Toshiba PA3780U-1BRS PA3638U-1BAP PABAS178 Laptop Battery
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Toshiba PA3780U-1BRS PA3638U-1BAP PABAS178 Laptop Battery

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Number of Cells: 6 cells
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery.
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original & 6 months for compatible.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call ,WhatsApp ,Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

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385.55 SR
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh
  • Number of Cells: 6 cells
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery.
  • Warranty: 12 months for Original & 6 months for compatible.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call ,WhatsApp ,Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers
PA3634U-1BAS PA3635U-1BRS PA3728U-1BRS PABAS118
PA3634U-1BRS PA3636U-1BAL PA3780U-1BRS PABAS178
PA3635U-1BRM PA3638U-1BAP PABAS117

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MINI NB510-F13H Satellite C645-SP4139L Satellite Pro T110-13H Satellite Pro U500-1G5 Satellite T135-SP2910R Satellite U405-SP2801
MINI NB510-F13J Satellite C645-SP4140L Satellite Pro T110-EZ1100 Satellite Pro U500-700801 Satellite T135-SP2911A Satellite U405-SP2803
Portege M800 PPM81A-08S01S Satellite C645-SP4141L Satellite Pro T110-EZ1110 Satellite Pro U500-EZ1311 Satellite T135-SP2911C Satellite U405-ST550W
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Portege M800 PPM81C-0CK02D Satellite C645-SP4145L Satellite Pro T110-EZ1301 Satellite Pro U500-S1322 Satellite U400 PSU40C-04W01C Satellite U500-00K
Portege M800 PPM81E-01W01MGR Satellite C645-SP4146L Satellite Pro T130 Satellite Pro U500-ST5302 Satellite U400 PSU40C-06001C Satellite U500-00X
Portege M800 PPM81E-06E01MGR Satellite C645-SP4162M Satellite Pro T130-00M-3G Satellite Pro U500-ST5305 Satellite U400 PSU40C-06101C Satellite U500-018
Portege M800 Satellite C645-SP4163M Satellite Pro T130-00N Satellite Pro U500-ST5307 Satellite U400 PSU40C-DW208C Satellite U500-01C
Portege M800-056 Satellite C645-SP4164M Satellite Pro T130-00T Satellite Pro U500-ST6321 Satellite U400 PSU40C-DW308C Satellite U500-01D
Portege M800-05D Satellite C645-SP4170M Satellite Pro T130-10G Satellite Pro U500-ST6322 Satellite U400 PSU44A-08W01D Satellite U500-01W
Portege M800-07F01H Satellite C645-SP4171M Satellite Pro T130-11H Satellite Pro U500-ST6344 Satellite U400 PSU44E-01901CGR Satellite U500-10E
Portege M800-08S Satellite C645-SP4175M Satellite Pro T130-12K Satellite T110 Satellite U400 PSU44E-02D010GR Satellite U500-10J
Portege M800-100 Satellite C645-SP4201L Satellite Pro T130-12M Satellite T110-006 Satellite U400 PSU44E-02F01CGR Satellite U500-10K
Portege M800-101 Satellite C645-SP4202L Satellite Pro T130-138 Satellite T110-00D Satellite U400 PSU44E-057030GR Satellite U500-10L
Portege M800-103 Satellite C645-SP4250L Satellite Pro T130-13C Satellite T110-01U Satellite U400 PSU44E-09V030GR Satellite U500-10M
Portege M800-104 Satellite C645-SP4252L Satellite Pro T130-13Q Satellite T110-107 Satellite U400 PSU44E-0DL044GR Satellite U500-10N
Portege M800-105 Satellite C645-SP4254L Satellite Pro T130-14J Satellite T110-10-7 Satellite U400 Satellite U500-10P
Portege M800-106 li> Satellite Pro T130-14L Satellite T110-10J Satellite U400-04W Satellite U500-10U
