PA3107U-1BRS Original Laptop Battery For Toshiba B404 PA2487
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PA3107U-1BRS Original Laptop Battery For Toshiba B404 PA2487

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call ,WhatsApp ,Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

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420.00 SR
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call ,WhatsApp ,Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Product Description : 

Fit Part Numbers : 

PA2487 PA2487U PA2487UG
PA2487UR PA2487URG PA2487URN
PA3107U PA3107U-1BRS PA3107U1BRS


Fit Models :
Toshiba Portege Series : 

Portege 1410-S173 Portege 1410S173 Portege 1410-S174
Portege 1410S174 Portege 1415-S173 Portege 1415S173
Portege 1415-S174 Portege 1415S174 Portege 1800-S202
Portege 1800S202 Portege 1800-S204 Portege 1800S204
Portege 1800-S254 Portege 1800S254 Portege 1805
Portege 1805-S204 Portege 1805S204 Portege 1805-S254
Portege 1805S254 Portege 1805-S274 Portege 1805S274
Portege 2100CDS Portege 2100CDT Portege 2100CDX
Portege 2105CDS Portege 210CDT Portege 2115CDS
Portege 2140XCDS Portege 2180CDT Portege 2210CDT
Portege 2210XCDS Portege 2250CDT Portege 2250XCDS
Portege 2410-S203 Portege 2410S203 Portege 2410-S204
Portege 2410S204 Portege 2410-S205 Portege 2410S205
Portege 2410-S206 Portege 2410S206 Portege 2500CDT
Portege 2505CDT Portege 2515CDS Portege 2515CDS/4
Portege 2515CTS Portege 2520CDT Portege 2540CDT
Portege 2545CDT Portege 2610DVD Portege 2615DVD
Portege 2715DVD Portege 2800 Portege 2800-S201
Portege 2800S201 Portege 2800-S202 Portege 2800S202
Portege 2805 Portege 2805-S201 Portege 2805S201
Portege 2805-S202 Portege 2805S202 Portege 2805-S301
Portege 2805S301 Portege 2805-S302 Portege 2805S302
Portege 2805-S401 Portege 2805S401 Portege 2805-S402
Portege 2805S402 Portege 2805-S503 Portege 2805S503
Portege 2900 Portege 4320ZDVD Portege 4340ZDVD
Portege 4360ZDVD Portege 4600  

Toshiba Satellite pro Series : 

