7, Satellite C870-17V, Satellite C855-1VU, Satellite L50-B-1QH, Satellite Pro L850-B321, Satellite L50-B-269, SATELLITE C70-C-124, Satellite C875D-107, Satellite L850-17D, Satellite C55-C-13W, Satellite C870D-115, Satellite C70D-A-106, Satellite L855-180, Satellite L850-1EV, Satellite C870-1HD, Satellite C70-A-16X, portege z935-st4n05, Satellite C55-C-1HX, Tecra R850-14, Satellite L870-B6S, SATELLITE C70-C-18V, Satellite C70-B-31Q, Satellite C70-B-33G, Satellite L855-14G, SATELLITE C70-C-1E7, Satellite P755-12G, Satellite C850-B733, Satellite C870-13P, Satellite L850-143, Satellite C55-B1825, Satellite C870-17T, Satellite P855-33K, SATELLITE C70-C-11L, Satellite L50-A039, Satellite L850-10F, Satellite C55-C-1TZ, portege z930-130, Satellite C870-186, Satellite Pro A50-C-26Q, Satellite L50-B-24Z, Satellite C55-C-1PR, Satellite L850-1VH, Satellite L50T-B-142, Satellite C70-B-31V, Satellite C870-1J4, Satellite C55-C-1MD, Satellite C55D-A-15M, Satellite L50D-B-11R, Satellite C55-C-1E4, Satellite L850-1VC, Satellite L850-1HZ, Satellite C55-B1368, Satellite C870-1HE, Satellite C55-C-1L4, Satellite C55-C-174, Satellite C55-C1577, Tecra R940-1CX, SATELLITE C70-C-18L, Satellite L50D-B-16U, TECRA R840-196, SATELLITE C70-C-1H7, SATELLITE C70-C-1DV, Satellite C70-A-16M, Satellite L50T-B-13D, SATELLITE C70-C-167, Satellite L50-B1413, SATELLITE L50-A0383, Satellite P845T-105, SATELLITE C70-C-18Q, Satellite L50-B-1XP, Satellite L855-14F, Satellite P850-336, Satellite C875-101, Satellite C55-C-11Z, Satellite P755-12L, Satellite C55-C-1UE, Satellite L850-1CX, SATELLITE C70-C-18W, Satellite C55-C-1VE, SATELLITE C50-B1001, Satellite L850-171, Satellite L870 PSKFLC-08D007, Satellite L855-17F, Satellite L855-16Q, Satellite C55-C-11K, Satellite L850-1TL, Satellite C70-AST2NX3, Satellite L50-A046, Satellite C70-B-308, Satellite P750-15T, Tecra R950-102, Satellite L870-15Z, Satellite C55-C-1RH, Satellite L850-1W5, Satellite L50D-B-14V, Satellite L50-B-1GR, Satellite L855-16N, Satellite C55-A-1CT, Satellite C870D-10R, Satellite L850-1XK, Satellite C55-A-1HD, Satellite L50T-A196, Satellite C55-B1055, Satellite L850-1FL, Satellite C55-B1177, Satellite C55-C-1TX, Satellite P50T-A-11H, Tecra R850-114, Satellite C855-1U7, Satellite P750-111, Satellite P845T-103, Satellite C70D-B-312, Satellite L850-1T0, Satellite P750-15R, Satellite L850-12M, Satellite C870-1J8, portege z935-st4n02, Satellite C55-C-1U8, Satellite C55-C-1N0, Satellite C855-1NJ, Satellite C855-1XC, Satellite C870-1C1, Satellite C55-C-1PU, Satellite P855-33D, Satellite C55-C-10M, Satellite P755-12P, Satellite C55-B1372, Satellite L850-00Y, Satellite L850-1L8, Tecra R850-144, Satellite L50-B-22W, Satellite C55-C-1U6, Satellite C55-C-1K9, Satellite C55-B1399, Satellite L50D-BST2NX3, SATELLITE C70-C-16G, Satellite C50T-A092, Satellite Pro A50-C-2P5, Satellite C70-C-1CH, Satellite C55-C-1UC, Satellite L50D-B02P, Satellite L850D-114, Satellite P750-12U, Satellite P755-12M, Satellite C50-B02F, Satellite C855-184, SATELLITE C70-C-12J, Satellite C875-134, Satellite L850-1JX, Satellite L870-19L, Satellite P855-302, Satellite P845T-10M, Satellite L850-12X, SATELLITE C70-C-1H6, Tecra R850-124, Satellite C70-C-126, Satellite L830-14M, Satellite L855-113, Satellite Pro L750D, Satellite P845T-100, Satellite L850-1RF, Satellite P755-12K, Satellite L830-152, Satellite C55-C-1GG, Satellite L850-163, Satellite C855-1XD, Satellite C55-C-1U9, SATELLITE C70-C-18M, Satellite L870D-10V, Satellite C850D-137, Satellite C55-C-19P, Satellite C55-C-1LW, Satellite C55-C-1QL, Satellite P750-10J, TECRA R840-195, Satellite L50-B-23N, Satellite P750-11H, Satellite C875-126, Satellite L855-17G, Satellite C55-B1061, Satellite L50-B-255, Satellite C855-1KM, Satellite Pro A50-C-21U, Satellite L50-B-1FP, Satellite C55-C-1UH, Satellite L50D-B-11H, Tecra R840-109, Satellite L50-B-1P8, Satellite L850-1JK, Satellite L50-B-249, Satellite P850-320, Satellite C70-B-33H, Satellite P755-11Q, Satellite L850D-135, Satellite L50T-B-15E, SATELLITE L870-196, Satellite L50D-B-14U, Satellite C70-B-21C, Tecra R840-14F, Satellite C55-C-1UK, Satellite C70-B-214, Portege R30-A3210K, Satellite L855-16M, Satellite L850-1VF, SATELLITE C70-C-18F, Satellite P855-SP5364M, Satellite P855-34G, Satellite Pro L850-B338, Satellite C870-1DH, Satellite P855-10E, Satellite L50-B-23K, SATELLITE C70-C-123, Satellite C55-B1079, Satellite L855D-10G, Satellite L850-1NP, Satellite C875-15G, Satellite C55-B1081, Satellite C55-C-182, portege z930-125, Satellite L850-1K0, Satellite L50-B-1NV, Satellite C870D-114, Satellite C70-B-31Z, Satellite L50D-B-17J, Satellite P755-120, Portege R30-A3160KM, Satellite C70-C-1FF, Satellite C875-147, Satellite L50-B-246, Satellite C870D-10T, Satellite C870-165, Tecra C50-E-0C5, Satellite L50T-B-12F, Satellite C55-B1071, Satellite L870D-10P, Satellite P750-12V, Satellite P845T-10V, Satellite C55-B1183, Satellite L850-1LX, Satellite L855-12Q, Satellite L870D-10L, Satellite L850-1TZ, Satellite C870-022, Satellite L850-1J1, Satellite L50D-B-16M, SATELLITE C70-C-180, Satellite L830-153, Satellite C855-1GE, Satellite L50D-B-18R, Satellite P750-13J, SATELLITE C55-C-17Q, Satellite L830-150, Satellite C875D-13H, Satellite L50D-B-179, Satellite C870-149, Satellite C55-B1844, Satellite P50T-A-11F, Satellite P855-30W, Satellite P750-124, Satellite