Portege M800-107 Satellite M300-06K Satellite Pro T130-14M Satellite T110-10K Satellite U400-060 Satellite U500-10V
Portege M800-108 Satellite M300-600 Satellite Pro T130-14Q Satellite T110-10N Satellite U400-061 Satellite U500-10X
Portege M800-10A Satellite M300-700R Satellite Pro T130-14U Satellite T110-10R Satellite U400-08U Satellite U500-10Z
Portege M800-10B Satellite M300-700-R Satellite Pro T130-15C Satellite T110-10X Satellite U400-08W Satellite U500-112
Portege M800-10C Satellite M300-900 Satellite Pro T130-15F Satellite T110-10Z Satellite U400-108 Satellite U500-115
Portege M800-10D Satellite M300-FC5 Satellite Pro T130-15G Satellite T110-11J Satellite U400-10A Satellite U500-119
Portege M800-10F Satellite M300-J00 Satellite Pro T130-15P Satellite T110-11R Satellite U400-10I Satellite U500-11C
Portege M800-10N Satellite M300-S4905 Satellite Pro T130D Satellite T110-11T Satellite U400-10J Satellite U500-11D
Portege M800-10V Satellite M300-S4915 Satellite Pro T130D-00H Satellite T110-11U Satellite U400-10L Satellite U500-11E
Portege M800-10W Satellite M300-ST3401 Satellite Pro T130D-11H Satellite T110-11V Satellite U400-10M Satellite U500-11F
Portege M800-10Y Satellite M300-ST3402 Satellite Pro T130-EZ1301 Satellite T110-121 Satellite U400-10N Satellite U500-11G
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Portege M800-111 Satellite M300-ST4060 Satellite Pro T130-M12 Satellite T110-12G Satellite U400-10T Satellite U500-12C
Portege M800-113 Satellite M301 Satellite Pro U400 PSU41C-RW20BC Satellite T110-12H Satellite U400-10W Satellite U500-12D
Portege M800-114 Satellite M302 Satellite Pro U400 PSU41C-RW90BC Satellite T110-12K Satellite U400-10X Satellite U500-12E
Portege M800-116 Satellite M305 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-00C00TGR Satellite T110-12P Satellite U400-112 Satellite U500-12G
Portege M800-11B Satellite M305D Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-00M00JG3 Satellite T110-12T Satellite U400-119 Satellite U500-12J
Portege M800-11D Satellite M305D-S4828 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-00Y00JG3 Satellite T110-12U Satellite U400-11L Satellite U500-176
Portege M800-11E Satellite M305D-S4829 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-01400JG3 Satellite T110-13H Satellite U400-11Q Satellite U500-178
Portege M800-11F Satellite M305D-S4830 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-01500JG3 Satellite T110-13R Satellite U400-11T Satellite U500-17D
Portege M800-11G Satellite M305D-S4831 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-02V00CG3 Satellite T110D Satellite U400-11Z Satellite U500-17E
Portege M800-11I Satellite M305D-S4833 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-02W00CG3 Satellite T110D-00C Satellite U400-12E Satellite U500-17F
Portege M800-11J Satellite M305D-S48331 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-02Y00JG3 Satellite T110-EZ1110 Satellite U400-12P Satellite U500-17T
Portege M800-11K Satellite M305D-S4840 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-03000JG3 Satellite T110-EZ1120 Satellite U400-12R Satellite U500-17X
Portege M800-11L Satellite M305D-S4844 Satellite Pro U400 PSU45E-03100CG3 Satellite T110PST1AC-006006 Satellite U400-133 Satellite U500-183
Portege M800-11P Satellite M305D-S48441 Satellite Pro U400 Satellite T110PST1AC-01U006 Satellite U400-134 Satellite U500-184
