Original 135W HP Omen 15-dc0000nx 15-dc0026nm AC Adapter + Free Cord
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Original 135W HP Omen 15-dc0000nx 15-dc0026nm AC Adapter + Free Cord

  • AC Input: 100-240V 50- 60 Hz
  • DC Output: 19.5V 6.9A 135W
  • Connector: 4.5X3.0MM (4.5mm barrel connector)
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach by Call,WhatsApp, Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

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  • AC Input: 100-240V 50- 60 Hz
  • DC Output: 19.5V 6.9A 135W
  • Connector: 4.5X3.0MM (4.5mm barrel connector)
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach by Call,WhatsApp, Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fits for laptop model:

OMEN 15 by HP Laptop PC
OMEN by HP 15-dc0000 Laptop PC
OMEN by HP 15t-dc000 Laptop PC

HP Omen 15-dc0001la  HP Omen 15-dc0017nk  HP Omen 15-dc0302ng
HP Omen 15-dc0002la  HP Omen 15-dc0017nm  HP Omen 15-dc0304ng
HP Omen 15-dc0004la  HP Omen 15-dc0017no  HP Omen 15-dc0307ng
HP Omen 15-dc0005la  HP Omen 15-dc0017np  HP Omen 15-dc0307nz
HP Omen 15-dc0006la  HP Omen 15-dc0017nq  HP Omen 15-dc0311ng
HP Omen 15-dc0007la  HP Omen 15-dc0017ns  HP Omen 15-dc0312ng
HP Omen 15-dc0052la  HP Omen 15-dc0017nw  HP Omen 15-dc0313ng
HP Omen 15-dc0053la  HP Omen 15-dc0017ua  HP Omen 15-dc0314ng
HP Omen 15-dc0056la  HP Omen 15-dc0017ur  HP Omen 15-dc0315ng
HP Omen 15-dc0057la  HP Omen 15-dc0018nc  HP Omen 15-dc0400ng
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nb  HP Omen 15-dc0018ne  HP Omen 15-dc0404nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nd  HP Omen 15-dc0018nk  HP Omen 15-dc0407nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nf  HP Omen 15-dc0018nm  HP Omen 15-dc0450nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nh  HP Omen 15-dc0018no  HP Omen 15-dc0501na
 HP Omen 15-dc0000ni  HP Omen 15-dc0018np  HP Omen 15-dc0504nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nia  HP Omen 15-dc0018nq  HP Omen 15-dc0505nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nj  HP Omen 15-dc0018ns  HP Omen 15-dc0507na
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nk  HP Omen 15-dc0018ur  HP Omen 15-dc0508na
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nl  HP Omen 15-dc0019ne  HP Omen 15-dc0522na
 HP Omen 15-dc0000no  HP Omen 15-dc0019nf  HP Omen 15-dc0552nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nq  HP Omen 15-dc0019nk  HP Omen 15-dc0597nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0000ns  HP Omen 15-dc0019nm  HP Omen 15-dc0598nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nw  HP Omen 15-dc0019np  HP Omen 15-dc0599nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0000nx  HP Omen 15-dc0019nq  HP Omen 15-dc0605nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000ua  HP Omen 15-dc0019ns  HP Omen 15-dc0696nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0000ur  HP Omen 15-dc0019ur  HP Omen 15-dc0699nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001na  HP Omen 15-dc0020nb  HP Omen 15-dc0700ng
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nb  HP Omen 15-dc0020ne  HP Omen 15-dc0704nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nf  HP Omen 15-dc0020nf  HP Omen 15-dc0705nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001ng  HP Omen 15-dc0020nk  HP Omen 15-dc0706nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nh  HP Omen 15-dc0020nm  HP Omen 15-dc0709nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001ni  HP Omen 15-dc0020np  HP Omen 15-dc0772nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nia  HP Omen 15-dc0020nt  HP Omen 15-dc0799no
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nk  HP Omen 15-dc0020nw  HP Omen 15-dc0800ng
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nl  HP Omen 15-dc0020ur  HP Omen 15-dc0803no
 HP Omen 15-dc0001no  HP Omen 15-dc0021nc  HP Omen 15-dc0804no
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nt  HP Omen 15-dc0021ne  HP Omen 15-dc0805no
 HP Omen 15-dc0001nx  HP Omen 15-dc0021nf  HP Omen 15-dc0805nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001ua  HP Omen 15-dc0021nia  HP Omen 15-dc0811nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0001ur  HP Omen 15-dc0021nl  HP Omen 15-dc0850nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nc  HP Omen 15-dc0021nm  HP Omen 15-dc0850nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nf  HP Omen 15-dc0021np  HP Omen 15-dc0900nia
 HP Omen 15-dc0002ng  HP Omen 15-dc0021nw  HP Omen 15-dc0900nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nj  HP Omen 15-dc0021ur  HP Omen 15-dc0901nia
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nk  HP Omen 15-dc0022na  HP Omen 15-dc0975nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nl  HP Omen 15-dc0022ne  HP Omen 15-dc0977nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nq  HP Omen 15-dc0022nf  HP Omen 15-dc0980nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002ns  HP Omen 15-dc0022nl  HP Omen 15-dc0982nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nt  HP Omen 15-dc0022nm  HP Omen 15-dc0985nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nw  HP Omen 15-dc0022np  HP Omen 15-dc0990nd