S50-A-117, SATELLITE C70-C-1C9, Satellite L850-188, Satellite L50-B-1FG, Satellite L50-B-1RW, Satellite L830-134, Satellite S50T-A-112, Satellite C55-C-1GJ, Satellite L870D-100, Satellite C55D-A-12J, Satellite C70-A-14Z, Satellite Pro A50-C-24V, Satellite C70-C-1DX, Satellite Pro L850-1Z8, Satellite Pro L50-A-126, Satellite L50-A-1C7, Satellite L50T-B033, Satellite P755-11G, Satellite P750-13D, Satellite P750-11U, Satellite C70-B-30U, Satellite Pro A50-C-255, Satellite C855-1T5, Satellite C55-C-1H7, Satellite C70-B-35E, Satellite L850-1V4, Satellite C70-AST2NX1, Satellite C55-B1175, Satellite L830-B746, Satellite L50-B-1G5, Satellite C50T-A053, Satellite L50-B-1RH, Satellite P850-31X, Satellite Pro L850-1N7, Satellite L50-B-1LR, Satellite C70-AST3NX1, Satellite C55-C-100, Satellite C70-C-1CE, Satellite C70-C-1HZ, Satellite L850-1TG, Satellite C70-A-134, Satellite L855-172, Satellite L50-B-1TU, Satellite C850-C032, Satellite P850-332, Satellite L830-B742, Satellite P855-32X, Satellite C50-B01G, Satellite C850D-13G, Satellite L50-B-1RZ, Satellite C850D-12Q, Satellite P845T-10H, Satellite L50T-B01C, Satellite L50-B-1QM, Satellite P855-346, Satellite P855-34Q, Satellite L50-B-1G1, Satellite C855-1TH, Satellite L50-B-2JL, Satellite L855-13Q, Satellite Pro L850-1P8, Satellite L850D-11M, Satellite L830-B747, Satellite L50-B1356, Satellite C55-B1064, Satellite C870-1EX, Satellite C870-1H1, Satellite L830-163, Satellite C870-16G, Satellite L830-B748, Satellite L870-176, Satellite P855-11R, Satellite L850-1MP, Satellite L830-B749, Satellite L850-18M, Satellite Pro C850-1MM, Satellite L850-1X4, Satellite L850-1LH, Satellite L50-B-2K2, SATELLITE C70-C-1ED, Satellite L830-164, Satellite L840-A630, Satellite P855-33H, Satellite P755-11K, Satellite C870-17R, Satellite P750-15X, Satellite L50-B-1HJ, Satellite L50-B-1RX, Satellite P845T-10U, Satellite L50-B-1RQ, Satellite C855-1V6, Satellite P845T-110, Satellite P755-10H, Satellite C850-1H0, Satellite C70-B-35P, Satellite C70-C-1DW, Tecra M10D, Satellite C875-12D, Satellite C70-C-1HJ, Satellite L50-B-1QE, Satellite Pro L850-187, Satellite C870-119, Satellite P850-335, Satellite L830-B744, Satellite L50-B-1RV, Satellite L50-B-1L8, Satellite Pro C850-1J5, Satellite P850-337, Satellite C70-B-31K, Satellite L850-B752, Satellite L50-B-25W, Satellite L855D-10H, Satellite L50-B-1VF, Satellite Pro C850-114, Satellite P850-1000X, Satellite L830-B743, Satellite C70-B-32Z, Tecra R850-150, Satellite P850-33G, Satellite L850-18E, Satellite P750-140, Satellite L850-S20W, Satellite L50-B-268, Satellite C55-C-1H0, Satellite L830-16E, Satellite C870-145, Satellite C55-B1188, Satellite P850-33D, Satellite L850-T25B1, Satellite C870-1J1, Satellite L850-T25W, Satellite C50T-A-15E, Satellite C55-B1078, Satellite P850-338, Satellite L855-14W, Satellite P750-121, Tecra R850-158, Satellite C70-C-1DZ, Satellite L850-C21W, Satellite L50-B-23J, Satellite L50-B1412, Satellite L50D-B-18G, SATELLITE C70-C-17U, Satellite L50-B-2J0, Tecra A40-C-1C0, Satellite P845T-10D, Tecra Z40-A-126, Satellite C55-C-1HR, Satellite L830-140, Satellite C55-B1187, SATELLITE C70-C-1EQ, Satellite L850-T18B1, Satellite C55-C-13T, Satellite C870-116, Satellite L50-B-2CD, Satellite P850-1007X, Satellite C870-11T, Satellite C70-C-1HL, Satellite S50-A-KLM, Satellite Pro C850-1D6, Satellite P750-10N, Satellite L850-141, Satellite L50-B-27F, Satellite C70-B-327, Satellite P850-31W, Satellite P750-10P, Satellite L50-B-27U, Satellite Pro A50-C-202, Satellite L850-13W, Satellite P755-12E, Satellite L50-B-262, Satellite P850-1009X, Satellite C55-B1185, Satellite Pro A50-C-24J, Tecra R850-11N, Satellite L50-B-1RK, Satellite C55-B1327, Satellite C50T-A-1JM, Satellite C55-C1570, Satellite S50-A-KKM, Satellite L50D-B-15H, Satellite P850-1004X, Tecra C50-E-0C2, Satellite P850-1012X, Satellite L50-B-27T, Satellite C55-C-1GW, Satellite C70-C-1CZ, Satellite C55-B5364KM, Satellite P850-30W, Satellite C70-B-35V, SATELLITE C850-07G, Satellite L850-1X9, Satellite L850-17V, Satellite C850-1FR, Satellite L50-B-28F, Satellite C55-B1326, Satellite L50-B-2GZ, Satellite L50-B-27Q, Satellite L850-13V, Satellite C850-1FG, Satellite C870D-10H, Satellite L850-B757, Satellite L50-B-259, Satellite C55-B1325, Satellite L840-A632, Satellite L50-B-26H, Satellite C855-1WG, Satellite L50-B-25Z, Tecra Z40-A-14P, Satellite L850-1TF, Satellite L50-B-26L, Satellite L850-13Z, Satellite L50-B-266, Satellite C55-B1350, Satellite P850-1011X, Satellite L50T-A047, Satellite L850-1MV, Satellite L50-B1358, Satellite L50-B-26C, Satellite L850-184, Tecra R840-1CZ, Satellite L50D-B-19W, Satellite C70-B-356, Satellite P850-1008X, Satellite L50-B1411, Satellite L50-B-1W8, Satellite C55-B1184, Satellite L50D-B-145, Satellite C70-B-338, Tecra C50-E-BTO, satellite L8501-ux, Satellite P850-1013X, Satellite C70-A-17E, Satellite C870-160, Satellite L850-1W4, Satellite P855-33U, Satellite C55-B1084, Satellite C55-B1324, Tecra C50-E-0C3, Satellite C855-1DCJ, Satellite C55-C-1E7, Satellite C55-B1328, Satellite C50-B-159CT, Satellite C55-C-1LX, Satellite C70-C-178, Satellite L50-B-1W9, Satellite L850-1CT, Satellite L850-140, Satellite U800-T01S, Satellite L850-18D, Satellite C855-1FF, Satellite P850-1005X, Satellite L850-14W, Satellite P850-1002X, Satellite C70-C-1GZ, satellite z930-010, Tecra C50-E-3LG, Satellite