Portege M800-11R Satellite M305-S4019 Satellite Pro U400-104 Satellite T115 Satellite U400-136 Satellite U500-186
Portege M800-121 Satellite M305-S4815 Satellite Pro U400-106 Satellite T115D Satellite U400-137 Satellite U500-18E
Portege M800-127 Satellite M305-S4819 Satellite Pro U400-10D Satellite T115D-S1120 Satellite U400-138 Satellite U500-18K
Portege M800-12C Satellite M305-S4820 Satellite Pro U400-10H Satellite T115D-S1120RD Satellite U400-13N Satellite U500-18L
PortegeSatellite C645-SP4255L Satellite M305-S4822 Satellite Pro U400-10X Satellite T115D-S1121 Satellite U400-13T Satellite U500-18N
Satellite C645-SP4256L Satellite M305-S4826 Satellite Pro U400-113 Satellite T115D-S1125 Satellite U400-144 Satellite U500-18P
Satellite C645-SP4257L Satellite M305-S4835 Satellite Pro U400-114 Satellite T115D-S1125RD Satellite U400-14B Satellite U500-18Q
Satellite C645-SP4281M Satellite M305-S4848 Satellite Pro U400-11O Satellite T115D-SP2001L Satellite U400-14F Satellite U500-1CN
Satellite C645-SP4284M Satellite M305-S4860 Satellite Pro U400-11V Satellite T115D-SP2001M Satellite U400-14M Satellite U500-1D6
Satellite L510 Satellite M305-S49052 Satellite Pro U400-122 Satellite T115-S1100 Satellite U400-14P Satellite U500-1D8
Satellite L510-00X Satellite M305-S4907 Satellite Pro U400-123 Satellite T115-S1105 Satellite U400-14Y Satellite U500-1DD
Satellite L510-00Y Satellite M305-S4910 Satellite Pro U400-126 Satellite T115-S1108 Satellite U400-14Z Satellite U500-1DG
Satellite L510-014 Satellite M305-S4915 Satellite Pro U400-127 Satellite T115-S1110 Satellite U400-150 Satellite U500-1DQ
Satellite L510-015 Satellite M305-S4920 Satellite Pro U400-12A Satellite T115-S1120 Satellite U400-151 Satellite U500-1DR
Satellite L510-016 Satellite M305-S49201 Satellite Pro U400-12B Satellite T130 Satellite U400-156 Satellite U500-1DV
Satellite L510-01Q Satellite M305-S49203 Satellite Pro U400-12F Satellite T130-01E Satellite U400-157 Satellite U500-1DZ
Satellite L510-02Q Satellite M305-S4990E Satellite Pro U400-12U Satellite T130-02F Satellite U400-158 Satellite U500-1E0
Satellite L510-02R Satellite M305-S4991E Satellite Pro U400-12Y Satellite T130-02M Satellite U400-15B Satellite U500-1EP
Satellite L510-030 Satellite M305-SP4901A Satellite Pro U400-130 Satellite T130-03F Satellite U400-15D Satellite U500-1EU
Satellite L510-15 Satellite M305-SP4901C Satellite Pro U400-135 Satellite T130-03X Satellite U400-15E Satellite U500-1EW
Satellite L510-ST3405 Satellite M305-SP4901R Satellite Pro U400-13A Satellite T130-10G Satellite U400-15G Satellite U500-1EX
Satellite L515 Satellite M306 Satellite Pro U400-13D Satellite T130-10T Satellite U400-15H Satellite U500-1EZ
Satellite L515D Satellite M307 Satellite Pro U400-13F Satellite T130-10V Satellite U400-15K Satellite U500-1F0
Satellite L515-S4005 Satellite M308 Satellite Pro U400-13G Satellite T130-10X Satellite U400-15X Satellite U500-1F2
Satellite L515-S4007 Satellite M310 Satellite Pro U400-13I Satellite T130-11G Satellite U400-164 Satellite U500-1F4
Satellite L515-S4008 Satellite M311 Satellite Pro U400-13J Satellite T130-11H Satellite U400-165 Satellite U500-1F5
Satellite L515-S4010 Satellite M319 Satellite Pro U400-13K Satellite T130-11J Satellite U400-166 Satellite U500-1F7
Satellite L515-S4925 Satellite M320 Satellite Pro U400-13O Satellite T130-11N Satellite U400-167 Satellite U500-1FN