 HP Omen 15-dc0002nx  HP Omen 15-dc0022ns  HP Omen 15-dc0992nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0002ua  HP Omen 15-dc0022nv  HP Omen 15-dc0997nf
 HP Omen 15-dc0002ur  HP Omen 15-dc0022nw  HP Omen 15-dc0998ne
 HP Omen 15-dc0003na  HP Omen 15-dc0022ur  HP Omen 15-dc0998nf
 HP Omen 15-dc0003nc  HP Omen 15-dc0023ne  HP Omen 15-dc0999ne
 HP Omen 15-dc0003nd  HP Omen 15-dc0023nf  HP Omen 15-dc0999nf
 HP Omen 15-dc0003nf  HP Omen 15-dc0023nl  HP Omen 15-dc0999nia
 HP Omen 15-dc0003ng  HP Omen 15-dc0023nm  HP Omen 15-dc0999nk
 HP Omen 15-dc0003nk  HP Omen 15-dc0023np  HP Omen 15T-DC000
 HP Omen 15-dc0003no  HP Omen 15-dc0023nq  HP Omen 15-DC0051NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0003np  HP Omen 15-dc0023nw HP Omen 15-DC0010CA
 HP Omen 15-dc0003nt  HP Omen 15-dc0023ur  HP Omen 15-DC0010NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0003nx  HP Omen 15-dc0024ne  HP Omen 15-DC0011NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0003ua  HP Omen 15-dc0024nf  HP Omen 15-DC0020CA
 HP Omen 15-dc0003ur  HP Omen 15-dc0024nia  HP Omen 15-DC0020NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nb  HP Omen 15-dc0024nl  HP Omen 15-DC0024CL
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nf  HP Omen 15-dc0024nm  HP Omen 15-DC0025CA
 HP Omen 15-dc0004ng  HP Omen 15-dc0024nq  HP Omen 15-DC0030CA
 HP Omen 15-dc0004ni  HP Omen 15-dc0024ur  HP Omen 15-DC0030NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nia  HP Omen 15-dc0025ne  HP Omen 15-DC0045NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nj  HP Omen 15-dc0025nf  HP Omen 15-DC0052NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nk  HP Omen 15-dc0025nm  HP Omen 15-DC0053NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004no  HP Omen 15-dc0025ns  HP Omen 15-DC0085NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004np  HP Omen 15-dc0025ur  HP Omen 15-DC0086NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nq  HP Omen 15-dc0026ne  HP Omen 15-DC0087NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004ns  HP Omen 15-dc0026nf  HP Omen 15-DC0088NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nt  HP Omen 15-dc0026nm  HP Omen 15-DC0091CL
 HP Omen 15-dc0004nx  HP Omen 15-dc0026ns  HP Omen 15-DC0096NR
 HP Omen 15-dc0004ua  HP Omen 15-dc0027ne  HP Omen 15-dc0000TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0004ur  HP Omen 15-dc0027nf  HP Omen 15-dc0001TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005ne  HP Omen 15-dc0027nm  HP Omen 15-dc0002TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005ng  HP Omen 15-dc0027ns  HP Omen 15-dc0003TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005ni  HP Omen 15-dc0027ur  HP Omen 15-dc0003la
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nia  HP Omen 15-dc0028ne  HP Omen 15-dc0004TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nk  HP Omen 15-dc0028nf  HP Omen 15-dc0005TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nm  HP Omen 15-dc0028nl  HP Omen 15-dc0006TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005no  HP Omen 15-dc0028nm  HP Omen 15-dc0007TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005ns  HP Omen 15-dc0028ns  HP Omen 15-dc0008TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nt  HP Omen 15-dc0028ur  HP Omen 15-dc0009TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nv  HP Omen 15-dc0029na  HP Omen 15-dc0010TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nw  HP Omen 15-dc0029ne  HP Omen 15-dc0011TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005nx  HP Omen 15-dc0029nf  HP Omen 15-dc0011no
 HP Omen 15-dc0005ua  HP Omen 15-dc0029nm  HP Omen 15-dc0012TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0005ur  HP Omen 15-dc0029np  HP Omen 15-dc0013TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006ng  HP Omen 15-dc0029ns  HP Omen 15-dc0014TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006ni  HP Omen 15-dc0029ur  HP Omen 15-dc0015TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nia  HP Omen 15-dc0030na  HP Omen 15-dc0016TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nk  HP Omen 15-dc0030ne  HP Omen 15-dc0017TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nl  HP Omen 15-dc0030nf  HP Omen 15-dc0018TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nm  HP Omen 15-dc0030nl  HP Omen 15-dc0018nf