C70-C-1E1, Satellite C55-C-1CK, Satellite C870-11W, Satellite C55-B1370, SATELLITE C55-B5362KM, Satellite C55-B1369, Satellite P855-33L, Satellite L850-1P0, Satellite C70-B-31N, Satellite P855-S32G, Satellite L50-B1403, Satellite C55-B1351, TECRA R840-11C, Satellite P855-S10G, Satellite P850-1003X, Satellite C875D-139, Satellite Z30-A-180, Satellite C55-B1355, Satellite L850-1Z5, Tecra R850-10G, Satellite C55-C-1FM, SATELLITE C50-BBT2N22, Satellite C55-C-1GT, Satellite C55-C-1RZ, Satellite P850-1006X, Satellite L850-13X, Satellite L850-1TJ, Satellite C55-C-1LJ, Satellite L850-1WT, Satellite L850-1GE, Satellite C870-16F, Satellite C55-C-1N3, Satellite L870-14D, Satellite L850-1RW, Satellite C55-B1352, Satellite C55-B800, Satellite C50T-A294, Satellite L850-1TM, Satellite C55-B1087, Satellite C55-C-1KU, Satellite S50T-A-11P, Satellite L50D-B-1CM, Tecra C50-E-09Y, Satellite L850-1XN, Satellite C55-B1353, Satellite C870-15N, Satellite C870-1FH, Satellite L850-14M, Satellite C55-C-1DV, Satellite C855-13Q, Satellite L850-1PW, Tecra R940-1C0, Satellite L850-1XV, Satellite C55-B1354, SATELLITE C70-C-168, Tecra R950-124, Satellite C70-B-217, Satellite Pro A50-C-21T, Satellite L850-189, Satellite C55-B1093, Satellite L850-1PT, Satellite L870-16F, Satellite L850-1FD, Satellite L50D-B-14J, Satellite C55-C-1T2, TECRA C50-E-1VK, Satellite L50-A-1EK(PSKK6E-04305TPL), Satellite C55-C-1LR, Satellite C870-1ED, Satellite C55-C1529, Satellite C55-B1082, Satellite C55-C1526, satellite z930-01l, Satellite L50-A-1FM(PSKK2E-08K08SGR), Satellite Pro A50-C-2FR, Satellite C870-18J, Satellite L850-1PU, Satellite Pro L850-1KR, pske8c-00v001, Satellite C55-C-1J7, Satellite C55-C-1LZ, Satellite C70-C-19P, Satellite L850-1PN, Satellite P855-33E, Satellite C870-1F8, Satellite C870-119(PSCBEE-00600CGR), Satellite C55-C1000, Satellite L850-1WD, Satellite C870-182, Satellite C870-1DC, Satellite L50D-B-1CU, Satellite C870-1C5, Tecra R940-1CQ, Satellite L850-1UZ, Satellite L870-18Z, Satellite C70-B-30V, Satellite C70-B-32X, Satellite L50DT-A-03X(PSKMAC-03X02M), Satellite L850-1R1, Satellite L850-1TK, Satellite C70-B-331, Satellite L850-1UU, Satellite Pro A50-C-27D, Satellite L850-1GK, Satellite C870-1F7, Satellite L850-1M2, Satellite L50-A-1CE(PSKK6E-02K063GR), Satellite L870-12Q, Satellite L870-16K, Satellite L850-1TH, Satellite L850-1PZ, Satellite L850-19F, Satellite L850-1JL, Satellite L50-A-1E9(PSKK6E-044063GR), Satellite L850-1NV, Satellite Pro A50-C-2JL, Satellite P855-33M, Satellite L50D-A-005(PSKMAC-005004), Satellite C870-139, Satellite C870-1FP, Satellite L50-A-1DN(PSKK6E-05N061EN), Satellite C50T-A-1F1, Satellite C55-C-1Q1, Satellite L850-18R, Satellite L850-1F3, Satellite C55-C-1U7, Tecra Z40-A PT44FC-0J, Satellite L850-1VM, Satellite L50-A-1D9(PSKK6E-04805TPL), Satellite C50T-A-185, Satellite L850-1XP, Satellite L850-1TN, Satellite L850-1G4, Satellite L850-1CL, Satellite L850-1CH, Satellite L850-18P, Satellite L630-K02, Satellite C870-1FM, Satellite C55-C-1WJ, tecra R850-08t03p, Satellite L50DT-A-009(PSKM2A-009005), Satellite L850-1L0, Satellite L850-1VN, Satellite L850-1K2, Satellite L850-1W2, Satellite L850-1PL, Satellite L850-1Z6, Satellite L850-1E7, Satellite L850-1LU, Satellite L50-A-1E7(PSKK2E-02W055EN), Satellite C55-B5000, Tecra R850 PT520A-01T00301, Satellite C55-C-1TR, Tecra R840-1DP, Satellite L850-1TP, Satellite L850-1F5, Satellite L50-A-10Q(PSKK6E-00400KGR), Satellite L50-A-19P(PSKK6E-02J05VS4), Satellite C870-13U, Satellite C870-15G, Satellite L850-1Z4, Tecra R850 PT520A-05M03201, Satellite P850-137, Satellite L870-13P, Satellite C55-C-1KW, Satellite L850-1NT, Satellite L870-18U, Satellite L850-1QD, Satellite C850-122, Satellite L50-B-1PQ(PSKTAE-09U019GR), Satellite L850-1F7, Satellite L50-B-1PR(PSKTAE-09V019GR), SATELLITE C55-C-1QX, Satellite C870-1GG, Satellite L850-1CJ, Satellite L850-1VP, Satellite P50-A-144(PSPMHE-0GN045GR), Satellite C870-1HQ, Satellite C870-184, Satellite P855-31L, Satellite C870-1K0, Satellite C870-14N, Satellite L850-1RP, Satellite P850-322, Satellite C870-1J5, Satellite C870-17J, Satellite C870-1DN, Satellite L850-1R0, Satellite C870-1GP, Satellite L50-B-1PW(PSKTAE-09X019GR), Satellite L850-1CK, Satellite L850-1TT, Satellite L850-1VW, Satellite C870-1HC, Satellite C870-1H7, Satellite L870-F0059, Satellite L850-1PP, Satellite Pro L850-191, Satellite L850-18F, Satellite C870-11M, Satellite L850-1W3, Satellite L850-1NG, Satellite C55-C-1U4, Satellite P850-B730, Satellite L850-1PR, Satellite L850-1KJ, Satellite C870D(PSCBEE-00600CGR), Satellite L850-1X2, Satellite C870-1DL, Satellite C55-C1527, Satellite C870-17K, Satellite C870-18G, Satellite C870-14P, Satellite L850-1M4, Satellite L850-1FE, Satellite C870-14C, Satellite L850-19T, Satellite Pro A50-C-2F6, Satellite L850-1WN, Satellite C870-1FN, Satellite L850-1F9, Satellite C870-1CM, Satellite L850-19H, Satellite C870-10P, Satellite C55-C-1HD, Satellite L850-1VD, Satellite C870-1DQ, SATELLITE C55-C-1R3, Satellite C55-C-1T6, Satellite C870-17N, Satellite L850-179, Satellite L850-1CP, Satellite L850-1CG, Satellite L850-1M8, Satellite P50-A-14F(PSPMHE-0GK045GR), Satellite L870-138, Satellite L850-15H, Satellite L840-B335, Satellite C870-1CL, Satellite P50-A-13M(PSPMHE-08C045GR), Satellite L850-1J6, Satellite L850-1FM, Satellite P855-30R, Satellite