11.4V 48Wh B31N1336 Original Laptop Battery For Asus R553L R553LN S551LN-1A
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11.4V 48Wh B31N1336 Original Laptop Battery For Asus R553L R553LN S551LN-1A

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.4V
  • Capacity: 48Wh
  • Color: Black
  • Cells : 6-Cells
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.4V
  • Capacity: 48Wh
  • Color: Black
  • Cells : 6-Cells
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers:

C31-S551, C31-V551 ,ASUS C31-V551, C31-S551, C31S551, B31N1336, A42-S551, A42S551, 0B200-00450600, 0B20000450600, 0B200-00450500, 0B20000450500, 0B200-00450400, 0B20000450400, 0B200-00450100, 0B20000450100

Fit Models:
A551LN, C31-S551, K551L, K551L-DM550H, K551LA Serie, K551LA-XX235D, K551LA-XX314D, K551LA-XX317H, K551LA-XX318H, K551LB, K551LB-XX184H, K551LB-XX210H, K551LB-XX225D, K551LB-XX226D, K551LM-XX400H, K551LN, K551LN-DM092H, K551LN-XO401H, K551LN-XX021H, K551LN-XX144H, K551LN-XX250H, K551LN-XX251H, K551LN-XX519H, K551LN-XX520H, R553L, R553LF, R553LN, R553LN-DM123H, R553LN-DM553H, R553LN-XO078H, R553LN-XO106H, R553LN-XO106H-BE, R553LN-XO263H, R553LN-XO311H, R553LN-XO369H, R553LN-XO370D, R553LN-XO420H, R553LN-XO516H, R553LN-XX134, R553LN-XX134H, R553LN-XX136, S551L, S551L-CJ074H, S551LN, S551LN-1A, S55IL, V551LA, VivoBook A551LB, VivoBook A551LB-XX134H, Vivobook A551LB-XX233H, VivoBook A551LB-XX234H, Vivobook A551LB-XX317H, VivoBook K551LB-XX164D, VivoBook K551LB-XX171H, VivoBook K551LB-XX202D, VivoBook K551LB-XX210H, VivoBook K551LB-XX252D, VivoBook K551LB-XX258D, VivoBook S551, VIVOBOOK S551LB-CJ026H, VIVOBOOK S551LB-CJ045H, VIVOBOOK S551LB-CJ081H, VIVOBOOK S551LC, Vivobook S551ln, VivoBook S551LN-1A, VivoBook V551L, VivoBook V551LA, VivoBook V551LA-DH51T, VivoBook V551LA-DS71T, VivoBook V551LB, VivoBook V551LB-DB71T, VivoBook V551LB-SH71T, V551L.

Asus Models : 

A551LN K551L R551LA
A551LN-XO439H A551LNXO439H A551LN-XO529H
A551LNXO529H A551LN-XX174H A551LNXX174H
K551LA-XX235D K551LAXX235D K551LA-XX314D
K551LAXX314D K551LA-XX317H K551LAXX317H
K551LA-XX318H K551LAXX318H K551LB
K551LB XX229H K551LB-XX154 K551LBXX154
K551LB-XX169H K551LBXX169H K551LB-XX249H
K551LB-XX184H K551LBXX184H K551LB-XX210H
K551LBXX210H K551LB-XX225D K551LBXX225D
K551LB-XX226D K551LBXX226D K551LB-XX227H
K551LBXX227H K551LM-XX400H K551LMXX400H
K551LBXX249H K551LB-XX257D K551LBXX257D
K551L-DM550H K551LDM550H K551LA Serie
K551LN K551LN-DM092H K551LNDM092H
K551LN-XO401H K551LNXO401H K551LN-XX144H
K551LNXX144H K551LN-XX250H K551LNXX250H
K551LN-XX251H K551LNXX251H K551LN-XX519H
K551LNXX519H K551LN-XX520H K551LNXX520H
R551LA-CJ079H R551LACJ079H R551LB