Satellite Pro 1800 Satellite Pro 1800-S203 Satellite Pro 1800S203
Satellite Pro 1800-S253 Satellite Pro 1800S253 Satellite Pro 1805-S203
Satellite Pro 1805S203 Satellite Pro 1805-S273 Satellite Pro 1805S273
Satellite Pro 2100-200Eb Satellite Pro 2100200Eb Satellite Pro 2100-200Ec
Satellite Pro 2100200Ec Satellite Pro 2100-201Ec Satellite Pro 2100201Ec
Satellite Pro 2100-203Eb Satellite Pro 2100203Eb Satellite Pro 2100-203Ec
Satellite Pro 2100203Ec Satellite Pro 2100-220Eb Satellite Pro 2100220Eb
Satellite Pro 2100-220Ec Satellite Pro 2100220Ec Satellite Pro 2100-221Eb
Satellite Pro 2100221Eb Satellite Pro 2100-221Ec Satellite Pro 2100221Ec
Satellite Pro 2100-401Eb Satellite Pro 2100401Eb Satellite Pro 2100-402Eb
Satellite Pro 2100402Eb Satellite Pro 2100-403Eb Satellite Pro 2100403Eb
Satellite Pro 2100-403Ec Satellite Pro 2100403Ec Satellite Pro 2100-404Eb
Satellite Pro 2100404Eb Satellite Pro 2100-404Ec Satellite Pro 2100404Ec
Satellite Pro 2100-405Eb Satellite Pro 2100405Eb Satellite Pro 2100-405EG
Satellite Pro 2100405EG Satellite Pro 2100-405EU Satellite Pro 2100405EU
Satellite Pro 2100-406Eb Satellite Pro 2100406Eb Satellite Pro 2140XCDS
Satellite Pro 2180CDT Satellite Pro 220CDS Satellite Pro 2210CDT
Satellite Pro 2210XCDS Satellite Pro 2250XCDS Satellite Pro 2500CDT
Satellite Pro 2505CDS Satellite Pro 2505CDT Satellite Pro 2510CDS
Satellite Pro 2515CDS Satellite Pro 2530CDS Satellite Pro 2535CDS
Satellite Pro 2540CDS Satellite Pro 2540CDT Satellite Pro 2545CDS
Satellite Pro 2545CDT Satellite Pro 2590CDT Satellite Pro 2595CDS
Satellite Pro 2595CDT Satellite Pro 2595XDVD Satellite Pro 2615DVD
Satellite Pro 2655XDVD Satellite Pro 2675DVD Satellite Pro 2715DVD
Satellite Pro 2715XDVD Satellite Pro 2800-S201 Satellite Pro 2800S201
Satellite Pro 2800-S202 Satellite Pro 2800S202 Satellite Pro 2805-S201
Satellite Pro 2805S201 Satellite Pro 2805-S202 Satellite Pro 2805S202
Satellite Pro 2805-S301 Satellite Pro 2805S301 Satellite Pro 2805-S302
Satellite Pro 2805S302 Satellite Pro 2805-S401 Satellite Pro 2805S401
Satellite Pro 2805-S402 Satellite Pro 2805S402 Satellite Pro 2805-S503
Satellite Pro 2805S503 Satellite Pro 2805-S603 Satellite Pro 2805S603
Satellite Pro 300 Satellite Pro 300CDS Satellite Pro 300CDT
Satellite Pro 305CDS Satellite Pro 305CDT Satellite Pro 310CDS
Satellite Pro 310CDT Satellite Pro 315CDS Satellite Pro 315CDT
Satellite Pro 320CDS Satellite Pro 320CDT Satellite Pro 325CDS
Satellite Pro 325CDT Satellite Pro 330CDS Satellite Pro 330CDT
Satellite Pro 335CDS Satellite Pro 335CDT Satellite Pro 400
Satellite Pro 4000 Satellite Pro 4000 Series Satellite Pro 405
Satellite Pro 410 Satellite Pro 4100XCDT Satellite Pro 4100XDVD
Satellite Pro 415 Satellite Pro 420 Satellite Pro 4200
Satellite Pro 425 Satellite Pro 4260 Satellite Pro 435
Satellite Pro 440CT Satellite Pro 445 Satellite Pro 450CDT
Satellite Pro 450CDX Satellite Pro 465  

Toshiba Series : 