C850-11C(PSCC2E-00H00RGR), Satellite L850-1G2, Satellite L850-1CN, Satellite L850-16X, Satellite Pro L850(PSKG9E-00F006GR), Satellite L850-1XR, Satellite L850-1G3, Satellite C875D-134, Satellite Pro A50-C-27Q, Satellite C55-C-1N2, Satellite L850-1CQ, Satellite L850-18H, Satellite L850-1CM, Satellite L840-B333, Satellite L870-189, Satellite L850-1X0, SATELLITE PSKULA-06M00V, Satellite L850-1T9, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-011004, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-01700E, Satellite L510 PSLF2Q-01700C, Satellite L50-B-1PP(PSKTAE-09T019GR), Satellite C55-C-1PT, Satellite P855-332, Satellite L50D-B-18T, Satellite Pro L850-B340, Tecra C50-E-0C0, Satellite L850(PSKG9E-00F006GR), Satellite L850-1E8, Satellite L850-18J, Satellite L50-B-1TD(PSKTAE-0D8019GR), Satellite L850 PSKACA-03D011, Satellite P855-311, Satellite L850 PSKDLA-0C800R, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-00W004, Satellite L870-10U, Satellite P850-134, Satellite Pro L850-1DU, Satellite L510 PSLL3Q-009004, Satellite L830-15P, Satellite L50-B-1PV(PSKTUE-03100YGR), Satellite C850-11G(PSCC2E-00F00RGR), Satellite L50-B-2C8(PSKTQE-00C00GGR), Satellite Pro L850-15E, Tecra R850 PT520C-003023, Satellite Pro L850-1MX, Satellite P55-S5320, Satellite L50D-B-13L, Satellite C55-B1448, Satellite Pro L850-1DX, Satellite P855-31K, TECRA R840-192, Portege R30-A PT341C-01000T, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-00X004, Satellite C55-C-1VM, Satellite L50-B-1C9(PSKT4E-030003GR), Tecra C50-D-00N, Satellite L850 PSKACA-03S011, Satellite L870-14Z, Satellite L50-B-2EZ(PSKTUE-05700YGR), Satellite P855-331, Satellite Pro L850-1MZ, Portege R30-A PT343C-01M01J, Satellite Pro L850-1KK, Satellite L870-174, Satellite C875D-10G, Satellite S50-A-10H(PSKKWE-00N008EN), Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-01800E, Tecra R850 PT520C-003002, Satellite P855-312, Satellite P855-330, Satellite P855-327, Satellite L850D PSKE8C-00V001, Satellite Pro L850-1KF, Satellite L830-15C, Satellite P55-S5120, Satellite L870-14U, Satellite L830-13H, Satellite L50-B-2G2(PSKTNE-032014GR), Satellite S50-A-10W(PSKK6E-00N00DEN), Tecra Z40-A-16Q(PT44FE-06G026GR), Tecra Z40-A-176(PT44FE-06S026GR), Tecra Z40-A-120(PT44GE-01V01DGR), Tecra Z40-A-182(PT44GE-0C306UGR), Satellite Pro A50-C-26G, Satellite L850 PSKDLA-09200R, Satellite L870D-10T, Satellite L850 PSKDLA-0C800S, portege z930-st2n03, Satellite P855-304, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-016004, Tecra Z40-A-17J(PT44GE-09006UGR), Tecra Z40-A-11Z(PT44GE-01Q01DGR), Satellite C875D-103, Satellite L510 PSLF2Q-01X00C, Portege R30-A3312K, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-00Y004, Satellite Pro C850D-1D4, Satellite L510 PSLL3Q-004004, Satellite L830-13N, Satellite L510 PSLFEQ-012004, Satellite L850D PSKGCC-00F002, Tecra Z40-A-11R(PT44GE-01R01DGR), Satellite L870-131, SATELLITE U480W, SATELLITE C55-C-1R1, Satellite L510 PSLF2Q-01Y00C, Satellite C870-10T, Satellite L870-146, Satellite L50-B-1DQ(PSKTAE-058009GR), Satellite L850D PSKGCC-003002, Portege R30-A PT343C-0YP08W, Satellite C870D-106, Portege R30-A3311K, Satellite C870-1HW(PSCBBE-00V00CGR), Tecra Z40-A-145(PT44FE-02Y00YGR), Tecra Z40-A-147(PT44FE-02J00YGR), Tecra Z40-A-11T(PT44GE-01S01DGR), Tecra Z40-A-127(PT44GE-01N01DGR), Satellite L50-B-13M(PSKTAE-00J009GR), Tecra Z40-A-12V(PT44GE-03D01DGR), Satellite L50-B-181(PSKTAE-03Q009GR), Tecra R850 PT520C-017023, Satellite L50-B-13D(PSKTAE-00S009GR), Tecra R850 PT520A-05L032, Satellite L50-B-159(PSKTAE-01K009GR), Satellite L50-B-1E4(PSKTUE-01D00TGR), Satellite L870-113, Satellite L50-B-196(PSKTAE-006009GR), Tecra Z40-A-10T(PT44GE-00800HGR), Satellite L870-177(PSKFNE-01500PGR), portege z935-p30, Satellite C850D-11K(PSCC2E-00J00RGR), portege z930-02j/pt235c-02j049, Satellite L50-B-180(PSKT4E-01M003GR), Portege R30-A PT343C-0YQ01J, Satellite L840-B334, Satellite L50-B-118(PSKTAE-01W009GR), Tecra R850 PT520C-01R002, Satellite L50-B-1JJ(PSKT4E-0700C8GR), Tecra R850 PT520C-00L002, Satellite L850 PSKB4A-005004, Satellite C850D-10C, portege z930-st3n01, Satellite L50-B-11Z(PSKTAE-00M009GR), Portege R30-A-15C(PT341E-03T014GR), Portege R30-A PT341C-0D200T, Satellite L50T-B-1779, Satellite L50-B-1DP(PSKTAE-057009GR), Satellite L50-B-182(PSKTAE-03R009GR), Tecra R850-14X, Satellite P755D PSAZ1C-03Q03C, Satellite L830-12Z, Portege R30-A PT341C-00W00T, Satellite L50-B-19M(PSKTAE-04L009GR), Satellite L50-B-1GT(PSKTAE-06Y019GR), Satellite L50-B-10Z(PSKUCE-006001GR), Satellite L50-B-18K(PSKTAE-041009GR), Satellite L50-B-1FF(PSKTUE-01N00YGR), Satellite L50-B-124(PSKTAE-00N009GR), Portege R30-A PT341C-0CX00T, Satellite L50-B-1D6(PSKT4E-03T003GR), Satellite L50-B-1DX(PSKTUE-01500RGR), Satellite L830-14H, Satellite Pro A50-C-27V, Satellite L50-B-1HM(PSKTAE-072019GR), Satellite L50-B-1DR(PSKTAE-059009GR), Satellite L50-B-1CC(PSKT4E-02Y003GR), Satellite L50-B-1E2(PSKTUE-01900TGR), Satellite L50-B-1GD(PSKTUE-02L00YGR), Satellite L50-B-1E1(PSKTUE-01800YGR), Satellite L50-B-1DK(PSKT4E-03Y003GR), Satellite L50-B-1E3(PSKTUE-01C00RGR), Satellite L50-B-120(PSKTAE-00L009GR), Satellite L50-B-19L(PSKTAE-009009GR), Satellite S50D-A-00G(PSKKWC-00G005), Portege R30-A PT341C-05C03R, Satellite L830-15V, Portege R30-A PT341C-02Q00T, Portege R30-A PT341C-00Y00T, Portege R30-A-140(PT343E-04C01YGR), Portege