R551LB-CJ125H R551LBCJ125H R551LB-CJ126H
R551LBCJ126H R551LB-CJ321D R551LBCJ321D
R551LN R551LN-CJ040H R551LNCJ040H
R551LN-DN132H R551LNDN132H R551LN-DN156H
R551LNDN156H R553LA R553LA-XX142H
R553L R553LF R553LN
R553LAXX142H R553LA-XX177H R553LAXX177H
R553LA-XX222H R553LAXX222H R553LA-XX323H
R553LAXX323H R553LA-XX389H R553LAXX389H
R553LB R553LB-XX178H R553LBXX178H
R553LB-XX247D R553LBXX247D R553LB-XX247H
R553LBXX247H R553LB-XX247V R553LBXX247V
R553LB-XX292D R553LBXX292D R553LB-XX292H
R553LBXX292H R553LB-XX310H R553LBXX310H
R553LN-DM123H R553LNDM123H R553LN-DM492
R553LNDM492 R553LN-DM492H R553LNDM492H
R553LN-DM553H R553LNDM553H R553LN-X0263H
R553LNX0263H R553LN-XO078H R553LNXO078H
R553LN-XO067H R553LNXO067H R553LN-XO419H
R553LN-XO106H R553LNXO106H R553LN-XO106H-BE
R553LNXO106HBE R553LN-XO263H R553LNXO263H
R553LN-XO311H R553LNXO311H R553LN-XO338H
R553LNXO338H R553LN-XO369H R553LNXO369H
R553LN-XO370D R553LNXO370D R553LN-XO370H
R553LNXO370H R553LN-XO420H R553LNXO420H
R553LNXO419H R553LN-XX136H R553LNXX136H
R553LN-XO516H R553LNXO516H R553LN-XX134
R553LNXX134 R553LN-XX134H R553LNXX134H
R553LN-XX136 R553LNXX136 S551LN
S551LA-1A S551LA1A S551LA-2A
S551LA2A S551LA-CJ022H S551LACJ022H
S551LA-CJ023H S551LACJ023H S551LA-CJ030H
S551LACJ030H S551LA-CJ046H S551LACJ046H
S551LA-CJ049H S551LACJ049H S551LA-CJ086H
S551LACJ086H S551LA-CJ091H S551LACJ091H
S551LA-CJ111H S551LACJ111H S551LA-CJ139P
S551LACJ139P S551LA-CJ143H S551LACJ143H
S551LA-CJ154H S551LACJ154H S551LA-CJ180H
S551LACJ180H S551LA-CJ231P S551LACJ231P
S551LA-DS51T S551LADS51T S551LA-DS51T-CA
S551LADS51TCA S551LB-1A S551LB1A
S551LB-2A S551LB2A S551LN-1A
S551L-CJ074H S551LCJ074H  
S551LN1A S551LN-2A S551LN2A
S551LN-CJ038H S551LNCJ038H S551LN-CJ081H
S551LNCJ081H S551LN-CJ120H S551LNCJ120H
S551LN-CJ148H S551LNCJ148H S551LN-CJ149H
S551LNCJ149H S551LN-CJ153H S551LNCJ153H
S551LN-CJ155H-BE S551LNCJ155HBE S551LN-CJ382H
S551LNCJ382H S551LN-CJ525H S551LNCJ525H
S551LN-DN074H S551LNDN074H S551LN-DN079H
S551LNDN079H S551LN-DN129H S551LNDN129H
S551LN-DN131H S551LNDN131H S551LN-DN261H
S551LNDN261H S551LN-DN270H S551LNDN270H
S551LN-DN558H S551LNDN558H S551LN-FB71T
S55IL V551LN V551LN-CJ041H
V551LNCJ041H V551LN-CJ043H V551LNCJ043H
V551LN-CJ152H V551LNCJ152H V551LN-CJ215H
V551LNCJ215H V551LN-CJ280H V551LNCJ280H
V551LN-CJ429H V551LNCJ429H V551LN-DB72T
V551LNDB72T V551LN-DN285H V551LNDN285H
VivoBook A551LB VivoBook A551LB-XX134H VivoBook A551LBXX134H
Vivobook A551LB-XX233H Vivobook A551LBXX233H VivoBook A551LB-XX234H
VivoBook A551LBXX234H Vivobook A551LB-XX317H Vivobook A551LBXX317H
VivoBook K551LA-4010U VivoBook K551LA4010U VivoBook K551LA-4200U