Satellite 1400 Series Satellite 1400-103 Satellite 1400103  
Satellite 1400-153 Satellite 1400153 Satellite 1400-153E  
Satellite 1400153E Satellite 1400-203 Satellite 1400203  
Satellite 1400-253S Satellite 1400253S Satellite 1400-503  
Satellite 1400503 Satellite 1400-553S Satellite 1400553S
Satellite 1405 Series Satellite 1410 Series Satellite 1410-303
Satellite 1410303 Satellite 1410-303X Satellite 1410303X
Satellite 1410-304 Satellite 1410304 Satellite 1410-354
Satellite 1410354 Satellite 1410-401 Satellite 1410401
Satellite 1410-554 Satellite 1410554 Satellite 1410-604
Satellite 1410604 Satellite 1410-704 Satellite 1410704
Satellite 1410-714 Satellite 1410714 Satellite 1410-801
Satellite 1410801 Satellite 1410-802 Satellite 1410802
Satellite 1410-814 Satellite 1410814 Satellite 1410-902
Satellite 1410902 Satellite 1410-S102 Satellite 1410S102
Satellite 1410-S103 Satellite 1410S103 Satellite 1410-S203
Satellite 1410S203 Satellite 1415 Series Satellite 1415-S174
Satellite 1415S174 Satellite 1555 Satellite 1555CDS
SATELLITE 1800 Satellite 1800-100 Satellite 1800100
Satellite 1800-204 Satellite 1800204 Satellite 1800-254S
Satellite 1800254S Satellite 1800-314 Satellite 1800314
Satellite 1800-364E Satellite 1800364E Satellite 1800-400
Satellite 1800400 Satellite 1800-412 Satellite 1800412
Satellite 1800-452E Satellite 1800452E Satellite 1800-504
Satellite 1800504 Satellite 1800-554S Satellite 1800554S
Satellite 1800-614 Satellite 1800614 Satellite 1800-700
Satellite 1800700 Satellite 1800-712 Satellite 1800712
Satellite 1800-750 Satellite 1800750 Satellite 1800-752S
Satellite 1800752S Satellite 1800-804 Satellite 1800804
Satellite 1800-921 Satellite 1800921 Satellite 1800-S203
Satellite 1800S203 Satellite 1800-S206 Satellite 1800S206
Satellite 1800-S253 Satellite 1800S253 Satellite 1800-S256
Satellite 1800S256 Satellite 1805 Series Satellite 1805-S177
Satellite 1805S177 Satellite 1805-S203 Satellite 1805S203
Satellite 1805-S204 Satellite 1805S204 Satellite 1805-S208
Satellite 1805S208 Satellite 1805-S253 Satellite 1805S253
Satellite 1805-S255 Satellite 1805S255 Satellite 1805-S273
Satellite 1805S273 Satellite 200 Satellite 2060CDS
Satellite 2065CDS Satellite 2100 Satellite 2100CDS
Satellite 2100CDT Satellite 2100CDX Satellite 2105CDS
Satellite 210CDT Satellite 2140 Satellite 2140CDS
Satellite 2140XCDS Satellite 2180 Satellite 2180CDT
Satellite 220 Satellite 220CDS SATELLITE 220CS
Satellite 2210 Satellite 2210CDS Satellite 2210CDT
Satellite 2210XCDS Satellite 2230 SATELLITE 2230CDS
Satellite 2250 Satellite 2250CDT Satellite 2250XCDS
Satellite 225CDS Satellite 230CDS Satellite 230CX
Satellite 235CDS Satellite 2400 Series Satellite 2400-103
Satellite 2400103 Satellite 2400-103DVD Satellite 2400103DVD
Satellite 2405 Series Satellite 2410-303 Satellite 2410303
Satellite 2410-304 Satellite 2410304 Satellite 2410-304S
Satellite 2410304S Satellite 2410-404 Satellite 2410404
Satellite 2410-413 Satellite 2410413 Satellite 2410-414
Satellite 2410414 Satellite 2410-514 Satellite 2410514
Satellite 2410-515 Satellite 2410515 Satellite 2410-601
Satellite 2410601 Satellite 2410-603 Satellite 2410603
Satellite 2410-703 Satellite 2410703 Satellite 2410-S403
Satellite 2410S403 Satellite 2410-S453 Satellite 2410S453
Satellite 2415 Series Satellite 250 Satellite 2500 Series
Satellite 2500CDS Satellite 2500CDT Satellite 2505CDS
Satellite 2505CDT Satellite 2510 Satellite 2510CDS