R30-A-157(PT343E-07C01YGR), Portege R30-A PT343C-01N01J, Portege R30-A PT341C-0D100T, Satellite C875D-104, Satellite C870D-11J, Satellite Pro A50-C-211, Satellite Pro A50-C-263, Satellite L830-16F, Satellite C55D-A5240D, Portege R30-A-17G(PT343E-0NC05GGR), Tecra R850 PT520C-01Q002, Satellite C875D-106, Satellite C870D(PSCBEE-00E00CGR), Satellite L870D-102, Tecra R850 PT520C-00Q002, Portege R30-A-130(PT343E-02N01YGR), Tecra R850 PT520C-02102F, Satellite C875D-10H, Portege R30-A-17H(PT343E-0ND05GGR), Satellite C875D-10K, Satellite C875D-136, Satellite L850D PSKGCC-00C002, Satellite L870D PSKFQC-005005, Satellite P850-32Q, Portege R30-A-191(PT341E-06703XGR), Tecra R850 PT520A-01N003, Portege R30-A PT341C-00X00T, Satellite L850D PSKGCC-00D002, Satellite L850-1K6(PSKG8E-03700SGR), Tecra R850 PT520A-05N03201, Satellite L870 PSKFLC-00N007, Satellite Pro A50-C-28K, Satellite L870 PSKBGC-01D00K, Satellite P845-10Z, portege z930-p390, Satellite C875D-10D, Satellite C850-1JZ(PSCBYE-06D01DGR), Satellite L850 PSKDGC-02R00K, Satellite L870 PSKFLC-08M007, Satellite L870 PSKBGC-01C00K, Satellite L870 PSKFLC-00G007, portege z930-st3n03, Satellite L850-1KG(PSKG8E-03D00SGR), Satellite L870D PSKFQC-00E005, Satellite L850 PSKDGC-02S00K, portege z930-16n, Satellite P850-333, Tecra R850 PT520C-00P002, Satellite L850D PSKGEC-00J007, Satellite C875D-10F, Satellite L850 PSKDGC-02200K, Tecra R850 PT520C-02Y023, Satellite C875D-10C, Satellite L850D PSKE8C-00S001, Satellite L850D PSKE8C-00M001, Satellite L870D PSKBQC-00P001, Satellite L50-B-1GD(PSKTUE-02L00WGR), Satellite L850-1C9(PSKDLE-09Q009GR), Satellite L50-B-1V6(PSKTUE-03U00YGR), Satellite L50-B-17C(PSKT4E-01H003GR), Satellite P50-B-10Q(PSPNUE-00T010GR), Tecra R850-12X, Satellite C870-164, Satellite L50-B-1D5(PSKT4E-03S003GR), Satellite L850 PSKDGC-01X00K, Satellite L50-B-1DW(PSKTUE-01400RGR), Satellite L870-138(PSKBLE-01M008GR), Satellite L50-B-1PN(PSKTAE-09S019GR), Satellite L50-B-1LN(PSKTAE-08C009GR), Satellite S50-A-11J(PSKJJE-02300VGR), Satellite L50-B-177(PSKT4E-01J003GR), Satellite L50-B-15F(PSKT4E-011003GR), Portege R30-A-17R(PT343E-0NM05GGR), Satellite C870-19L(PSCBAE-02900JGR), Satellite P845-10X, Satellite L850D-102(PSKECE-00F006GR), Satellite L870D PSKBQC-00R001, Satellite L50-B-1ET(PSKTUE-01R00YGR), Satellite C55-A-124, Portege R30-A-14G(PT341E-02X014GR), Satellite L50-B-2EX(PSKTUE-05600YGR), Satellite L50T-B-130, Satellite C870-1D2(PSCBAE-03100JGR), Satellite L50-B-27N(PSKTQE-00E00GGR), tecra R850-00303p, Satellite P50-B-11M(PSPNUE-02L010GR), Satellite Pro C870(PSKG9E-00E005GR), Tecra R850 PT520C-00U023, Portege R30-A-13X(PT343E-04801YGR), Satellite L850-17Z(PSKDLE-08K009GR), Satellite P845T-111, SATELLITE-PRO PSCNRA-00E00J, Satellite C850D-119(PSCC2E-00800RGR), Satellite L850-19E(PSKDLE-09E009GR), Satellite L630-15U, Satellite L50-B-1XF(PSKTUE-04C00WGR), Satellite C850-1LQ(PSCBWE-0EY00WGR), Satellite L50-B-1X5(PSKT4E-0F10C8GR), Satellite L850-14K(PSKDLE-025009GR), Satellite P50-B-10R(PSPNUE-00U010GR), Satellite L830-15L(PSKF4E-01Q00KGR), Satellite L50-B-2F0(PSKTUE-05800YGR), Satellite L870D PSKFQC-00C005, Satellite S50T-A-06C(PSKK6C-06C068), Portege R30-A-13W(PT341E-02T014GR), Satellite P50-B-10P(PSPNUE-00S010GR), Satellite L850-1L1(PSKG8E-03G00SGR), Satellite L850-13D(PSKDLE-01P009GR), Satellite P50-B-108(PSPNUE-00500GGR), Satellite C855-1WZ(PSCBYE-02J00PGR), Satellite C870-1FG, Satellite L850-19D(PSKDLE-09D009GR), Portege R30-A-14C(PT341E-02U014GR), Satellite C55-A-1HV, Portege R30-A-16K(PT343E-0K901YGR), R30Portege R30-A3210K, Satellite L50-B-1GC(PSKTUE-02K00TGR), Satellite P750-ST6N0, Satellite C855-1Q2(PSKC8E-0HY008GR), Satellite L50-B-1XM(PSKTAE-0G0019GR), Satellite P50-B-10M(PSPNUE-00Q00GGR), Satellite C870-1GW(PSCBAE-08L00JGR), Satellite L830-10F(PSK7YE-009005GR), Satellite M50-A-11L(PSKPNE-01101UGR), Satellite L50-B-1GD(PSKTUE-02L001GR), Portege R30-A-19E(PT343E-0P705GGR), Satellite L850-153(PSKDLE-02G009GR), Satellite M50-A-11M, Satellite C850-1CE(PSCBWE-03U00WGR), Satellite P845T-10P, TECRA C50-E-06U, Satellite C850-1JV(PSCBYE-06C00PGR), Satellite L50-B-1X5(PSKT4E-0F1024GR), Satellite C870D-116(PSCBEE-00E00CGR), Satellite C855-17T(PSKC8E-04X008GR), Satellite L50-B-1HD(PSKTAE-06N019GR), Satellite L50-B-2FH(PSKTNE-02C014GR), Satellite C70-C-1HG, Satellite P845-117, Satellite C70-C-19Q, Satellite C870D-120(PSCBEE-01800CGR), Satellite L50-B-1E3(PSKTUE-01C00TGR), Satellite L870-SNXT32, Satellite P845T-10T, Satellite P845-111, Satellite C870-19H(PSCBAE-02600JGR), Satellite C875D-10P, Satellite L855-135(PSKACE-03R00EGR), Satellite C870-1GU(PSC8CE-00K00JGR), Satellite C870-18M(PSCBAE-01F00JGR), Satellite C850-1MF(PSCBYE-08P00PGR), Tecra R850-10H, Satellite M50-A-115(PSKPNE-00S01UGR), SATELLITE C55-C-1R2, Satellite L850-1K0(PSKG8E-02U00SGR), Satellite C870-19K(PSCBCE-01G006GR), Satellite P845-106(PSPJ2E-00L00FGR), Satellite C870-1DQ(PSCBAE-03300JGR), Satellite C850D-12U(PSCC2E-03000RGR), Satellite C850-16R(PSKC8E-0DR008GR), Satellite L850-1TE(PSKG8E-06S00SGR), Satellite L850-1V1(PSKG8E-08300SGR), Satellite L50-B-2FF(PSKTNE-02G014GR), Satellite C870-1HQ(PSCBAE-09X00JGR), Satellite C70-C-1G8, Satellite C70-C-19F, Satellite L50-B-23Z(PSKTNE-00G014GR), Satellite L870-18K(PSKFNE-03300PGR), Satellite L50T-B-12L, Satellite C870-15M(PSC8EE-01C001GR), Satellite L855-14Z(PSKFWE-01400WGR), Satellite