C21N1408 Original Battery For Asus VivoBook 4000 Series Tablet
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C21N1408 Original Battery For Asus VivoBook 4000 Series Tablet

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 7.5V
  • Capacity: 4840mAh, 37Wh
  • Color: Black
  • Cells : 4-Cells
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

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364.00 SR
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 7.5V
  • Capacity: 4840mAh, 37Wh
  • Color: Black
  • Cells : 4-Cells
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit for:
VivoBook 4000 Series Tablet (Not fit for X555, X555L, X555LA, X555LB, X555LD)
Battery Pack :C21N1408 (Not Compatible with C21N1347)

Compatible with:

C21N1408, 0B200-01130300, 0B20001130300, 0B200-01130100, 0B20001130100

Fit Models: 

A555L A555LJ A555LJ-DM941T
A555LJDM941T A555LJ-XO912T A555LJXO912T
A555LJ-XO916T A555LJXO916T A555LJ-XX031H
A555LJXX031H A555LJ-XX1268T A555LJXX1268T
A555QG A555QG-XX295T A555QGXX295T
A555QG9600 A555QG9620 A555QG9700
F554LA F554LA-WS71 F554LAWS71
F554LA-XX2664T F554LAXX2664T F554LA-XX2848
F554LAXX2848 F554LA-XX2854D F554LAXX2854D
F554LA-XX2857D F554LAXX2857D F554LA-XX2943
F554LAXX2943 F554LD F554LD-XO841H
F554LDXO841H F554LD-XX618H F554LDXX618H
F554LD-XX630H F554LDXX630H F554LD-XX734H
F554LDXX734H F554LD-XX908H F554LDXX908H
F554LD-XX912H F554LDXX912H F555BA-XO059T
F555BAXO059T F555BP-XO004T F555BPXO004T
F555BP-XO091T F555BPXO091T F555DG-XO075T
F555DGXO075T F555DG-XO114T F555DGXO114T
F555LA F555LA-DM1874T F555LADM1874T
F555LA-DM1880T F555LADM1880T F555LA-DM1920T
F555LADM1920T F555LA-DM1979T F555LADM1979T
F555LA-DM1980T F555LADM1980T F555LA-DM1981T
F555LADM1981T F555LA-DM2013T F555LADM2013T
F555LA-DM2044T F555LADM2044T F555LA-DM2095T
F555LADM2095T F555LA-DM2631T F555LADM2631T
F555LA-DM2632T F555LADM2632T F555LA-DM2654T
F555LADM2654T F555LA-DM2655T F555LADM2655T
F555LA-DM715H F555LADM715H F555LA-DM766H
F555LADM766H F555LA-NS52 F555LANS52
F555LA-NS72 F555LANS72 F555LA-XX052H
F555LAXX052H F555LA-XX088H F555LAXX088H
F555LA-XX1243H-BE F555LAXX1243HBE F555LA-XX1243H-LU
F555LAXX1243HLU F555LA-XX1243T F555LAXX1243T
F555LA-XX1745T F555LAXX1745T F555LA-XX1806T
F555LAXX1806T F555LA-XX1877T F555LAXX1877T
F555LA-XX1879T F555LAXX1879T F555LA-XX1992T
F555LAXX1992T F555LA-XX2126D F555LAXX2126D
F555LA-XX2360T F555LAXX2360T F555LA-XX2420D
F555LAXX2420D F555LA-XX2420T F555LAXX2420T
F555LA-XX2421T F555LAXX2421T F555LA-XX2422T
F555LAXX2422T F555LA-XX2468T-BE F555LAXX2468TBE
F555LA-XX2478T F555LAXX2478T F555LA-XX2607T
F555LAXX2607T F555LA-XX2629T F555LAXX2629T
F555LA-XX2630T F555LAXX2630T F555LA-XX2650T
F555LAXX2650T F555LA-XX2651T F555LAXX2651T
F555LA-XX2652T F555LAXX2652T F555LA-XX2653T
F555LAXX2653T F555LA-XX2656T F555LAXX2656T