Satellite 2515CDS Satellite 2515CTS Satellite 2520
SATELLITE 2520CDS Satellite 2520CDT Satellite 2530
Satellite 2530CDS Satellite 2535CD Satellite 2535CDS
Satellite 2540 Satellite 2540CDS Satellite 2540CDT
Satellite 2540XCDT Satellite 2545CDS Satellite 2545CDT
Satellite 2545XCDT Satellite 2550 SATELLITE 2550CDT
Satellite 2590 Satellite 2590CDS Satellite 2590CDT
Satellite 2590XDVD Satellite 2595CDS Satellite 2595CDT
Satellite 2595XDVD Satellite 2600 Series Satellite 2610
Satellite 2610CDT Satellite 2610DVD Satellite 2615DVD
Satellite 2650 Satellite 2650XDVD Satellite 2655XDVD
Satellite 2670 Satellite 2670DVD Satellite 2675DVD
Satellite 2710 Satellite 2710XDVD Satellite 2715DVD
Satellite 2715XDVD Satellite 2740 Satellite 2750
Satellite 2750DVD Satellite 2750XDVD Satellite 2755DVD
Satellite 2755XDVD Satellite 2770 Satellite 2770XDVD
Satellite 2775XDVD Satellite 2800 Satellite 2800 Series
Satellite 2800-100 Satellite 2800100 Satellite 2800-200
Satellite 2800200 Satellite 2800-400 Satellite 2800400
Satellite 2800-500 Satellite 2800500 Satellite 2800-600
Satellite 2800600 Satellite 2800-S201 Satellite 2800S201
Satellite 2805-S201 Satellite 2805S201 Satellite 2805-S202
Satellite 2805S202 Satellite 2805-S301 Satellite 2805S301
Satellite 2805-S302 Satellite 2805S302 Satellite 2805-S401
Satellite 2805S401 Satellite 2805-S402 Satellite 2805S402
Satellite 300 Satellite 300CDS Satellite 305
Satellite 305CDS Satellite 305CDT Satellite 310
Satellite 310CDS Satellite 310CDT Satellite 315
Satellite 315CD Satellite 315CDS Satellite 315CDT
Satellite 320 Satellite 320CDS Satellite 320CDT
Satellite 320CT Satellite 325 Satellite 325CDS
Satellite 325CDT Satellite 330 Satellite 330CDS
Satellite 330CDT Satellite 335 Satellite 335CDS
Satellite 335CDT Satellite 4000CDS Satellite 4000CDT
Satellite 4005CDS Satellite 4005CDT Satellite 4010
Satellite 4010CDS Satellite 4010CDT Satellite 4015CDS
Satellite 4015CDT Satellite 4020 Satellite 4020CDT
Satellite 4025CDT Satellite 4030 Satellite 4030CDS
Satellite 4030CDT Satellite 4035CDT Satellite 4060
SATELLITE 4060CDT Satellite 4060XCDT Satellite 4070
Satellite 4070CDS Satellite 4070CDT Satellite 4080
Satellite 4080CDT Satellite 4080XCDT Satellite 4090
SATELLITE 4090CDS Satellite 4090XCDT Satellite 4090XDVD
Satellite 4100XCDT Satellite 4100XDVD Satellite Pro 400CDT
Satellite Pro 400CS Satellite Pro 405CDT Satellite Pro 405CS
Satellite Pro 410CDT Satellite Pro 410CS Satellite Pro 415CE
Satellite Pro 415CS Satellite Pro 4200 Series Satellite Pro 420CDS
Satellite Pro 420CDT Satellite Pro 4220 Satellite Pro 425CDS
Satellite Pro 425CDT Satellite Pro 4280 Satellite Pro 4280XCDT
Satellite Pro 430 Satellite Pro 4300 Satellite Pro 430CDS
Satellite Pro 430CDT Satellite Pro 430CDX Satellite Pro 4320
Satellite Pro 4320CDT Satellite Pro 4340XDVD Satellite Pro 435CDS
Satellite Pro 435CDT Satellite Pro 4360XDVD Satellite Pro 4380
Satellite Pro 440 Satellite Pro 440CDT Satellite Pro 440CDX
Satellite Pro 440CS Satellite Pro 445CDT Satellite Pro 445CDX
Satellite Pro 460 SATELLITE PRO 4600 Satellite Pro 4600 Series
Satellite Pro 460CDT Satellite Pro 460CDX Satellite Pro 465CDT
Satellite Pro 465CDX Satellite Pro 470 Satellite Pro 470CDT
Satellite Pro 480 Satellite Pro 480CDT Satellite Pro 480CDX
Satellite Pro 485CDT Satellite Pro 485CDX Satellite Pro 490
Satellite Pro 490CDT Satellite Pro 490CDX Satellite Pro 490XCDT
Satellite Pro 495CDT Satellite Pro 495CDX  