L50-B-23H(PSKTNE-010014GR), Satellite L850-199(PSKDLE-099009GR), Satellite C70-C-1FV, Satellite C70-C-1FR, Satellite L830-13L(PSKF4E-00J00KGR), Satellite C70-C-19E, Satellite M50-A-11G(PSKPNE-00X00NGR), Satellite C870-1H0(PSCBAE-08N00JGR), Satellite L855D-10J(PSKG2E-00D00CGR), Satellite L855-11T(PSKACE-01M00EGR), Satellite C70-C-1FM, Satellite L850-168(PSKDLE-049009GR), Satellite C850-1MV(PSCBXE-02U00KGR), Satellite M50-A-11F, Satellite C850D-12C(PSCC2E-02300RGR), Satellite L850D-101(PSKECE-00D006GR), Satellite C70-C-1C1, Satellite C870-1GV(PSCBAE-08K00JGR), Satellite L850D-BT3NX1, Satellite L50-B-1JH(PSKTAE-07E019GR), Satellite C855-1XC(PSCBWE-05J00WGR), Tecra R850-15C, Satellite C870-18C(PSCBCE-00F006GR), Satellite C70-C-1FN, Satellite C70-C-1FP, Satellite L50-B0CD01H, Satellite C870D-11T(PSCBEE-01200CGR), Satellite C855-1U4(PSCBYE-00S00PGR), Satellite C70-C-1C2, Satellite P845-11C, Satellite L850-1LW(PSKG8E-04300SGR), Satellite C855-1E7(PSKCCE-03V01GGR), Satellite C870-116(PSCBEE-00E00CGR), Satellite L850-1VR(PSKG8E-08C00SGR), Satellite L870-16E(PSKFNE-00U00PGR), Satellite C870-1HP(PSCBAE-09W00JGR), Satellite L855D-10K(PSKG4E-002004GR), Satellite C870-10P(PSC8AE-006004GR), Satellite L870D-10N(PSKFSE-009006GR), Satellite L850-1JT(PSKG8E-02F00SGR), Satellite C870-19R(PSCBAE-02C00JGR), Satellite L870-199(PSKFNE-05U00PGR), Satellite P845T-10Z(PSPJ5E-01T00KGR), Satellite L850-11Q(PSKDLE-00H009GR), Satellite C855-1EF(PSKCCE-03T01GGR), Satellite L850D-11N(PSKECE-018006GR), Satellite L850-139(PSKDLE-01Q009GR), Satellite C870D-11E(PSCBEE-00C00CGR), Satellite P845-105(PSPJ1E-00H007GR), Tecra R850-13K, Satellite L850-1LD(PSKG8E-03N00SGR), Satellite L850D-117(PSKECE-010006GR), Satellite C870-10R(PSC8AE-008004GR), Satellite L50-B-2F1(PSKTUE-05900YGR), Satellite C870-18P(PSCBAE-01J00JGR), Satellite L855D-100(PSKAYE-003005GR), Satellite L850-1CC(PSKDLE-09P009GR), Satellite C870-10N(PSC8EE-001001GR), Satellite L855-150(PSKFWE-01200WGR), Satellite L50-B-2FD(PSKTNE-02E014GR), Satellite C855-111(PSKC8E-00F008GR), Satellite P845T-10Q(PSPJ6E-01300DGR), Portege R30-A-154(PT343E-06X03GGR), Satellite C870-1GZ(PSCBCE-03M006GR), Satellite L850D-11P(PSKECE-019006GR), Satellite C870-17K(PSCBCE-00K006GR), Satellite C870D-105(PSCA2E-003007GR), Satellite C870-1EW(PSCBAE-04S00JGR), Satellite C850D-11R(PSCC2E-00W00RGR), Satellite C855-15U(PSKCCE-027006GR), Tecra Z40-A-10T(PT44GE-00801DGR), Satellite L50-B-1XU(PSKTAE-0HG019GR), Tecra Z40-A-187(PT44GE-0FW06UGR), Satellite L870-18D(PSKFNE-02S00PGR), Satellite L870-10U(PSKBGE-00400PGR), Tecra Z40-A-126(PT44GE-01X01DGR), Satellite C870-1HR(PSCBAE-09Y00JGR), Satellite C870-18R(PSCBAE-01L00JGR), Satellite C870D-119(PSCBEE-00600CGR), Satellite L870-113(PSKBGE-00300PGR), Satellite L850-1K2(PSKG8E-03500SGR), Satellite C870D-11Z(PSCA4E-00200EGR), Satellite P845-113, Satellite L870-182(PSKFNE-01V00PGR), Satellite L850D-12T(PSKGCE-009004GR), Satellite C855-10G(PSKC8E-007008GR), Satellite L850-1K1(PSKG8E-03400SGR), Satellite L50-B-1T7(PSKTAE-0DD019GR), Satellite C850-1DD(PSCBWE-04N00WGR), Satellite L870-12L(PSKBGE-009006GR), Satellite L850D-106(PSKECE-00E006GR), Satellite C850-1MN(PSCBWE-0HY00WGR), Satellite L50-B-25Q(PSKTAE-0JN019GR), Satellite P845-11F, Satellite L870D-10V(PSKFQE-01P01VGR), Satellite C850D-11C(PSCC2E-00H00RGR), Satellite L855-10T(PSKACE-00J00EGR), Tecra Z40-A-18R(PT44FE-09505PGR), Satellite C850-1LX(PSCBWE-0FX00WGR), Satellite L50-B-2G7(PSKTNE-033014GR), Satellite C870-1HT(PSCBAE-09V00JGR), Satellite L855-15U(PSKFWE-02000WGR), Satellite P845T-107(PSPJ6E-00Q00DGR), Satellite L855-17C(PSKFWE-03G00WGR), Satellite L850-16H(PSKDLE-07J009GR), Satellite L850-19C(PSKDLE-09C009GR), Satellite C870D-117(PSCBEE-00500CGR), Satellite C50T-A-10X, Satellite C850D-101(PSC9SE-00D007GR), Satellite C870-1FF(PSCBCE-02Y006GR), Satellite C850D-115(PSC9UE-00N00MGR), Satellite L855-151(PSKFWE-01300WGR), Satellite C870-1HC(PSC8CE-00L00JGR), Satellite L850D-10V(PSKE8E-00D004GR), Satellite C850-1GL(PSCBWE-09E01RGR), Satellite C870-1FD(PSCBAE-05C00JGR), Satellite C850D-11W(PSCC2E-01400RGR), Tecra Z40-A-17G(PT44GE-08Y09KGR), Satellite L50-B-2G1(PSKTNE-03G014GR), Satellite L50-B-1V9(PSKTUE-03L00YGR), Satellite C855-1EE(PSKCCE-03S01GGR), Satellite C855-10T(PSKC8E-00G008GR), Portege R30-A-111(PT343E-00405VGR), Satellite C850-13C(PSKC8E-05X008GR), Satellite P845-116, Satellite M50-A-11L(PSKPNE-01100YGR), Satellite L870D-102(PSKBUE-003006GR), Tecra Z40-A-15E(PT44FE-05X026GR), Tecra Z40-A-17W(PT44GE-09V06UGR), Satellite L50-B-1V5(PSKTUE-03T00YGR), Satellite L850-1RP(PSKG8E-06C00SGR), Satellite C850-1KQ(PSCBYE-07900PGR), Satellite C870-1FE(PSCBAE-05D00JGR), Satellite L50-B-1V2(PSKTUE-03R00YGR), Satellite L850-16C(PSKDLE-047009GR), Satellite L870D-10W(PSKFQE-01Q01VGR), Satellite L50-B-2CC(PSKTAE-0KU019GR), Satellite L850D-126(PSKECE-01T00TGR), Tecra Z40-A-19H(PT44FE-0C5026GR), Satellite C870D-109(PSCA2E-008007GR), Satellite C850-1KM(PSCBYE-07800PGR), Portege R30-A-134(PT341E-01S02DGR), Satellite C870-1F6(PSCBAE-05700JGR), Tecra R850-127, Tecra Z40-A-13C(PT44GE-04P01DGR), Satellite C855-12R(PSKCCE-00S006GR), Portege R30-A-152(PT343E-00403GGR), Portege R30-A-11J(PT341E-006014GR), Satellite C850D-11P(PSCC2E-00T00RGR), Satellite C850-1JM(PSCBYE-06800PGR), Satellite L50-B-245(PSKTNE-00601GGR), Portege R30-A-1CZ(PT343E-0UH05GGR), Satellite