Satellite L515-S4928 Satellite M321 Satellite Pro U400-142 Satellite T130-11U Satellite U400-16B Satellite U500-1FR
Satellite L515-S4960 Satellite M323 Satellite Pro U400-14L Satellite T130-120 Satellite U400-16C Satellite U500-1FT
Satellite L515-S4962 Satellite M325 Satellite Pro U400-153 Satellite T130-122 Satellite U400-16E Satellite U500-1FW
Satellite L515-SC3002 Satellite M326 Satellite Pro U400-15F Satellite T130-12G Satellite U400-16P Satellite U500-1FX
Satellite L515-SP3013L Satellite M327 Satellite Pro U400-15I Satellite T130-12K Satellite U400-177 Satellite U500-1FZ
Satellite L515-SP3013M Satellite M328 Satellite Pro U400-15M Satellite T130-12N Satellite U400-17B Satellite U500-1G0
Satellite L515-SP3014L Satellite M330 Satellite Pro U400-15N Satellite T130-12Z Satellite U400-17H Satellite U500-1G1
Satellite L515-SP3014M Satellite M331 Satellite Pro U400-15O Satellite T130-130 Satellite U400-17J Satellite U500-1G8
Satellite L515-SP4011L Satellite M332 Satellite Pro U400-15OSK Satellite T130-132 Satellite U400-17M Satellite U500-1GC
Satellite L515-SP4011M Satellite M333 Satellite Pro U400-15P Satellite T130-13D Satellite U400-17R Satellite U500-1GT
Satellite L515-SP4012L Satellite M336 Satellite Pro U400-15Q Satellite T130-13K Satellite U400-17S Satellite U500PSU5EE-00P00JGR
Satellite L515-SP4012M Satellite M338 Satellite Pro U400-15Z Satellite T130-13L Satellite U400-17T Satellite U500-ST5302
Satellite L515-SP4015L Satellite M339 Satellite Pro U400-160 Satellite T130-13M Satellite U400-17U Satellite U500-ST5305
Satellite L515-SP4015M Satellite M500 Satellite Pro U400-168 Satellite T130-13N Satellite U400-17V Satellite U500-ST5307
Satellite L515-SP4031L Satellite M500-F4940 Satellite Pro U400-169 Satellite T130-13Q Satellite U400-17Y Satellite U500-ST6321
Satellite L515-SP4031M Satellite M500-ST5401 Satellite Pro U400-16A Satellite T130-13R Satellite U400-17Z Satellite U500-ST6322
Satellite L515-SP4032L Satellite M500-ST5405 Satellite Pro U400-17A Satellite T130-145 Satellite U400-183 Satellite U500-ST6344
Satellite L515-SP4032M Satellite M500-ST5408 Satellite Pro U400-17G Satellite T130-14T Satellite U400-189 Satellite U505
Satellite L515-SP4904A Satellite M500-ST54E1 Satellite Pro U400-17O Satellite T130-14X Satellite U400-18E Satellite U505-S2002
Satellite L515-SP4904C Satellite M500-ST54E2 Satellite Pro U400-17Q Satellite T130-15H Satellite U400-18F Satellite U505-S2005
Satellite L515-SP4904R Satellite M500-ST54X1 Satellite Pro U400-182 Satellite T130-15K Satellite U400-18G Satellite U505-S2005PK
Satellite L515-SP4908C Satellite M500-ST6421 Satellite Pro U400-185 Satellite T130-15L Satellite U400-200 Satellite U505-S2005RD
Satellite L515-SP4926R Satellite M500-ST6422 Satellite Pro U400-18A Satellite T130-15M Satellite U400-20R Satellite U505-S2005WH
Satellite L515-SP4929A Satellite M500-ST6444 Satellite Pro U400-18B Satellite T130-15Q Satellite U400-20T Satellite U505-S2006
Satellite L515-SP4929C Satellite M505 Satellite Pro U400-18L Satellite T130-15T Satellite U400-20U Satellite U505-S2006PK
Satellite L515-SP4929R Satellite M505D Satellite Pro U400-18M Satellite T130-16U Satellite U400-20V Satellite U505-S2006RD
Satellite L515-SP4943C Satellite M505D-S4000 Satellite Pro U400-18S Satellite T130-16V Satellite U400-216 Satellite U505-S2006WH