Toshiba Series : 

Dynabook GTR590 Dynabook T4/495CME Dynabook T5/512CME
Dynabook T5/X16PME Dynabook T6/518CME TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1800
TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1850 TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1860 TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1870
TOSHIBA DynaBook T2/485PMC TOSHIBA DynaBook T2/485PRC TOSHIBA DynaBook T3/410PME
TOSHIBA DynaBook T3/480CME TOSHIBA DynaBook T4/410PME TOSHIBA DynaBook T6/518CDE

Toshiba Satellite Series : 

Satellite 1040 Satellite 1040CDS Satellite 1400
Satellite 1400-S151 Satellite 1400S151 Satellite 1400-S152
Satellite 1400S152 Satellite 1400/5-S151 Satellite 1400/5S151
Satellite 1405 Satellite 1405-S151 Satellite 1405S151
Satellite 1405-S152 Satellite 1405S152 Satellite 1405-S171
Satellite 1405S171 SATELLITE 1405-S172 SATELLITE 1405S172
Satellite 1410 Satellite 1410-S105 Satellite 1410S105
Satellite 1410-S106 Satellite 1410S106 Satellite 1410-S173
Satellite 1410S173 Satellite 1410-S174 Satellite 1410S174
Satellite 1415 SATELLITE 1415-S105 SATELLITE 1415S105
SATELLITE 1415S115 Satellite 1415-S119 Satellite 1415S119
Satellite 1415-S173 Satellite 1415S173 Satellite 1415-S199
Satellite 1415S199 Satellite 1500 Satellite 1722800
Satellite 1800-354S Satellite 1800354S Satellite 1800-514
Satellite 1800514 Satellite 1800-654S Satellite 1800654S
Satellite 1800-814 Satellite 1800814 Satellite 1800-911
Satellite 1800911 Satellite 1800-S177 Satellite 1800S177
Satellite 1800-S202 Satellite 1800S202 Satellite 1800-S204
Satellite 1800S204 Satellite 1800-S205 Satellite 1800S205
Satellite 1800-S207 Satellite 1800S207 Satellite 1800-S254
Satellite 1800S254 Satellite 1800-S274 Satellite 1800S274
Satellite 1805 Satellite 1805-S154 Satellite 1805S154
Satellite 1805-S207 Satellite 1805S207 Satellite 1805-S254
Satellite 1805S254 Satellite 1805-S274 Satellite 1805S274
Satellite 1805-S278 Satellite 1805S278 Satellite 2060CDT
Satellite 2065 Satellite 2065CDT Satellite 2105
Satellite 2105CDT Satellite 2115CDS Satellite 2140CDT
Satellite 220CT Satellite 2215CDS Satellite 225
Satellite 2400 Satellite 2400-S201 Satellite 2400S201
Satellite 2400-S202 Satellite 2400S202 Satellite 2400-S251
Satellite 2400S251 Satellite 2400-S252 Satellite 2400S252
Satellite 2405 Satellite 2405-S201 Satellite 2405S201
Satellite 2405-S202 Satellite 2405S202 SATELLITE 2405-S221
SATELLITE 2405S221 Satellite 2410 Satellite 2410 Small Business Series
SATELLITE 2410-S185 SATELLITE 2410S185 Satellite 2410-S203
Satellite 2410S203 Satellite 2410-S204 Satellite 2410S204
Satellite 2410-S205 Satellite 2410S205 Satellite 2410-S206
Satellite 2410S206 Satellite 2415 SATELLITE 2415-S205
Satellite 2500 Satellite 2505 Satellite 2510CDS/4
Satellite 2515 Satellite 2515CDS/4 Satellite 2530CDS/4
Satellite 2535 Satellite 2535CDS/4 Satellite 2535CDT
Satellite 2540CDS/4 Satellite 2545 Satellite 2545CDS/4
Satellite 2545XCDT/4 Satellite 2590CDS/4 Satellite 2595
Satellite 2595CDS/4 Satellite 2600 Satellite 2615
Satellite 2655 Satellite 2675 Satellite 2695
Satellite 2695DVD Satellite 2700 Satellite 2715
Satellite 2755 Satellite 2775 Satellite 2800-S202
Satellite 2800S202 Satellite 2800-S210 Satellite 2800S210
Satellite 2805 Satellite 2805-S503 Satellite 2805S503