 HP Omen 15-dc0006no  HP Omen 15-dc0030np  HP Omen 15-dc0019TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006np  HP Omen 15-dc0030nq  HP Omen 15-dc0020TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nq  HP Omen 15-dc0030ns  HP Omen 15-dc0021TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nt  HP Omen 15-dc0030ur  HP Omen 15-dc0022TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nv  HP Omen 15-dc0031ne  HP Omen 15-dc0023TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nw  HP Omen 15-dc0031np  HP Omen 15-dc0024TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006nx  HP Omen 15-dc0031ur  HP Omen 15-dc0025TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006ua  HP Omen 15-dc0032nf  HP Omen 15-dc0026TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0006ur  HP Omen 15-dc0032np  HP Omen 15-dc0027TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nf  HP Omen 15-dc0032ns  HP Omen 15-dc0028TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nia  HP Omen 15-dc0032ur  HP Omen 15-dc0029TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nj  HP Omen 15-dc0033nl  HP Omen 15-dc0030TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nk  HP Omen 15-dc0033np  HP Omen 15-dc0031TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nl  HP Omen 15-dc0033ns  HP Omen 15-dc0032TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nm  HP Omen 15-dc0033ur  HP Omen 15-dc0033TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007no  HP Omen 15-dc0034nl  HP Omen 15-dc0034TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007np  HP Omen 15-dc0034ns  HP Omen 15-dc0035TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007ns  HP Omen 15-dc0034nu  HP Omen 15-dc0036TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nt  HP Omen 15-dc0035nf  HP Omen 15-dc0037TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007nw  HP Omen 15-dc0035np  HP Omen 15-dc0038TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007ua  HP Omen 15-dc0035ns  HP Omen 15-dc0039TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0007ur  HP Omen 15-dc0035ur  HP Omen 15-dc0040TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008ne  HP Omen 15-dc0036nm  HP Omen 15-dc0041TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nf  HP Omen 15-dc0036np  HP Omen 15-dc0042TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008ng  HP Omen 15-dc0036ns  HP Omen 15-dc0043TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nia  HP Omen 15-dc0036ur  HP Omen 15-dc0044TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nl  HP Omen 15-dc0037nm  HP Omen 15-dc0045TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nm  HP Omen 15-dc0037ns  HP Omen 15-dc0046TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008no  HP Omen 15-dc0037ur  HP Omen 15-dc0047TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nq  HP Omen 15-dc0038nf  HP Omen 15-dc0048TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008ns  HP Omen 15-dc0038nq  HP Omen 15-dc0049TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nt  HP Omen 15-dc0038ns  HP Omen 15-dc0050TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nw  HP Omen 15-dc0038ur  HP Omen 15-dc0051TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008nz  HP Omen 15-dc0039nf  HP Omen 15-dc0052TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008ua  HP Omen 15-dc0039nm  HP Omen 15-dc0053TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0008ur  HP Omen 15-dc0039ns  HP Omen 15-dc0054TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nb  HP Omen 15-dc0039ur  HP Omen 15-dc0055TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nc  HP Omen 15-dc0040nb  HP Omen 15-dc0056TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nf  HP Omen 15-dc0040ur  HP Omen 15-dc0057TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009ni  HP Omen 15-dc0041np  HP Omen 15-dc0058TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nia  HP Omen 15-dc0041ns  HP Omen 15-dc0059TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nk  HP Omen 15-dc0041ur  HP Omen 15-dc0060TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nm  HP Omen 15-dc0042np  HP Omen 15-dc0061TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009no  HP Omen 15-dc0042ns  HP Omen 15-dc0062TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nq  HP Omen 15-dc0042ur  HP Omen 15-dc0063TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009ns  HP Omen 15-dc0043nf  HP Omen 15-dc0064TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nt  HP Omen 15-dc0043np  HP Omen 15-dc0065TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009nw  HP Omen 15-dc0043ns  HP Omen 15-dc0066TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009ua  HP Omen 15-dc0043ur  HP Omen 15-dc0067TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0009ur  HP Omen 15-dc0044nf  HP Omen 15-dc0068TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nb  HP Omen 15-dc0044nia  HP Omen 15-dc0069TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nf  HP Omen 15-dc0044ns  HP Omen 15-dc0070TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010ng  HP Omen 15-dc0044ur  HP Omen 15-dc0071TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nia  HP Omen 15-dc0045nf  HP Omen 15-dc0072TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nk  HP Omen 15-dc0045ns  HP Omen 15-dc0073TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nl  HP Omen 15-dc0045ur  HP Omen 15-dc0074TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nm  HP