Microsoft Kinect Sports - Season 2 - Xbox 360
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Microsoft Kinect Sports - Season 2 - Xbox 360

Product description
Step up to the plate‎,‎ reach for your driver to tee off‎,‎ or serve up an ace as the most popular Kinect franchise returns with ‎""‎Kinect Sports‎:‎ Season Two‎""‎ – only on Kinect for Xbox 360‎.‎ With six thrilling new sports to jump into and enjoy‎,‎ ‎""‎Kinect Sports‎:‎ Season Two‎""‎ pulls the whole family off the couch and turns your living room into a world‎‐class sports arena where intuitive‎,‎ full‎‐body gameplay and friendly competition reign supreme‎.‎ Following the top‎‐selling and award‎‐winning ""Kinect Sports""‎,‎ the second season amps up the action and delivers sporting gameplay like you‎'‎ve never seen – or felt – before‎!‎

‎""‎Kinect Sports‎:‎ Season Two‎""‎ sprints out of the box at full speed‎,‎ taking full advantage of the revolutionary Kinect technology and its latest exciting features‎,‎ such as in‎‐game voice commands and enhanced motion tracking‎.‎ Bringing the family together and introducing Challenge Play to Xbox LIVE and living rooms worldwide‎,‎ ‎""‎Kinect Sports‎:‎ Season Two‎""‎ harnesses the power of friendly competition to provide a more immersive experience for everyone from casual players to top‎‐notch athletes and hardcore sports fans‎.‎

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