VivoBook K551LA4200U VivoBook K551LA-DM248H VivoBook K551LADM248H
VivoBook K551LA-XX019D VivoBook K551LAXX019D VivoBook K551LA-XX032D
VivoBook K551LAXX032D VivoBook K551LA-XX127H VivoBook K551LAXX127H
VivoBook K551LA-XX133H VivoBook K551LAXX133H VivoBook K551LA-XX147D
VivoBook K551LAXX147D VivoBook K551LA-XX149D VivoBook K551LAXX149D
VivoBook K551LA-XX155D VivoBook K551LAXX155D VivoBook K551LA-XX191H
VivoBook K551LAXX191H VivoBook K551LA-XX214H VivoBook K551LAXX214H
VivoBook K551LA-XX216D VivoBook K551LAXX216D VivoBook K551LA-XX218D
VivoBook K551LAXX218D VivoBook K551LA-XX224D VivoBook K551LAXX224D
VivoBook K551LA-XX245D VivoBook K551LAXX245D VivoBook K551LA-XX250H
VivoBook K551LAXX250H VivoBook K551LA-XX251H VivoBook K551LAXX251H
VivoBook K551LA-XX312H VivoBook K551LAXX312H VivoBook K551LA-XX315H
VivoBook K551LAXX315H VivoBook K551LA-XX318H VivoBook K551LAXX318H
VivoBook K551LA-XX519H VivoBook K551LAXX519H VivoBook K551LA-XX522H
VivoBook K551LAXX522H VivoBook K551LB-XX164D VivoBook K551LBXX164D
VivoBook K551LB-XX171H VivoBook K551LBXX171H VivoBook K551LB-XX173H
VivoBook K551LBXX173H VivoBook K551LB-XX179H VivoBook K551LBXX179H
VivoBook K551LB-XX180D VivoBook K551LBXX180D VivoBook K551LB-XX183H
VivoBook K551LBXX183H VivoBook K551LB-XX202D VivoBook K551LBXX202D
VivoBook K551LB-XX210H VivoBook K551LBXX210H VivoBook K551LB-XX211D
VivoBook K551LBXX211D VivoBook K551LB-XX212D VivoBook K551LBXX212D
VivoBook K551LB-XX213D VivoBook K551LBXX213D VivoBook K551LB-XX239D
VivoBook K551LBXX239D VivoBook K551LB-XX244H VivoBook K551LBXX244H
VivoBook K551LB-XX252D VivoBook K551LBXX252D VivoBook K551LB-XX257H
VivoBook K551LBXX257H VivoBook K551LB-XX258D VivoBook K551LBXX258D
VivoBook K551LB-XX259H VivoBook K551LBXX259H VivoBook K551LB-XX268H
VivoBook K551LBXX268H VivoBook K551LB-XX269H VivoBook K551LBXX269H
VivoBook K551LB-XX282H VivoBook K551LBXX282H VivoBook K551LB-XX286H
VivoBook K551LBXX286H VivoBook K551LB-XX303H VivoBook K551LBXX303H
VivoBook K551LN-DM064D VivoBook K551LNDM064D VivoBook K551LN-DM066H
VivoBook K551LNDM066H VivoBook K551LN-DM124H VivoBook K551LNDM124H
VivoBook K551LN-DM125H VivoBook K551LNDM125H VivoBook K551LN-DM217H
VivoBook K551LNDM217H VivoBook K551LN-DM550H VivoBook K551LNDM550H
VivoBook K551LN-X0395H VivoBook K551LNX0395H VivoBook K551LN-X0403H
VivoBook K551LNX0403H VivoBook K551LN-XO070H VivoBook K551LNXO070H
VivoBook K551LN-XX019D VivoBook K551LNXX019D VivoBook K551LN-XX021H
VivoBook K551LNXX021H VivoBook K551LN-XX032D VivoBook K551LNXX032D
VivoBook K551LN-XX137 VivoBook K551LNXX137 VivoBook K551LN-XX235D
VivoBook K551LNXX235D VivoBook K551LN-XX264H VivoBook K551LNXX264H
VivoBook K551LN-XX282H VivoBook K551LNXX282H VivoBook K551LN-XX312H