Omen 15-dc0046nb  HP Omen 15-dc0075TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010no  HP Omen 15-dc0046nf  HP Omen 15-dc0076TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nq  HP Omen 15-dc0046np  HP Omen 15-dc0077TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010ns  HP Omen 15-dc0046ns  HP Omen 15-dc0078TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nt  HP Omen 15-dc0046ur  HP Omen 15-dc0079TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010nw  HP Omen 15-dc0047nb  HP Omen 15-dc0080TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010ua  HP Omen 15-dc0047nf  HP Omen 15-dc0081TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0010ur  HP Omen 15-dc0047ns  HP Omen 15-dc0082TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nb  HP Omen 15-dc0047ur  HP Omen 15-dc0083TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nf  HP Omen 15-dc0048nf  HP Omen 15-dc0084TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nia  HP Omen 15-dc0048nia  HP Omen 15-dc0085TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nk  HP Omen 15-dc0048np  HP Omen 15-dc0086TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nm  HP Omen 15-dc0048ur  HP Omen 15-dc0087TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nq  HP Omen 15-dc0049nf  HP Omen 15-dc0088TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nv  HP Omen 15-dc0049nia  HP Omen 15-dc0089TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011nw  HP Omen 15-dc0049ur  HP Omen 15-dc0090TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011ua  HP Omen 15-dc0050nf  HP Omen 15-dc0091TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0011ur  HP Omen 15-dc0050ur  HP Omen 15-dc0092TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012ne  HP Omen 15-dc0051nf  HP Omen 15-dc0093TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012ni  HP Omen 15-dc0051ur  HP Omen 15-dc0094TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012nia  HP Omen 15-dc0052nb  HP Omen 15-dc0095TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012nk  HP Omen 15-dc0052nf  HP Omen 15-dc0096TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012nm  HP Omen 15-dc0052nia  HP Omen 15-dc0097TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012no  HP Omen 15-dc0052ur  HP Omen 15-dc0098TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012np  HP Omen 15-dc0053nb  HP Omen 15-dc0099TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012nq  HP Omen 15-dc0053nia  HP Omen 15-dc0100TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012ns  HP Omen 15-dc0053np  HP Omen 15-dc0101TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012nv  HP Omen 15-dc0053ur  HP Omen 15-dc0102TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012nw  HP Omen 15-dc0054nia  HP Omen 15-dc0103TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012ua  HP Omen 15-dc0054ur  HP Omen 15-dc0104TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0012ur  HP Omen 15-dc0055np  HP Omen 15-dc0105TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013na  HP Omen 15-dc0055ur  HP Omen 15-dc0106TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013ne  HP Omen 15-dc0056nb  HP Omen 15-dc0107TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nf  HP Omen 15-dc0056nia  HP Omen 15-dc0108TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nia  HP Omen 15-dc0056np  HP Omen 15-dc0109TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nk  HP Omen 15-dc0056ur  HP Omen 15-dc0110TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nm  HP Omen 15-dc0057np  HP Omen 15-dc0111TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013no  HP Omen 15-dc0057ur  HP Omen 15-dc0112TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013np  HP Omen 15-dc0058nb  HP Omen 15-dc0113TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nq  HP Omen 15-dc0058ur  HP Omen 15-dc0114TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013ns  HP Omen 15-dc0059nb  HP Omen 15-dc0115TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nt  HP Omen 15-dc0059np  HP Omen 15-dc0116TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013nw  HP Omen 15-dc0059ur  HP Omen 15-dc0117TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013ua  HP Omen 15-dc0060ur  HP Omen 15-dc0118TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0013ur  HP Omen 15-dc0061ur  HP Omen 15-dc0119TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nc  HP Omen 15-dc0062nb  HP Omen 15-dc0120TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014ne  HP Omen 15-dc0062ur  HP Omen 15-dc0121TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nf  HP Omen 15-dc0065ur  HP Omen 15-dc0122TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nia  HP Omen 15-dc0066nb  HP Omen 15-dc0123TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nk  HP Omen 15-dc0067nb  HP Omen 15-dc0124TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nl  HP Omen 15-dc0069nia  HP Omen 15-dc0125TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nm  HP Omen 