Satellite 2805-s603 Satellite 2805s603 Satellite 2900
Satellite 300CDS/2 Satellite 305CDS/2 Satellite 310CDS/2
Satellite 310CDT/2 Satellite 315CDS/2 Satellite 315CDT/2
Satellite 400 Satellite 4000 Satellite 4000CDS/4
Satellite 4000SCDS/4 Satellite 4005 Satellite 4005CDS/4
Satellite 400CDT Satellite 400CS Satellite 400CT
Satellite 4010CDS/4 Satellite 4015 Satellite 4015CDS/4
Satellite 4020CDT/6 Satellite 4025 Satellite 4025CDS
Satellite 4025CDT/6 Satellite 4030CDT/4 Satellite 405CDT
Satellite 405CS Satellite 405CT Satellite 4060CDT/4
Satellite 4080XCDT/6 Satellite 4085 Satellite 4085XCDT
Satellite 4090XDVD/6 Satellite 4100XDVD/6 Satellite 410CDT
Satellite 410CS Satellite 410CT Satellite 415CDT
Satellite 415CS Satellite 4200 Satellite 420CDS
Satellite 420CDT Satellite 425CDS Satellite 425CDT
Satellite 4260 Satellite 4260DVD Satellite 4280
Satellite 4280XCDT Satellite 4280XDVD Satellite 4280ZDVD
Satellite 430 Satellite 4300 Satellite 430CDS
Satellite 430CDT Satellite 4320CDT Satellite 4320ZDVD
Satellite 4340XDVD Satellite 4340ZDVD Satellite 435CDS
Satellite 435CDT Satellite 4360XDVD Satellite 4360ZDVD
Satellite 4400CDT Satellite 440CDT Satellite 440CDX
Satellite 440CS Satellite 440CT Satellite 445CDT
Satellite 445CDX Satellite 4600 Satellite 460CDT
Satellite 460CDX Satellite 465CDT Satellite 465CDX
Satellite 470CDT Satellite 480CDT Satellite 490CDT
Satellite 490XCDT SATELLITE PRO 2100 Satellite Pro 4260DVD
Satellite Pro 4280XDVD Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD Satellite Pro 4340
Satellite Pro 4360 Satellite T2100CDX TOSHIBA Satellite 1400
TOSHIBA Satellite 1405 TOSHIBA Satellite 1410 TOSHIBA Satellite 1415 series
TOSHIBA Satellite 1550 TOSHIBA Satellite 1555 series TOSHIBA Satellite 1800 series
TOSHIBA Satellite 1805 Series TOSHIBA Satellite 1830 TOSHIBA Satellite 2060
TOSHIBA Satellite 2100 series TOSHIBA Satellite 2400 series TOSHIBA Satellite 250 series
TOSHIBA Satellite 2530 series TOSHIBA Satellite 2800 Series TOSHIBA Satellite 315
TOSHIBA Satellite 4100 series TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 4360 TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 440
TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 480 TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 490  

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Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. 

Additional non-returnable items: 
- Gift cards 
- Downloadable software products 
- Some health and personal care items 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable) 
- Book with obvious signs of use 
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- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error 
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery 

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Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

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  1. Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business days;
  2. Cash on Delivery payment methods will be refunded between fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days and the cost of transfer (100 SAR) will be supported by the end user / Customer.

Note: The shipping charges and Custom clearance charges are not refundable