F555LA-XX270D F555LAXX270D F555LA-XX270H
F555LAXX270H F555LA-XX2720D F555LAXX2720D
F555LA-XX2721D F555LAXX2721D F555LA-XX2728D
F555LAXX2728D F555LA-XX2738T-BE F555LAXX2738TBE
F555LA-XX2802T-BE F555LAXX2802TBE F555LA-XX2811D
F555LAXX2811D F555LA-XX2826T F555LAXX2826T
F555LA-XX283H F555LAXX283H F555LA-XX297H
F555LAXX297H F555LA-XX321H F555LAXX321H
F555LA-XX502H F555LAXX502H F555LA-XX535H-BE
F555LA-XX629D F555LAXX629D F555LA-XX630T
F555LAXX630T F555LA-XX657H F555LAXX657H
F555LA-XX657T F555LAXX657T F555LA-XX791H
F555LAXX791H F555LA-XX843T F555LAXX843T
F555LA-XX877T F555LAXX877T F555LA-XX945H
F555LAXX945H F555LA-XX963T F555LAXX963T
F555LB F555LB-DM138T F555LBDM138T
F555LB-DM137H F555LBDM137H F555LB-DM138H
F555LBDM138H F555LB-DM208H F555LBDM208H
F555LB-DM223H F555LBDM223H F555LB-DM252H
F555LBDM252H F555LB-XO040H F555LBXO040H
F555LB-DM282H F555LBDM282H F555LB-X0197T
F555LBX0197T F555LB-XO123H F555LBXO123H
F555LB-XO060D F555LBXO060D F555LB-XO060H
F555LBXO060H F555LB-XO101H F555LBXO101H
F555LB-XO115H F555LBXO115H F555LB-XO122H
F555LBXO122H F555LB-XO135H F555LBXO135H
F555LB-XO133H F555LBXO133H F555LB-XO134H
F555LBXO134H F555LB-XO168H F555LBXO168H
F555LB-XO136H F555LBXO136H F555LB-XO197H
F555LB-XO169H F555LBXO169H F555LB-XO169T
F555LBXO169T F555LB-XO171H F555LBXO171H
F555LB-XO171T F555LBXO171T F555LB-XO236H
F555LBXO197H F555LB-XO238D F555LBXO238D
F555LBXO236H F555LB-XO401H F555LBXO401H
F555LB-XO238H F555LBXO238H F555LB-XO246H
F555LBXO246H F555LB-XO247H F555LBXO247H
F555LB-XO248H F555LBXO248H F555LB-XO275H
F555LBXO275H F555LB-XO316H F555LBXO316H
F555LB-XO359H F555LBXO359H F555LD
F555LB-XO544D F555LBXO544D F555LD-DM411H
F555LD-DM410H F555LDDM410H F555LDDM513H
F555LDDM411H F555LD-DM513H F555LD-X0432H
F555LD-DM842H F555LDDM842H F555LDXO433H
F555LDX0432H F555LD-XO433H F555LD-XO435H
F555LD-XO434H F555LDXO434H F555LDXO472H
F555LDXO435H F555LD-XO472H F555LD-XO489H
F555LD-XO481H F555LDXO481H F555LDXO490H
F555LDXO489H F555LD-XO490H F555LD-XO492H
F555LD-XO491H F555LDXO491H F555LDXO780H
F555LDXO492H F555LD-XO780H F555LD-XX088H
F555LD-XX086H F555LDXX086H F555LDXX090H
F555LDXX088H F555LD-XX090H F555LD-XX1010H
F555LD-XX1002H F555LDXX1002H F555LDXX110H
F555LDXX1010H F555LD-XX110H F555LD-XX113H
F555LD-XX112H F555LDXX112H F555LDXX115H
F555LDXX113H F555LD-XX115H F555LD-XX133H
F555LD-XX132H F555LDXX132H F555LDXX186H
F555LDXX133H F555LD-XX186H F555LD-XX244H
F555LD-XX243H F555LDXX243H F555LDXX259H
F555LDXX244H F555LD-XX259H F555LD-XX308H
F555LD-XX307H F555LDXX307H F555LDXX310H
F555LDXX308H F555LD-XX310H F555LD-XX320H
F555LD-XX317H F555LDXX317H F555LDXX321H
F555LDXX320H F555LD-XX321H F555LD-XX323H
F555LD-XX322H F555LDXX322H F555LDXX367H
F555LDXX323H F555LD-XX367H F555LD-XX369H
F555LD-xx368H F555LDxx368H F555LDXX371H
F555LDXX369H F555LD-XX371H F555LD-XX387H
F555LD-XX372H F555LDXX372H F555LDXX409H