L870D-10T(PSKFSE-00F006GR), Portege R30-A-14D(PT343E-06X05VGR), Tecra Z40-A-164(PT44FE-061026GR), Portege R30-A-10R(PT343E-00301YGR), Satellite C850-11V(PSKC8E-025008GR), Satellite L50-B-2EV(PSKTAE-0J5019GR), Tecra Z40-A-17P(PT444E-001001GR), Satellite C870-1C2(PSCBAE-02U00JGR), Satellite C850D-11G(PSCC2E-00F00RGR), Satellite C855-1VX(PSCBWE-04900WGR), Satellite L850D-12N(PSKGCE-007004GR), Satellite L50-B-1VC(PSKTUE-03N00YGR), Satellite C870D-115(PSCBEE-00D00CGR), Satellite L830-13K(PSKF2E-00600LGR), Satellite C875D-137(PSCBGE-00H00EGR), Satellite L850-169(PSKDLE-04C009GR), Satellite L855-14K(PSKFWE-03K00WGR), Satellite L855-126(PSKACE-02T00EGR), Satellite C870D-11F(PSCBEE-00G00CGR), Satellite L850-1Q2(PSKG6E-01300XGR), Satellite C855-184(PSKC8E-04W008GR), Satellite L870-13W(PSKBLE-028008GR), Satellite L850D-11G(PSKECE-011006GR), Satellite L870-16F(PSKFNE-00V00PGR), Satellite C870D-125(PSCBEE-01G00CGR), Satellite L855-148(PSKFWE-00J00WGR), Portege R30-A-19G(PT341E-07E060GR), Satellite C850-1KR(PSCBYE-07C00PGR), Satellite L50-B-2DW(PSKTUE-05300YGR), Satellite L870-19D(PSKFNE-05T00PGR), Satellite L50-B-1E3(PSKTUE-01C00YGR), Satellite L870-13V(PSKBLE-027008GR), Satellite C870-1C5(PSCBAE-02V00JGR), Satellite C850-1DH(PSCBWE-04W00WGR), Satellite L850D-10W(PSKE8E-00E004GR), Satellite C850-1C8(PSCBWE-03100WGR), Satellite L870-111(PSKBLE-009008GR), Satellite C855-1Q5(PSKC8E-0J6008GR), Satellite L870-19C(PSKFNE-05V00PGR), Satellite C870D-11V(PSCBEE-01300CGR), Satellite C870-1J5(PSCBCE-03V006GR), Satellite L50-B-1X4(PSKTAE-0FG019GR), Satellite C870-17N(PSCBAE-01500JGR), Satellite C850-1GL(PSCBWE-09E00WGR), Satellite C855-1HE(PSKC8E-0CG008GR), Satellite L830-118(PSK7YE-00L005GR), Satellite L855-14E(PSKFWE-00L00WGR), Satellite C850-1JN(PSCBYE-06900PGR), Portege R30-A-17K(PT343E-0NF05GGR), Satellite C855-1XE(PSCBWE-05H00WGR), Portege R30-A-1HE(PT343E-1XL05GGR), Satellite C870-17J(PSCBCE-00J006GR), Satellite C870D-11P(PSCBEE-00Q00CGR), Satellite L50-B-1E4(PSKTUE-01D00YGR), Satellite C855-1XD(PSCBWE-05K00WGR), Satellite L50-B-2F4(PSKTNE-025014GR), Satellite C870-190TELLITE, Satellite C850-1MU(PSCBYE-09400PGR), Satellite C850-1E7(PSCBWE-06900WGR), Satellite C850-14V(PSKC8E-07E008GR), Satellite C870-1CH(PSCBCE-023006GR), Satellite L870-193(PSKFNE-04X00PGR), Satellite L50-B-281(PSKTCE-04U00QGR), Portege R30-A-175(PT344E-001001GR), Satellite C850-19D(PSCBWE-03200WGR), Satellite C850-1F2(PSCBWE-07800WGR), Satellite L50-B-22W(PSKTAE-0JC019GR), Satellite C850-1MT(PSCBWE-0JE00WGR), Satellite L855-15Q(PSKFWE-02800WGR), Satellite L50-B-1GC(PSKTUE-02K00YGR), Satellite L50-B-2H8(PSKTNE-035014GR), Satellite L50-B-1XE(PSKTUE-04900WGR), Satellite L50-B-2FE(PSKTNE-02F014GR), Satellite C870D-11V(PSCBEE-01300HGR), Satellite C870-1JE(PSCBAE-0CJ00JGR), Tecra R850-14T, Satellite L50-B-23M(PSKTNE-013014GR), Tecra Z40-A-13K(PT44GE-04X036GR), Satellite P845-11F(PSPJ6E-00Q00CGR), Satellite L855D-10T(PSKG4E-005004GR), Satellite L50-B-1XZ(PSKTAE-0HJ019GR), Satellite L855D-10R(PSKG2E-02G00CGR), Tecra Z40-A-195(PT44GE-0DV06UGR), Satellite L870-10V(PSKBGE-001006GR), Satellite L830-10V(PSK84E-00Y009GR), Portege R30-A-17J(PT343E-0NE05GGR), Satellite L50-B-24G(PSKTNE-00L014GR), Satellite L850-167(PSKDLE-048009GR), Portege R30-A-1DC(PT343E-0UJ05GGR), Satellite C870-1GX(PSCBAE-08M00JGR), Satellite L850D-100(PSKE8E-005004GR), Satellite L50-B-2EQ(PSKTAE-0L1019GR), Satellite Pro C850-1MX(PSCBZE-00M009GR), Satellite L50D-B-13K(PSKUQE-00W00QGR), TECRA PS56HA-002002, SATELLITE PSCSJA-01C01S, Satellite L50D-B-126(PSKUQE-00J00QGR), SATELLITE PSPT2A-00E001, Satellite L50D-B-146(PSKUQE-01100WGR), Satellite Pro A50-C-209 PS57DE-01801M, Satellite L50D-B-12Z(PSKULE-00N03QGR), Satellite Pro C870-11R(PSC8BE-001008GR), portege z930-03r/pt234c-03r031/i5-3317u, TECRA PS57HA-00L00G-3IAHP3, SATELLITE PSKWSA-05003X, TECRA PS57HA-00K00G, SATELLITE PSKTNA-02R016, Satellite Pro L850-1C2(PSKDME-00C00HGR), Satellite L50D-B-13W(PSKUQE-00Y00QGR), Satellite L50D-B-15E(PSKUQE-01L00QGR), Satellite Pro C850-1DX(PSCBXE-00N00LGR), Satellite Pro C850-1K0(PSCBXE-02E00KGR), Satellite Pro L870-13H(PSKBME-00E003GR), TECRA PT577A-00L006-48AHLA, SATELLITE PSKZJA-001001, Satellite Pro L850-1G5(PSKDME-00V00HGR), Satellite Pro L830-104(PSK7ZE-002007GR), Satellite Pro C850-1LZ(PSCBXE-02N00LGR), Satellite P50T-B-108(PSPNVE-00300HGR), Satellite Pro C870-1CQ(PSCBBE-00D00CGR), Satellite L50D-B-14T(PSKUQE-01900WGR), Satellite S50D-A-10J(PSKKWE-00S00CN5), Satellite Pro C850-1MW(PSCBXE-02U00LGR), Satellite L50D-B-13J(PSKUQE-00L00QGR), Satellite Pro C870-1G2(PSCBBE-00R00CGR), TECRA PS56HA-002002-29BTKB, Satellite Pro C850-1D6(PSCBXE-00C00KGR), SATELLITE PSKTAA-02G001, SATELLITE-PRO PS566A-004001, Satellite P50t-A-129(PSPMHE-0GX045GR), Satellite L50D-B-146(PSKUQE-011007GR), Satellite Pro A50-C-208 PS575E-0U202KEP, portege z930-02l/pt235c-02l049/i7-3667u, TECRA PS57HA-01300G, SATELLITE PSKXSA-00V00G, Satellite L50DT-A-109(PSKM2E-005002N5), SATELLITE PSKUQA-01300S, Satellite L50D-A-K1K(PSKKWR-002002RU), satellite z930-010 bundle/b-pt23lc-01000d/i5-3317u, Satellite Pro L850-1NR(PSKG9E-00F006GR), Satellite L50D-B-158(PSKUQE-01K00QGR), Satellite Pro C850-1DQ(PSCBXE-00100KGR), Satellite Pro C850-1JQ(PSCBZE-00G009GR), TECRA PT577A-00L006-96AHL3, SATELLITE PSPQ8A-008008, Satellite L50D-B-15U(PSKUQE-01Q00QGR), Satellite Pro