Satellite M300 PSMD8C-036019 Satellite M505D-S4000RD Satellite Pro U400-201 Satellite T130-16W Satellite U400-217 Satellite U505-S2008
Satellite M300 PSMDCA-06F00R Satellite M505D-S4000WH Satellite Pro U400-204 Satellite T130-170 Satellite U400-218 Satellite U505-S2010
Satellite M300 PSMDCA-06G00R Satellite M505D-S4930 Satellite Pro U400-205 Satellite T130-174 Satellite U400-219 Satellite U505-S2012
Satellite M300 PSMDCA-06J00S Satellite M505D-S4970 Satellite Pro U400-206 Satellite T130-178 Satellite U400-21P Satellite U505-S2020
Satellite M300 PSMDCA-06K00R Satellite M505D-S4970RD Satellite Pro U400-215 Satellite T130-17C Satellite U400-21X Satellite U505-S2925BN
Satellite M300 Satellite M505-S1401 Satellite Pro U400-21E Satellite T130-17D Satellite U400-221 Satellite U505-S2925P
Satellite M300-021 Satellite M505-S4020 Satellite Pro U400-232 Satellite T130-17E Satellite U400-22N Satellite U505-S2925W
Satellite M300-02P Satellite M505-S4022 Satellite Pro U400-23M Satellite T130-17W Satellite U400-22Z Satellite U505-S2930
Satellite M300-034 Satellite M505-S490 Satellite Pro U400-23N Satellite T130-18G Satellite U400-23F Satellite U505-S2935
Satellite M300-03S Satellite M505-S4940 Satellite Pro U400-23V Satellite T130D Satellite U400-23J Satellite U505-S2940
Satellite M300-04V Satellite M505-S4945 Satellite Pro U400-23W Satellite T130D-001 Satellite U400-23K Satellite U505-S2950
Satellite M300-06F Satellite M505-S4947 Satellite Pro U400-23X Satellite T130D-002 Satellite U400-23L Satellite U505-S2950PK
Satellite M300-06G Satellite M505-S4949 Satellite Pro U400-240 Satellite T130D-003 Satellite U400-245 Satellite U505-S2950RD
Satellite M300-06J Satellite M505-S4972 Satellite Pro U400-241 Satellite T130D-004 Satellite U400-C01 Satellite U505-S2950WH
Satellite C645 Satellite M505-S4975 Satellite Pro U400-242 Satellite T130D-005 Satellite U400D Satellite U505-S2960
Satellite C645D Satellite M505-S4980 Satellite Pro U400-243 Satellite T130D-006 Satellite U400D-107 Satellite U505-S2960PK
Satellite C645D-S4024 Satellite M505-S4982 Satellite Pro U400-244 Satellite T130D-007 Satellite U400D-200 Satellite U505-S2960RD
Satellite C645D-SP4001L Satellite M505-S4985 Satellite Pro U400-246 Satellite T130D-008 Satellite U400D-201 Satellite U505-S2960WH
Satellite C645D-SP4001M Satellite M505-S4985T Satellite Pro U400-247 Satellite T130D-009 Satellite U400D-204 Satellite U505-S2961
Satellite C645D-SP4002L Satellite M505-S4985-T Satellite Pro U400-24H Satellite T130D-010 Satellite U400-DW2 Satellite U505-S2965
Satellite C645D-SP4002M Satellite M505-S4990 Satellite Pro U400-BA1 Satellite T130D-011 Satellite U400-DW3 Satellite U505-S2965RD
Satellite C645D-SP4007L Satellite M505-S4990-T Satellite Pro U400-BA3 Satellite T135 Satellite U400-ST3301 Satellite U505-S2965WH
Satellite C645D-SP4007M Satellite M511 Satellite Pro U400-RW2 Satellite T135D Satellite U400-ST3302 Satellite U505-S2970
Satellite C645D-SP4010L Satellite M512 Satellite Pro U400-RW9 Satellite T135D-S1320 Satellite U400-ST5404 Satellite U505-S2975
Satellite C645D-SP4010M Satellite M800 Satellite Pro U400-S1001V Satellite T135D-S1322 Satellite U400-ST6301 Satellite U505-S2980-T
Satellite C645D-SP4016L Satellite M800D Satellite Pro U400-S1001X Satellite T135D-S1324 Satellite U400U400-23J Satellite U505-SP2017L
Satellite C645D-SP4016M Satellite M800-T01W Satellite Pro U400-S1002V Satellite T135D-S1325 Satellite U405 Satellite U505-SP2017M