F555LDXX387H F555LD-XX409H F555LD-XX564H
F555LD-XX555H F555LDXX555H F555LDXX625H
F555LDXX564H F555LD-XX625H F555LD-XX770H
F555LD-XX769H F555LDXX769H F555LDXX909H
F555LDXX770H F555LD-XX909H F555LF
F555LD-XX998H F555LDXX998H F555LF-DM417T
F555LF-DM186T F555LFDM186T F555LFDM420T
F555LFDM417T F555LF-DM420T F555LF-XO029T
F555LF-XO029H F555LFXO029H F555LFXO057H
F555LFXO029T F555LF-XO057H F555LF-XO061H
F555LF-XO059H F555LFXO059H F555LFXO334D
F555LFXO061H F555LF-XO334D F555LF-XO423D
F555LF-XO413T F555LFXO413T F555LI-XX023H
F555LFXO423D F555LI F555LIXX027H
F555LIXX023H F555LI-XX027H F555LJ0091A5200U
F555LJ F555LJ-0091A5200U F555LJ-DM412H
F555LJ-DM344H F555LJDM344H F555LJDM460T
F555LJDM412H F555LJ-DM460T F555LJ-DM891T
F555LJ-DM849T F555LJDM849T F555LJDM893T
F555LJDM891T F555LJ-DM893T F555LJ-DM896T
F555LJ-DM895T F555LJDM895T F555LJDM897T
F555LJDM896T F555LJ-DM897T F555LJ-DM902T
F555LJ-DM898T F555LJDM898T F555LJXO857T
F555LJDM902T F555LJ-XO857T F555LJ-XX060H
F555LJ-XO922T F555LJXO922T F555LJXX060T
F555LJXX060H F555LJ-XX060T F555LJ-XX085H
F555LJ-XX083H F555LJXX083H F555LJXX087H
F555LJXX085H F555LJ-XX087H F555LJ-XX1088T
F555LJ-XX1044T F555LJXX1044T F555LJXX1093T
F555LJXX1088T F555LJ-XX1093T F555LJ-XX110H
F555LJ-XX109H F555LJXX109H F555LJXX111H
F555LJXX110H F555LJ-XX111H F555LJ-XX116H
F555LJ-XX112H F555LJXX112H F555LJXX116T
F555LJXX116H F555LJ-XX116T F555LJ-XX1399T
F555LJ-XX118H F555LJXX118H F555LJXX145H
F555LJXX1399T F555LJ-XX145H F555LJ-XX227H
F555LJ-XX196H F555LJXX196H F555LJXX228H
F555LJXX227H F555LJ-XX228H F555LJ-XX230H
F555LJ-XX229H F555LJXX229H F555LJXX231H
F555LJXX230H F555LJ-XX231H F555LJ-XX330H
F555LJ-XX248H F555LJXX248H F555LJXX331H
F555LJXX330H F555LJ-XX331H F555LJ-XX353D
F555LJ-XX343T F555LJXX343T F555LJXX353H
F555LJXX353D F555LJ-XX353H F555LJ-XX389H
F555LJ-XX388H F555LJXX388H F555LJXX390H
F555LJXX389H F555LJ-XX390H F555LJ-XX392H
F555LJ-XX391H F555LJXX391H F555LJXX393H
F555LJXX392H F555LJ-XX393H F555LJ-XX395H
F555LJ-XX394H F555LJXX394H F555LJXX397H
F555LJXX395H F555LJ-XX397H F555LJ-XX403H
F555LJ-XX398H F555LJXX398H F555LN-DM495H
F555LJXX403H F555LN F555LNX0054H
F555LNDM495H F555LN-X0054H F555LN-XO128H
F555LN-X0070H F555LNX0070H F555LNXO355D
F555LNXO128H F555LN-XO355D F555LP
F555LN-XO442H F555LNXO442H F555UB
F555LP-XX081H F555LPXX081H F555UB-DM154T
F555UB-DM046T F555UBDM046T F555UBXO043T
F555UBDM154T F555UB-XO043T F555UB-XO045T
F555UB-XO044T F555UBXO044T F555UBXO111T
F555UBXO045T F555UB-XO111T F555UB-XO130T
F555UB-XO129T F555UBXO129T F555UBXO214D
F555UBXO130T F555UB-XO214D K555LN-XO255D
K555L K555LN VivoBook X555UQ
K555LNXO255D VivoBook V555L VivoBook X555UQ-XX305T
MX555 VivoBook X555UQXO075T X555LD
VivoBook 4000 X555L VM590LF
VivoBook MX555 X555LA W519L
VivoBook X555UQ-XO075T X555  
VivoBook X555UQXX305T X555LN  

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