VivoBook K551LNXX312H VivoBook K551LN-XX317D VivoBook K551LNXX317D
VivoBook K551LN-XX522H VivoBook K551LNXX522H VivoBook S551
VivoBook S551LA VivoBook S551LA-CJ002H VivoBook S551LACJ002H
Vivobook S551LA-CJ009H Vivobook S551LACJ009H Vivobook S551LA-CJ029H
Vivobook S551LACJ029H Vivobook S551LA-CJ033H Vivobook S551LACJ033H
Vivobook S551LA-CJ041H Vivobook S551LACJ041H Vivobook S551LA-CJ102H
Vivobook S551LACJ102H Vivobook S551LA-CJ110 Vivobook S551LACJ110
Vivobook S551LA-CJ112H Vivobook S551LACJ112H VivoBook S551LB
Vivobook S551LB-CJ002H Vivobook S551LBCJ002H Vivobook S551LB-CJ003H
Vivobook S551LBCJ003H Vivobook S551LB-CJ004H Vivobook S551LBCJ004H
VivoBook S551LB-CJ005H VivoBook S551LBCJ005H VivoBook S551LB-CJ006H
VivoBook S551LBCJ006H Vivobook S551LB-CJ008H Vivobook S551LBCJ008H
VivoBook S551LB-CJ024H VivoBook S551LBCJ024H VivoBook S551LB-CJ025H
Vivobook S551LB-CJ032H Vivobook S551LBCJ032H VivoBook S551LB-CJ035H
VivoBook S551LBCJ035H Vivobook S551LB-CJ039H Vivobook S551LBCJ039H
Vivobook S551LB-CJ042H Vivobook S551LBCJ042H VivoBook S551LB-CJ043H
VivoBook S551LBCJ043H Vivobook S551LB-CJ044H Vivobook S551LBCJ044H
VivoBook S551LBCJ046H VivoBook S551LB-CJ074H VivoBook S551LBCJ074H
Vivobook S551LB-CJ076H Vivobook S551LBCJ076H VIVOBOOK S551LB-CJ081H
VIVOBOOK S551LBCJ081H Vivobook S551LB-CJ104H Vivobook S551LBCJ104H
VivoBook S551LB-CJ156H VivoBook S551LBCJ156H Vivobook S551LB-CJ158H
Vivobook S551LBCJ158H Vivobook S551LB-CJ285H Vivobook S551LBCJ285H
Vivobook S551LB-CJ289H Vivobook S551LBCJ289H Vivobook S551LB-CJ311H
Vivobook S551LBCJ311H Vivobook S551LB-CJ319H Vivobook S551LBCJ319H
VIVOBOOK S551LC VivoBook S551LN-1A VivoBook S551LN1A
vivobook s551ln VivoBook S551LNCJ038H VivoBook S551LN-CJ155H
VivoBook S551LN-CJ038H Vivobook S551LN-CJ202H Vivobook S551LNCJ202H
VivoBook S551LNCJ155H VivoBook S551LNCJ248H Vivobook S551LN-CJ325H
VivoBook S551LN-CJ248H Vivobook S551LN-CJ367H Vivobook S551LNCJ367H
Vivobook S551LNCJ325H Vivobook S551LNCJ526H Vivobook S551LN-DB71T
Vivobook S551LN-CJ526H VivoBook S551LN-DN079H VivoBook S551LNDN079H
Vivobook S551LNDB71T VivoBook S551LNDN129H VivoBook S551LN-DN131H
VivoBook S551LN-DN129H VivoBook V551L VivoBook V551LA
VivoBook S551LNDN131H VivoBook V551LACJ054P VivoBook V551LA-DH51T
VivoBook V551LA-CJ054P VivoBook V551LA-DS71T VivoBook V551LADS71T
VivoBook V551LADH51T VivoBook V551LB-CJ093P VivoBook V551LBCJ093P
VivoBook V551LB VivoBook V551LBCJ094P VivoBook V551LB-CJ162H
VivoBook V551LB-CJ094P VivoBook V551LB-DB71T VivoBook V551LBDB71T
VivoBook V551LBCJ162H VivoBook V551LBSH71T VivoBook V551LB-SH71T

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