Satellite C645D-SP4017L Satellite M800-T02B Satellite Pro U400-S1301 Satellite T135D-S1325RD Satellite U405D Satellite U505-SP2916A
Satellite C645D-SP4017M Satellite M800-T03B Satellite Pro U400-SP1801 Satellite T135D-S1325WH Satellite U405D-S2846 Satellite U505-SP2916C
Satellite C645D-SP4018L Satellite M800-T03R Satellite Pro U400-SP2804 Satellite T135D-S1326 Satellite U405D-S2848 Satellite U505-SP2916R
Satellite C645D-SP4018M Satellite M800-T03W Satellite Pro U400-SP2804C Satellite T135D-S1327 Satellite U405D-S2850 Satellite U505-SP2990A
Satellite C645D-SP4130 Satellite Pro L510 Satellite Pro U400-SP2804R Satellite T135D-S1328 Satellite U405D-S2852 Satellite U505-SP2990C
Satellite C645D-SP4130L Satellite Pro L510-002 Satellite Pro U400-SP2908A Satellite T135D-S1328RD Satellite U405D-S2856 Satellite U505-SP2990R
Satellite C645D-SP4133L Satellite Pro L510-004 Satellite Pro U400-SP2908C Satellite T135D-S1328WH Satellite U405D-S2863 Satellite U505-SP3018L
Satellite C645D-SP4134L Satellite Pro L510-EZ140 Satellite Pro U400-SP2908R Satellite T135D-SP2012 Satellite U405D-S2870 Satellite U505-SP3018M
Satellite C645D-SP4143L Satellite Pro M300 Satellite Pro U500 Satellite T135D-SP2012L Satellite U405D-S2874
Satellite C645D-SP4144L Satellite Pro M300-003 Satellite Pro U500-006 Satellite T135D-SP2012M Satellite U405D-S2902
Satellite C645D-SP4160 Satellite Pro M300-005 Satellite Pro U500-00700801 Satellite T135D-SP2013 Satellite U405D-S2910

100% Compatible laptop batteries, wholesale and retail.

Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. 

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. 

Additional non-returnable items: 
- Gift cards 
- Downloadable software products 
- Some health and personal care items 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer. 

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable) 
- Book with obvious signs of use 
- CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened 
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error 
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery 

Refunds (if applicable) 
Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. 
If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. 

Late or missing refunds (if applicable) 
If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. 
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. 
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at 

Sale items (if applicable) 
Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded. 

Exchanges (if applicable) 
We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at  

If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Once the returned item is received, a gift certificate will be mailed to you. 

If the item wasn’t marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver and he will find out about your return. 


You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

If the refund request is granted by eBuy KSA, payments are refunded as follows:

  1. Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business days;
  2. Cash on Delivery payment methods will be refunded between fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days and the cost of transfer (100 SAR) will be supported by the end user / Customer.

Note: The shipping charges and Custom clearance charges are not refundable