15-dc0070nia  HP Omen 15-dc0126TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014no  HP Omen 15-dc0073nb  HP Omen 15-dc0127TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014np  HP Omen 15-dc0073nia  HP Omen 15-dc0128TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nq  HP Omen 15-dc0078nu  HP Omen 15-dc0129TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014ns  HP Omen 15-dc0083nu  HP Omen 15-dc0130TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nv  HP Omen 15-dc0084ur  HP Omen 15-dc0131TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014nw  HP Omen 15-dc0085nu  HP Omen 15-dc0132TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014ua  HP Omen 15-dc0085ur  HP Omen 15-dc0133TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0014ur  HP Omen 15-dc0086nu  HP Omen 15-dc0134TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nc  HP Omen 15-dc0087nu  HP Omen 15-dc0135TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nf  HP Omen 15-dc0088nb  HP Omen 15-dc0136TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015ng  HP Omen 15-dc0088nu  HP Omen 15-dc0137TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nk  HP Omen 15-dc0092nu  HP Omen 15-dc0138TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nm  HP Omen 15-dc0095nia  HP Omen 15-dc0139TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015no  HP Omen 15-dc0096nd  HP Omen 15-dc0140TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015np  HP Omen 15-dc0096nia  HP Omen 15-dc0141TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nq  HP Omen 15-dc0097nb  HP Omen 15-dc0142TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015ns  HP Omen 15-dc0097nia  HP Omen 15-dc0143TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nv  HP Omen 15-dc0098nb  HP Omen 15-dc0144TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015nw  HP Omen 15-dc0098nia  HP Omen 15-dc0145TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015ua  HP Omen 15-dc0101nb  HP Omen 15-dc0146TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0015ur  HP Omen 15-dc0108nb  HP Omen 15-dc0147TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nc  HP Omen 15-dc0109nb  HP Omen 15-dc0148TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016ne  HP Omen 15-dc0110nb  HP Omen 15-dc0149TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nf  HP Omen 15-dc0111nb  HP Omen 15-dc0150TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nk  HP Omen 15-dc0112nb  HP Omen 15-dc0151TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nl  HP Omen 15-dc0113nb  HP Omen 15-dc0152TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nm  HP Omen 15-dc0151nia  HP Omen 15-dc0153TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016np  HP Omen 15-dc0166nia  HP Omen 15-dc0154TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016ns  HP Omen 15-dc0167nia  HP Omen 15-dc0155TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nt  HP Omen 15-dc0170nia  HP Omen 15-dc0156TX
 HP Omen 15-dc0016nw  HP Omen 15-dc0171nia  HP Omen 15-dc0796nz
 HP Omen 15-dc0016ua  HP Omen 15-dc0200ng  HP Omen 15-dc0301ng
 HP Omen 15-dc0016ur  HP Omen 15-dc0201ng
 HP Omen 15-dc0017ne  HP Omen 15-dc0250nz  
 HP Omen 15-dc0017nf  HP Omen 15-dc0300ng  

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. 

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. 

Additional non-returnable items: 
- Gift cards 
- Downloadable software products 
- Some health and personal care items 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable) 
- Book with obvious signs of use 
- CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened 
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error 
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery 

Refunds (if applicable) 
Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. 

Late or missing refunds (if applicable) 
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. 
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. 
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at sales.ebuyksa@gmail.com. 

Sale items (if applicable) 
Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded. 

Exchanges (if applicable) 
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at sales.ebuyksa@gmail.com  

If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Once the returned item is received, a gift certificate will be mailed to you. 

If the item wasn’t marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver and he will find out about your return. 


You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

If the refund request is granted by eBuy KSA, payments are refunded as follows:

  1. Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business days;
  2. Cash on Delivery payment methods will be refunded between fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days and the cost of transfer (100 SAR) will be supported by the end user / Customer.

Note: The shipping charges and Custom clearance charges are not refundable