C850-12F(PSKCDE-005007GR), Satellite Pro L870-15F(PSKBME-00S00HGR), Satellite Pro C870-19E(PSCBBE-00400CGR), TECRA PS57HA-00L00G, Satellite S50D-A-10F(PSKKWE-00R008EN), Satellite Pro C850-1MV(PSCBXE-02U00KGR), Satellite Pro L870-16P(PSKFPE-00600KGR), Satellite Pro C870-1EV(PSCBDE-00800MGR), TECRA PS56HA-002002-3I2HP1, Satellite Pro C850-1D5(PSCBXE-00N00KGR), SATELLITE PSKTAA-05D001, Satellite Pro C850-1HL(PSCBXE-01U00LGR), SATELLITE-PRO PS573A-004004, Satellite L50D-B-145(PSKUQE-010007GR), portege z930-02j/pt235c-02j049/i7-3667u, TECRA PT577A-00L006, SATELLITE PSKXSA-01500R, Satellite Pro C850-1GR(PSCBXE-01T00KGR), Satellite Pro 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Satellite Pro C870-118(PSC8BE-001003GR), TECRA PS57HA-00L00G-4GBTLB, Satellite Pro C850-19W(PSCBXE-00C00LGR), SATELLITE PSKXSA-00U00G, Satellite L50DT-A-10C(PSKMAE-006006EN), Satellite L50D-B-10Z(PSKUCE-006001GR), Satellite Pro C850-1HG(PSCBXE-01K00KGR), Satellite L50D-A-K8S(PSKKWR-00F002RU), Satellite L50D-B-11Q(PSKUQE-00E007GR), satellite z930-010/pt23lc-01000d/i5-3317u, Satellite L50D-B-13W(PSKUQE-00Y007GR), Satellite P845 Serie(PSPJ5E-01T00KGR), portege z930-001-5/pt235c-001001/i5-3427u, Satellite L50D-B-17Q(PSKULE-05H00TGR), TECRA PT577A-00L006-93BIKB, SATELLITE PSPQ6A-04Y00S, Satellite L50D-B-149(PSKULE-01D00TGR), Satellite P50T-B Satellite P50T-B-104(PSPNVE-00900HGR), Satellite Pro C870-19N(PSCBBE-00500CGR), Satellite L50D-B-14T(PSKUQE-01900QGR), TECRA PS57HA-00K00GB, Satellite S50D-A-10G(PSKKWE-00Q008EN), Satellite Pro C870-1FL(PSCBBE-00P00CGR), TECRA PS56HA-002002-3I1YP1, SATELLITE PSKTAA-05C001, Satellite L50D-B-11W(PSKUQE-00H007GR), Satellite Pro L870-17R(PSKFPE-00H00KGR), Satellite L50D-B-1TD(PSKUQE-01Q00QGR), SATELLITE-PRO PS566A-005001, Satellite L50D-B-15H(PSKUQE-01P00QGR), Satellite Pro A50-C-208 PS575E-0U202K, Satellite Pro C850-116(PSKCDE-002007GR), TECRA PS57HA-01C011, SATELLITE PSKXSA-00W00G, Satellite L50D-B-167(PSKUQE-01T00QGR), Satellite L50D-A-10D(PSKKSE-00G001N5), Satellite L50D-B-13Q(PSKULE-00T03QGR), SATELLITE PSCPNA-01601M, Satellite L50D-B-12G(PSKULE-00700TGR), Satellite L50D-B-17P(PSKULE-05G00TGR), TECRA PT577A-00L006-96AHS9, SATELLITE PSPQ8A-00H008, Satellite L50D-B-147(PSKUQE-01200WGR), Satellite Pro A50-C-20C PS57DE-01901MEP, Satellite Pro C850-1LP(PSCBXE-02L00KGR), Satellite Pro C870-19D(PSCBBE-00300CGR), TECRA PS57HA-00L00G-22BTS4, SATELLITE PSKUQA-02H00S, Satellite Pro C870-1EJ(PSCBDE-00200MGR), TECRA PS56HA-002002-3IAHP3, SATELLITE PSKTAA-05P001, Satellite L50T-A-145(PSKLJE-02302XEN), Satellite L50D-B-11V(PSKUQE-00G00QGR), SATELLITE-PRO PS573A-005004, Satellite L50D-B-15G(PSKUQE-01N00QGR), Satellite Pro 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SATELLITE PSKXSA-01V00R, Satellite L50D-B-18V(PSKULE-06K03QGR), Satellite P50T-B-11D(PSPNVE-03N01CGR), Satellite L50D-B-13C(PSKUQE-00T00QGR), Satellite P55W-B5318, Tecra R840 Series, Satellite P50-A-M7S, Satellite L15W-B1208X, ASUS Satellite E45DW-C4210, Satellite P55W-B5220, Satellite S955D-S5166, Satellite P55W-C5316, Satellite E45W-C4200, Satellite E45DW, Satellite C55-C5241, Satellite P55W-C5208X, Satellite L15W-B1307, Tecra Z50-C-16L, Satellite L15W, ASUS Satellite P55W-C5200X, Tecra Z50-C-143, Satellite S50-A-M2M, Satellite L15W-B1302, Satellite P55W-B5224, Tecra Z50-C-13U, Satellite L15W-B1208, Satellite E45W-C4200X, Satellite P55W-B5112, Satellite P55W-C5314, Satellite L15W-B1310, SATELLITE S955D-S5150, Satellite E45W, Satellite P50t-A013, Satellite C55-C5240, Satellite P55W-C5204, Tecra Z50-C-144, Satellite P50t-A-11J, Satellite L15W-B1303

Wholesale and Retail.

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. 

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. 

Additional non-returnable items: 
- Gift cards 
- Downloadable software products 
- Some health and personal care items 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable) 
- Book with obvious signs of use 
- CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened 
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error 
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery 

Refunds (if applicable) 
Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. 

Late or missing refunds (if applicable) 
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. 
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. 
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at 

Sale items (if applicable) 
Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded. 

Exchanges (if applicable) 
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at  

If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Once the returned item is received, a gift certificate will be mailed to you. 

If the item wasn’t marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver and he will find out about your return. 


You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

If the refund request is granted by eBuy KSA, payments are refunded as follows:

  1. Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business days;
  2. Cash on Delivery payment methods will be refunded between fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days and the cost of transfer (100 SAR) will be supported by the end user / Customer.

Note: The shipping charges and Custom clearance charges are not refundable